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Openstack management tool and programming language

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1 Openstack management tool and programming language
Project Titan Openstack management tool and programming language

2 Who are we Peter Cheung, Titan project leader, architectural design and implement.  Bruce Lok is a coordinator of Hong Kong OpenStack User Group and working as a Cloud Engineer at Cyberport Technology Centre, responsible in developing and deploying an industry recognized hybrid cloud platform based on OpenStack. Professor Li, from peking univerisity, focus on cloud computing and networking research

3 Who are we Ian Chan, Master from School of Electronic and Computer Engineering, Peking University, interest in cloud computing (google cloud computing & openstack) and data mining.

4 What is Titan Titan is a new programming language that describe the cloud. We want to give a unify logic to Openstack. E.g. when your cloud is under ddos attack, auto-scaling, etc… Titan also come with a management tool.




8 Why titan is important We changed the cloud to dynamic, give it logic, that mean giving it a way to live and response Under attack Openstack Automation Auto scale Logic

9 What we are up to We finished the first beta version of the management tool, so you can use is to admin the Openstack. We are working very hard on the programming language execute engine. We are designing the programming language. New syntax, stub, logic, etc…

10 Titan Architect We *need* horizon
Storage Network Compute We *need* horizon We are not changing the original openstack architecture We are not replacing horizon

11 Our project site
Code is on github Contact me :

12 What we need Team member, cloud specialist, programming language engineer, research Hardware sponsor

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