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Topics to cover during today’s presentation The WOW Factor !!!! How are we different Why working with us makes sense Where we can play Thinking of us as.

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1 Topics to cover during today’s presentation The WOW Factor !!!! How are we different Why working with us makes sense Where we can play Thinking of us as more than just temporary space Who we play with How we can help you

2 Guaranteed 100% of the folks once they see how the quality of the station and how it works absolutely love it! The key is to turn the “WOW” into how the product can help me “NOW” ForeSight VideoForeSight Video

3 What makes us different? Intelligent business decisions are not based on a quick glance, so one is encouraged to compare Swiftspace to the competing workspace systems. The differences are astounding and speak in favor of this SwiftSpace solution: Our products are engineered to be set-up and taken down hundreds of times. This process can be completed by anyone without the need for tools. Our products are mobile. In other words, a complete office layout can be achieved in minutes. Build it, move it, take it down, or put it away with very minimal fuss. Our products come completely assembled with all of the necessary parts already attached to the workstation. Our products folds up in seconds. Our products will have shrunk to 25% of its previous size when folded, which means storage is a breeze. Our products are made to be both functional and cost effective. Comparably priced to traditional workspace systems, it requires no additional set-up or configuring expense.

4 "If you do what you have always done, you get what you've always gotten". Using modular furniture technology that is 49 years old - ( too many parts and pieces to count, and more time trouble and MONEY to re-configure) is not the answer to creating flexible work space. Flexible work space is NOT working on a sofa. Workstations that change in minutes to a new work task may make better sense, support the task at hand for collaboration, and REDUCE the "special" spaces we are creating. Most companies are using the same furniture solutions when the IBM Selectric 2 was the standard word processor of the day. Can you possibly imagine using a typewriter as a modern day substitute for any of the technology we currently use today?” Why thinking outside the box makes sense!

5 We know that the workplace is in the midst of a dramatic transformation in support of changes in demographics, technology, and a shift in the way work is being done. Industry research tells us that most organizations recognize three primary types of work: focused work (concentrated work by one person), shared work (among two or three people), and team work (among four to six or more people). When planning today’s environments it is critical to link and integrate these areas using products that are flexible and easy to reconfigure from one type of space to another. Why thinking outside the box makes sense!

6 Why working with us makes sense! Swiftspace community design featuring focused work areas surrounding both standing and sitting collaborative space for up to 6 people.

7 Our Vision is to create product for workspaces that allow the user to quickly and efficiently change how and were they work.


9 Our Vision is to create product for workspaces that allow the user to quickly and efficiently change how and were they work. With four linking surfaces these benches can create the below configurations in literally minutes using no tools.

10 Our Goal is to provide organizations:  with game-changing insight about workspace and business.  help them to personalize the potential impact of that insight.  help them understand as the best possible means of acting on that insight.. Why working with us makes sense !

11 Things we ask organizations we work with to think about  Do you expect the speed of change in your organization to be faster in the future than it was in the past?  Does your corporate strategic plan include objectives that will cause your employees to work differently in the future?  When you think about office furniture do you think in terms of how much the product can save your company and not what it costs you. Do you focus on space utilisation and how you can support the core business of the company with an unique and compelling value proposition? Why working with us makes sense!

12 Where we can Play! Collaborative or Private Workspace, Meeting/Conference Space, Training Space

13 Where we can Play! Retail, Restaurants, Hotels, Trade Shows

14 Where we can Play! Hospitals, Medical Clinics, VA, Universities/Colleges

15 While our products work well for Temporary Space they can be used in many other areas. Temporary Space- project teams, hotelling, disaster recovery swing space, summer students, consultants, loaners, rentals. Permanent Solutions for rapidly changing situations – satellite offices, remote locations, rapid expansion, high churn rates, short to medium term leases, office areas that are required to have multiple uses in short periods of time. Evolving workspaces- today’s workspaces need to be able to handle both collaborative and focused work at the same time.

16 We get asked all the time who uses the product and how. Our answer is always the same “everyone”. The key is to find organizations were the Decision Makers or those making recommendations to them understand the importance of mobility, flexibility, and the ability to quickly change is significant to how their organizations work. Georgia Tech University Tieto Communitech Province of Alberta United States Government Pengrowth Energy Sask Power Dept of Veterans Affairs Berkshire Hathaway Edison State College Auto Trader Husky Energy BMO Financial Group Disney World Suncor State of Texas Denver Airport Patent Trade Office FBI Minnesota Metro Transit CBS TV McMIllan LLP Sun Life Financial Rutgers Fort Collins Judicial District McCarthy Tetrault Agrium Turner Construction Denver International Airport York Regional Police MO Life Science Business Incubator Miami Dade Police Force Key: Over 50% of organizations who order the product order again! TietoTieto Who we Play With!

17 How we can help you! Local Sales Rep Support- Swiftspace has trained Sales Reps with samples covering every State so regardless of where your client is located we will be there to support you. Website- In keeping with our vision of being mobile, flexible, and fast we have made a conscious effort to keep all of our critical information on our website at In the website you will find: our Design Centre, the current Spec Guide, Laminate Colour Chart, CF Stinson Website Link, Product Overview, Swiftship Program, Freight Quote Calculator, Repair Manual, Cost Benefit Calculator, and CAD design blocks. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Get on our Social Media contact list and we will be another resource for you on what happens in terms of new industry trends and new product innovations. Renderings- Need help in laying out a space just email is the DWG file and let us know what your requirements are and we will get a rendering back to you.

18 How we can help you! (continued) Quick Ship program - if your client needs it quickly we have a Swiftship program that has a selection of our product offering at their door in ten business days. Design Centre- Have particular problem looking for solutions for your client our Design Centre on the website is an excellent resource tool. Custom Capabilities- All of our products are made to order so if you need it longer or shorter Or designed for a completely different use we are there to work with you. Distribution.- Swiftspace has an extensive Dealer Network situated throughout North America so if your client has multiple sites we can be there to support them. Working with Federal or State clients we are on GSA contract.

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