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LITERATURE ABOUT Filipino, Chinese and Mexican Cultures.

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1 LITERATURE ABOUT Filipino, Chinese and Mexican Cultures

2 The End

3 Filipino Culture FILIPINO AMERICAN LIVES Author………Ye Le Espiritu Ethnic……….Filipino Setting………San Diego 1995

4 Chinese Culture CHINA BOY Author……..Gus Lee Ethnic.........Chinese Setting........San Francisco 1946-1950

5 Mexican Culture BARRIO BOY Author…Ernesto Galarza Ethnic….Mexican Setting…Mexico & U.S.1910

6 Mexican Culture THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET Author…..Sandra Cisneros Ethnic…..Mexican Setting….Chicago 1990


8 Filipino Culture Mr. & Mrs. Santos Life-Part1  Mr. Santos born 1907; Mrs. Santos born 1918  Mr. Santos ran away from Philippines to start a family; easy to get used to the U.S. because he spoke English.  Studied in San Diego and worked at the Coronado Hotel.  Joined the U.S. Army were he met his wife in Caloocan, Philippines; after WWII.

9 Filipino Culture Mr. & Mrs. Santos Life-Part2  Secret marriage because the wife didn’t get parents’ permission to get married.  Working and Dealing with Racism in San Diego; among Filipinos and Americans.  Son spoke only English (imitated parents)/valedictorian in kindergarten and elementary/Honor student in middle and high school. He wanted the family to move to Carlsbad.

10 COMING FROM CHINA Family migrated from China to U.S. DAI LI TING/EDNA MCGURK Kai’s mother & stepmother MISTREATED BY SOCIETY Kai’s life in the ghetto suburb’s of San Francisco Y.M.C.A. BOYS DEPT Learning self discipline & self defense FACING HIS FEARS Standing up to the people who mistreated him Chinese Culture Kai Ting’s Life

11 Mexican Culture Ernesto’s Life  LIFE IN JALCO Role of men and women Respect to others  LIVING IN MAZATLAN City was different from his town  LIVING IN MAZATLAN Worried about his life Claimed a “barrio”  LIFE IN SACRAMENTO The US was very different from Mexico White's culture was weird for him.

12 Mexican Culture Esperanza’s Life  She doesn’t like her name  Meeting new people  Discovers hard realities of life


14 Filipino Culture LikesDislikes The book explains why there are rare studies on the historical development of the Filipino Community in the U.S. Various stories of Filipinos from different backgrounds and occupations. The life stories were written with a few punctuation errors. FILIPINO AMERICAN LIVES

15 Chinese Culture LikesDislikes Use of Ebonics Warm, funny, and deeply moving. Too much details CHINA BOY

16 Mexican Culture Likes Dislikes THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET  Esperanza shares time with her neighbors and experienced a new life. BARRIO BOY  Ernesto tells a lot about the Mexican Revolution. THE HOUSE ON MANGO STREET  The book doesn’t talk about culture and it’s hard to find important points about culture. BARRIO BOY He goes into a lot of details.

17 The End

18 “Filipino American Lives is a great book especially if you are a Filipino American!” -Rated by Linda Claire***** “China Boy is warm, funny, and deeply moving!” -Rated by Wilborn*****

19 “Reading The House on Mango Street was like experiencing a new life.” -Rated by Nancy**** “Barrio Boy has lots of details about the Mexican Revolution!” -Rated by Ruben***

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