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Defining the Roles of Redesigned Schools.   Who do we serve and why?  Know your data  Recruitment is a process not an event Objectives.

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1 Defining the Roles of Redesigned Schools

2   Who do we serve and why?  Know your data  Recruitment is a process not an event Objectives

3  “Old School” vs. “New School” 1. Take 2 minutes and brainstorm: “What does the student population of an Innovative High School look like…and what are the challenges faced in creating that vision…” 2. Share with you table your conclusions….(3 minutes) 3. Share out

4  “ Innovative schools aim to graduate students who earn a high school diploma as well as two years of transferable college credit or an associate degree – all at no cost to their families. The target population for early colleges is first- generation college-goers, those at-risk of dropping out or other historically underserved populations.” –(New Schools Website) Finding the Important Words What words stand out to you? (2 minutes)

5  Finding the Important Words

6  Source: U.S. Dept. of Ed, NCES (2012- 001)

7 Population Demographics Guiding Questions: How does this data drive your recruitment? How does your county demographic data drive your recruitment? Do all Innovative High Schools “look” alike? 3 minutes

8  “low achievement, retention in grade, behavior problems, poor attendance, low socioeconomic status” -Morris, R. (2000). Curriculum for at-risk students. Carrollton, GA: State University of West Georgia. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 443 809 Guiding Questions: 1.How do you feel about high school students that have low achievement and behavior problems on a college campus? 2.Where do you draw the line between low achievement and low ability? 3.What's the difference between challenging a student and setting a student up for failure? 4 minutes

9   A student who neither parent has graduated from a 4 year (Traditional) College or University at the time of High School Enrollment “First Generation”

10   Vague idea of who to serve:  First Generation  At Risk  Traditionally Underrepresented in College  Solid Concept of the Goal  Graduate from High School  2 years college credit/associate degree  Matriculate to University/Life Plan So “what” do we know now? Now we gotta go find them…..

11   Figure out “who” is in your school/district (data)  Examine how they got there (process)  Set attainable goals for recruitment/enrollment (future)  Communicate with your boss and College (job security) Know Thyself

12  What Does “Data” look like? 70% first generation college graduates

13   Over 4 years build a recruitment process that attracts the target population for JCECA  Build a recruitment process that empowers the faculty to own their students and own their success  Make the recruitment process sustainable Attainable Goals 60% underrepresented populations on traditional college campuses >85% first generation Represent middle schools with high at risk populations

14  Know the process Old Process  Multi-page application  Recruits had to do interviews during spring break at ECA  Parents had to be interviewed  Application was all “paper”  Points system was weighted with academic success  High Point scale on teacher recommendations  Points system and selection was by the Principal New Process  One Page application (digital)(digital)  Application in Spanish (paper)  Interviews conducted at school during school hours  Recruitment meetings at each middle school  AVID Classes targeted  No parent interviews  Candidates were identified by school counselors and sent recruitment packets at home  Saturday representation at ESL/migrant meetings  All interviews/essays were completed by ECA staff  Selection was done by the staff Recruitment video

15  Results 170 applicants 260 applicants612 applicants

16   Know who you are by your data  Know your county data (politics are real)  Determine with your Superintendent and College who you will serve (New Schools Principles as your guide)  Set attainable goals  Allow your staff to own the process  Honor it as a process What to take with you…

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