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Squaxin Island Health Clinic

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1 Squaxin Island Health Clinic

2 Medical Clinic Providers Electronic Health Records Carl Ott, M.D.
Charles Tiff Barret, PA-C Patty Suskin, Nutrition, Diabetes Coordinator Pam Bartley, RN Chiropractor, Dr. Blevins Electronic Health Records CAC for several years Currently doing a contract for (off site) maintenance and support: this is working out very well

3 Dental Clinic Keith Doyle, DDS Michelle Wiley, Dental Hygienist
Danielle Pink, Dental Assistant Rosie Martin, Dental Assistant, Receptionist, Billing Specialist and Jack of all trades (No, you can’t have her)

4 THE AFFORdable care act
To date, we have enrolled over 287 new people in Apple Health Care We have 57 more to go (that we know of) We coordinated with SPIPA for a Navigator, however…. By the time they hired someone and he got the training, we were already well into the process We have three people who are tribal assistors

5 Behavioral Health Greg Twiddy, Manager Two Mental Health Counselors
Two Chemical Dependency Counselors One part-time Clinical Psychiatrist Dr. Cavendish

6 Health Promotions Colon Health (SPIPA), Lindy Parker, RN
Women’s Health (SPIPA), Traci Lopeman and Pam Bartley R.N. Diabetes Prevention Specialist, Melissa Grant It’s been very difficult to recruit and retain new participants in the last few years

7 Pharmacy We currently have two part-time pharmacists.
We were robbed several times As a result, we quit carrying Oxycontin and we don’t store opiates in the Pharmacy, we have bars on the back, ground floor windows and we have had to upgrade our security…. More changes are coming

8 As WE ALL KNOW, It is not an isolated problem!

9 On a happier note Our staff likes it here; there is very little turnover. We are a pretty close knit team.

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