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Student: TEONA GVADZABIA Department of Physics, IV Course, GTU Supervisor: Prof. PAATA KERVALISHVILI.

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1 Student: TEONA GVADZABIA Department of Physics, IV Course, GTU email: Supervisor: Prof. PAATA KERVALISHVILI

2 Spintronic Memory…

3 Spintronic’s memory used by soldiers for driving military missiles and for control of space station

4 Memory of water, and its properties.

5 It creates a magnetic moment and this leads to in addition, interaction of these particles with magnetic field.

6 Experimentally, the existence of light pressure was approved. Maxwell said from electromagnetic nature of light that the light should be affecting the pressure on the obstacle thanks to the power of Lorentz.

7 Consider the properties of light photon 1) It is the electromagnetic field radiation quantum. 2) It does not have mass, but it is matter. 3) It is electrically neutral particle and transferring the electromagnetic interaction. 4) There is only when there is movement and movement is constant. (299,792.46 Km / sec)

8 Two hundred years ago, there was two theory of light: Firstly, Newton explained that light consists of a particle when it interacts with any substances. According to the second theory of the nature of light, it has a wave nature, distribution in the environment.

9 Photon origin light particle arises when happens Anti- electron (Positron) and electron collision. Mass which arises as a result of this collision completely transformed into energy. Which is known as a particle of light, a photon. If we manage charging a photon, remember this information on its spin, logically it should take it with its speed and it will enable us to answer many questions. It will become much easier to communicate between the earth and the spaceship, this is a perennial problem.

10 If in the future I will be able to transfer the information with the speed of light, then it will take only 1.255 seconds to reach a moon from the earth. This will be covered during the 384400 km

11 I’m currently studying novel magnetic materials, where spintronic effects are happening, for increase of this different characteristics.

12 Imagine a mountain spring, which is arrived by a high speed, we are standing at any point in the spring and along the paper ship. It has the same speed as a river. This model can be created on the basis of device which will be a "ship" – Information “Conclusion” – Transmission “Source "of the photons.

13 Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit! Thank you for your attention! didi madloba yuradRebisTvis!


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