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Christ and Our Culture Wednesday Class Series Summer 2014 Week 11: We Have the Technology On science, witnesses, and the validation of truth August 13,

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1 Christ and Our Culture Wednesday Class Series Summer 2014 Week 11: We Have the Technology On science, witnesses, and the validation of truth August 13, 2014

2 Class description The purpose of this class is to present cultural beliefs and “truths” that may have been incorporated in the beliefs of the faithful. These cultural beliefs often have elements of Christian belief but do not stand when exposed to the light. The class approach will be to present a social topic, present the cultural view and then the Christ-like view. When these 2 views are in conflict, then the class will focus on ways to eliminate cultural view from our behavior. Because of the complexity of the topics and the short time frame, no topic will be covered in depth.

3 Class outline 6/4Introduction Personal statement of belief and bias; study of conflict 6/11Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness On the defense of both my and your rights 6/18Of the People, By the People, For the People On the role of government and political activism 6/25Till Death Do Us Part On marriage and sexuality

4 Class outline (part 2) 7/2The Wealth of Nations On the accumulation and distribution of wealth 7/9The One Who Dies With the Most, Wins On consumption and consumerism 7/16The Art of War On sovereign conflict, the military, and government service 7/23Give me Your Tired On the social outcasts and downtrodden

5 Class outline (part 3) 7/30All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy On work, rest, and entertainment 8/6All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy (Redo) On rest, pleasure, and entertainment 8/13We Have the Technology On science, witnesses, and the validation of truth 8/20I’m so Glad We Had this Time Together On unity based on love

6 Personal views and biases I believe that the scripture is the revealed Word of God. I believe that Jesus is the focus of the entire Bible (including the Old Testament). I believe that our fundamental beliefs as followers of Jesus is that He is God, he came as Man, that He lived a sinless life, that He gave Himself as a sacrifice for the atonement of our sins, that He was resurrected from the dead, and that He is the only way to salvation.

7 More biases I believe that the New Testament was written to the saved (i.e. the Church) not the lost. – I Corinthians 5: 9-13 I believe that believers can misunderstand scripture when they alter God’s precision. – God’s command to Adam Do not eat of the tree of KoGE – Eve’s repeat of the command Do not eat and do not touch… – Trouble, trouble, trouble

8 And finally, even more biases I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Tech I have a Masters of Science in Computer Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville I have a Masters of Science in Systems Engineering from UAH.

9 Class authority I have none except to select the topics and how to present them I am flawed, opinionated, sinful, … The authority is with God and scripture accurately represents His view My goal is to best encourage each of us to examine our hearts and our beliefs, to examine scripture, and to faithfully and joyfully implement.

10 My encouragement Bereans did not take Paul at his word but checked what he said against scripture – Acts 17: 11 Neither accept or reject what I say without examining the scriptures.

11 Class dynamics and issue mitigation There are several very involved topics to be covered in a 1 hour class period so class time will be premium. However, I am willing to discuss after class as long as I reasonably can I am willing to attend other classes or life talks if you are interested in further discussions. I am willing to regularly check my email for the duration of this class // under Sermon MP3s

12 Review of week 10’s class on pleasure and entertainment God designed us to receive pleasure. It is part of the creation that is called “good”. Entertainment is an activity designed to produce pleasure by either producing a good sensation or muting a bad sensation. God also designed us to need rest. To be able to hear (or sense) God. Entertainment and rest are not the same thing. Our culture pushes entertainment as rest at such a quantity and intensity that it deadens our ability to hear “the still small voice”

13 “We told you the truth, …” “… but the truth has changed.”

14 Pilate’s important question “What is truth?” “What is truth.” – John 18:38 The answer was standing before him – I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life John 14:6

15 This understanding is critical Truth Is It is not the result of – Belief – Evidence – Consensus – Reason – Experience It is not defined It is discovered

16 What is the role of logic or reason in truth Logic figures predominantly in both mathematics and philosophy. Logic is the process of making inferences based on premises. The premises are accepted as either true or false and may be the result of earlier inferences. The inference is then either true or false based on the logic

17 A simple example of logic Premise (e.g. truth): – All men have an X- and a Y-chromosome Premise (e.g. truth): – John is a man Inference (newly discovered truth): – John has an X- and a Y-chromosome We have discovered new knowledge based on logic and the premises

18 I have a question about John Assuming the inference is really true, why does John have an X- and a Y-chromosome? – Because of the premises? – Because of the logic? – Because of the premises and the logic? – Because he does?

19 A personal story of my belief development I was kid explaining to my dad the sheer logic of why there had to be a God – I was impressed with myself as I recall – My dad was not that impressed. His reply was “Everything is logical if you believe it.”

20 Think about the things that we have accepted as true … and all of the logic and evidence supported it as being true. Evidence Told by reliable sources Seen in public Presents of Christmas morning

21 It seems to me … That the logic machine must eventually begin with an unproven premise – Not the result of a previous inference These unproven premises, not the logic, will define what will be discovered and be accepted as true These unproven premises are also called beliefs.

22 The culture’s ways of validating truth By my observations, and therefore subject to error, the culture focuses on 2 primary methods for validating (accepting) was is true – Scientific method – Individual definition

23 Scientific method Based on repeatable, measurable experimentation Science is the discovery of physical truth – Things in the world that can be sensed and measured Scientific method does not accept as true that which cannot be proven by the scientific method. It instead becomes scientific theory. – Philosophers such as Hume and Locke both believed this.

24 Individual Truth is defined by the individual, not the larger population (e.g. society, government, church, etc.) It is reasonable because many important things in this world (love, morality, compassion, etc) can be felt emotionally but do not lend themselves to being felt physically (senses). This forms seeks to discover emotional truth. Philosophers such as Emerson and Shelley believed this way

25 However, scripture talks about another John 5: 16-47 – Jesus is validated by the testimony of the witnesses God John Moses His works

26 The testimony of witnesses The truth is revealed by the witnesses – Our courts use this method exclusively Even scientific evidence is presented by an expert witness – All scripture is the testimony of witnesses. All of it. – This revealed truth must be believed GOD IS I AM

27 Derived truth is still based on belief Logic can support it Evidence and experimentation can support it Emotions can support it But they do not define it.

28 Summary It is paramount that we recognize where our beliefs (things that are true to us whether with or without “proof”) come from The focus on this class is to challenge “truth” that we believe is revealed when it actually derived from the culture.

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