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Temi Bambose Shari Shaw Leibert Judith Lewis November 8, 2010.

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1 Temi Bambose Shari Shaw Leibert Judith Lewis November 8, 2010

2 Fred Westen, Hathaway Jones’ CEO Owner, Hathaway Jones Virginia Flanders, VP of Human Resources Hathaway Jones’ senior executive team Hathaway Jones’ employees and customers Mimi Brewster, promising candidate John Brewster, Mimi’s father 2

3 Vision to expand business in China Mimi is Fred’s preferred candidate “HR” uncovered protest information on internet about Mimi regarding China and WTO Fred needs strategy for pushing into China; should he roll the dice by hiring Mimi or seek other options 3

4 Fred Westen Brought in from outside company; clashes with lifers Procured candidate from personal network, not HR Successful in rising lower-tier brand margins Targeting China for high-line sales growth (1) Thomas White; Bruning, Hattich, Jackson, Ryan, & Sovey 4

5 Retail in China (1) Prior to 1992, foreign retailers prohibited from joint or wholly-owned Chinese subsidiaries 2001 – China joined WTO, retail phased in over 5 years Fastest growing luxury market High brand awareness, price sensitive, little brand loyalty Potential 5M customers w/incomes over $140,000 22% of global market for luxury goods by 2009 (1) Thomas White; Bruning, Hattich, Jackson, Ryan, & Sovey 5

6 Mimi Brewster Wealth of knowledge and broad business experience Raised in China, spoke Mandarin and local dialect UCBerkley, Chinese History major, graduated cum laude Stanford MBA Eleanor Gaston, two brand re-launch successes 6

7 Seeking general management experience in fast growing market Internet postings Six articles and/or photos, most recent eight years ago Leader of WTO protest group – 1999 Protested outside Chinese consulate re: Chinese journalist 7

8 Using Internet Information in Recruiting Process (2) Criminal Record – only if felony or misdemeanor May only apply if conviction relates to job duty suitability Political activities not grounds for candidate elimination Position held in many states (2) Maynard, Cooper, & Gale Information Reliability Risks (3) “Computer Twin” Risk – Mistaken identity attributable to search inquiry response similarities (3) The Regents of the University of California 8

9 Plans to revamp image and product line in United States Risk of not meeting consumer demands in the United States Executive decision may tarnish or destroy China’s venture and vision for United States 9

10 Virginia - Allowable internet searches Mimi – Weigh negatives against positives Second interview Interview more candidate(s) Chinese options Partnership/Joint Venture Foreign subsidiary 10

11 Begin search for another candidate Explore local partnership If no criminal record charge on Mimi, set up second interview Consider an alternative inside position for Mimi within the company 11

12 BRIC Spotlight (2010, July). Retail sector in china: The next big thing? Retrieved from Bruning, M., Hattich, K., Jackson, G., Ryan, S., & Sovey, M. (2007). Crouching Cartier, hidden Ferragamo: China as the east’s lap of luxury brands. Kellogg School of Management. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. Coutu, D. (2007, June 1). We googled you. HBR Case Study. Cambridge: Harvard Business Publishing. Employment Law Tip Sheet (2007, June 20). Googling job applicants – a hiring manager’s dilemma. Retrieved from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (1994, December). Fact sheet 16: Employment background checks: A jobseeker’s guide. Retrieved from Regents of the University of California (2010, October). UCSB HR: Using internet information in the recruiting process: Understanding the risks. Retrieved from 12

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