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Mentoring…How do I we get started? Neil A. Knobloch, Ph.D. Purdue Seminar 3/5/13.

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1 Mentoring…How do I we get started? Neil A. Knobloch, Ph.D. Mentoring @ Purdue Seminar 3/5/13

2 Benefits to Mentors  Mutual exchange of professional and personal support  Receive insight into the issues students face  Gain the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills in developing others  Enhances interpersonal and coaching skills Why mentoring? UIC, 2010

3 Benefits to Protégé  Someone to talk to regarding issues, concerns and developmental objectives  Build critical interpersonal skills and encourage career development  Clearer expectations to graduate (e.g., specific behaviors and skills)  Exposure and visibility with scholars and leaders in the field  Insight into the organization‘s culture, structure and objectives Why mentoring? UIC, 2010

4  When Mentoring Goes Bad When Mentoring Goes Bad Video

5 Tull Mentoring Seminar

6 Tull Graduate Student Session

7 Today’s Seminar Teaching Methods  Part 1: Highlight Some Examples  Part 2: Discussion Topics 1.Getting Started 2.Building a Foundation for Success 3.Providing Support & Guidance

8 Getting Started TasksMentor’s RoleProtégé’s Role Come Prepared Learn whatever you can about the protégé before your initial meeting Same Talk about the big picture Recount your own mentoring experiences to your protégé. Explain what worked and what didn’t Listen and ask questions Discuss the protégé’s needs Ask questions and listenExplain where you are and where you’ll like to be—and how mentoring might help Seek mutual agreement on goals & expectations Explain what you can and what you cannot do “This is what I hope to achieve through this mentoring relationship.” Seek agreement on responsibilities “I will do _____.”“And I agree to do ____.” Set a timetable “Let’s work on this for 3 months. Then we’ll review progress and determine if we should continue.” Same Agree on meeting times and who will set them “Check my calendar for suitable times.”“I will take responsibility for finding dates and times that fit into your schedule.” Insist on confidentiality “Nothing we discuss will go outside this room unless we both agree otherwise.” Same Agree to be candid “If this relationship isn’t producing the results you expect, or if you disagree with my advice, say so. Neither of us has time to waste.” “I will tell you if this relationship isn’t working for me. I won’t waste your time.” UIC, 2010 Together... create a plan & build trust Protégé asks questions & shows positive regard Mentor provides support & feedback

9  Outline a Map for Success  Expectations  Goals  Deliverables  Start working on the bio & CV  Teach how to fish, rather than give a fish  Think about a ladder of deliverables / tasks & build self-efficacy Building a Foundation for Success Career Development Strategies

10  Build trust  Find common ground & share goals  Follow-through  Listen and respond  Acknowledge good ideas  Be open & honest  Focus on balance and being reasonable; there more to life than work  Weekly updates from protégés before weekly meetings; progress reports every semester Providing Support & Guidance Psychosocial Strategies

11 Discussion

12  Protégé- mentor shares his or her own experiences. Ideas-1

13  Mentoring-  defining excellence in mentoring as well as what sponsorship means  Sponsorship Ideas-2

14  What information should remain confidential?  You can have multiple mentors that play different roles to support you  Where the line between personal and professional is  How to navigate into talking about person life-  A mentor can lead way into the conversation perhaps by sharing something about their own personal life then asking the mentee about their life Take into account cultural and individual differences Ideas-3

15 For more information Coming soon…

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