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CongressEl JefeJustice LeagueRed TapeA Brief Case 10 20 30 40 50.

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1 CongressEl JefeJustice LeagueRed TapeA Brief Case 10 20 30 40 50

2 In this congressional system, members are in charge of choosing the executive. WHAT IS A PARLIAMENT?

3 Under the original U.S. Constitution, members of Congress, were selected in this indirect way. WHAT ARE STATE LEGISLATURES?

4 Throughout the existence of the Senate, the filibuster has been used by both sides despite it being unpopular. There have been attempts to restrict its use. Today, it takes this many Senators to end debate. WHAT IS 60?

5 In this type of voting district, the winner of the election gets less than 55% of the vote. WHAT IS A MARGINAL DISTRICT?

6 This explanation for congressional voting behavior assumes members vote to please their constituents. WHAT IS REPRESENTATIONAL?

7 When establishing the office of the president, delegates to the Constitutional Convention feared these two things EQUALLY. WHAT ARE MONARCY AND ANARCHY?

8 Alexander Hamilton gave a five hour speech at the Constitutional Convention calling for this kind of executive. WHAT IS AN ELECTIVE MONARCHY?

9 This method became the Framers solution for the debate of how to elect the president. WHAT IS THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE?

10 The two-term tradition was initiated by President Washington but is now official law under this amendment. WHAT IS THE 22 ND AMENDMENT?

11 Prior to the 1850s, this president made the most vigorous use of the veto power. WHO IS ANDREW JACKSON?

12 This is the chief judicial weapon in the governments system of checks and balances. WHAT IS JUDICIAL REVIEW?

13 This type of judge would approach law in a manner that supports that courts should make as well as interpret the law. WHAT IS AN ACTIVIST?

14 The U.S. Constitution makes this court(s) the only mandated court. WHAT IS THE SUPREME COURT?

15 This practice occurs when presidents are appointing only justices who agree with their own political philosophy. WHAT IS COURT-PACKING?

16 Along with the issue of slavery, between 1789 and 1861, the Supreme Court was primarily occupied with this dominating issue. WHAT IS NATIONAL SUPREMACY?

17 This shapely relationship once described the communication exchange between an agency, committee, and interest groups. It has effectively been replaced by a more complex system. WHAT IS AN IRON TRIANGLE?

18 During most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, appointments to the civil service were based primarily on this system. WHAT IS PATRONAGE?

19 Bureaucrats who report misconduct of their bosses regarding recruitment, retention, and abuse of office are protected under this 1989 Act. WHAT IS THE WHISTLE-BLOWER ACT?

20 A dramatic increase in activism by the federal bureaucracy occurred in the twentieth century largely as a consequence of these two world wide situations. WHAT IS THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND WWII?

21 This important federal agency demanded an eight-fold increase in the amount of federal employees between 1813 and 1861. WHAT IS THE POST OFFICE?

22 This case decided that there is no unqualified presidential privilege of immunity from judicial process. WHAT IS UNITED STATES V. NIXON?

23 This case held that the federal government could pass any laws necessary and proper to the attainment of constitutional goals. WHAT IS McCulloch v. Maryland?

24 In this CLASS-ACTION SUIT, the Supreme Court determined that segregation in public places is no longer legal. WHAT IS BROWN V. BOARD OF EDUCATION?

25 In this case, the court determined that slaves are not citizens and could not legally sue in court. WHAT IS DRED SCOTT V. SANFORD?

26 This Supreme Court case upheld judicial review of congressional acts. WHAT IS MARBURY V. MADISON?

27 My House is BIGGER El PresidenteRepresent!More like BORING-ocracy Who Knows? 20 40 60 80 100

28 This member of the Senate is considered to be the real officer of leadership. WHO IS THE MAJORITY LEADER?

29 A member of the Senate has just been elected to a position that requires him to keep the majority leader informed about the opinions of other part members. He has just been elected to this office. WHAT IS THE MAJORITY WHIP?

30 These Congressional committees are usually the only ones that can report out bills, making them the most important committees. WHAT ARE STANDING COMMITTEES?

31 This type of resolution requires the approval of both houses and the signature of the president. WHAT IS A JOINT RESOLUTION?

32 This type of bill has many non- germane amendments tacked on but despite its name usually does not fancy a star on top. WHAT IS A CHRISTMAS TREE BILL?

33 This rule states that power tends to be wielded by the people who are in the room when a decision is made. WHAT IS THE RULE OF PROPINQUITY?

34 When President Reagan appointed a chief of staff in 1985, he was acting according to this model of White House Office staff organization. WHAT IS PYRAMIDAL ORGANIZATION?

35 This is most important agency in the Executive Office of the President in terms of providing administrative assistance. WHAT IS THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET?

36 Although enjoyed by some state executives, this action on legislation has never been legally approved for use by the president. WHAT IS A LINE-ITEM VETO?

37 These two states give out electoral votes proportional to the percent each candidate receives in the general election. WHAT ARE MAINE AND NEBRASKA?

38 Senatorial courtesy is an especially important consideration in nominations to court. WHAT IS A DISTRICT COURT?

39 To put a case on the docket of the Supreme Court, it must have the approval of this many justices. WHAT IS FOUR?

40 The original jurisdiction in a case where California is suing Arizona over the use of the Colorado River would be held in this court. WHAT IS THE U.S. SUPREME COURT?

41 This author of the Federalist 78, describes the Judiciary as the branch least dangerous to political rights of citizens. WHO IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON?

42 This is a law practice established for low income participants in civil suits makes the loser pay the court costs. WHAT IS FEE SHIFTING?

43 In the first Congress, it was decided that appointed federal officials could only be removable by this member(s) of government. WHO IS THE PRESIDENT?

44 Relative to their share of the population, Republicans tend to be overrepresented in this agency or department. WHAT IS THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE?

45 This bureaucratic recruitment strategy would take place if an agency committed to consumer protection hires someone from a private environmental protection group. WHAT IS AN ISSUE NETWORK RECRUITMENT?

46 The merit system of appointments began with this 1883 legislation. WHAT IS THE PENDLETON ACT?

47 This term describes when an agency such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) makes an important decision; it is likely to be taken to court to challenge its judgment. It often produces enemies. WHAT IS AN ADVERSARY CULTURE?

48 This Amendment created the position of acting president to take over when a President has been deemed incapacitated or dead. WHAT IS THE 25 TH AMENDMENT?

49 This is the MOST powerful group in Congress in terms of control over an agencys budget. WHAT IS THE HOUSE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE?

50 While conferencing on which cases to put on the docket, the Supreme Court issues this in order to obtain the records from the lower courts that heard the case. WHAT IS A WRIT OF CERTIORARI?

51 This type of Supreme Court opinion unofficially announces the decision of the Court without the Constitutional backgrounds or reasoning. WHAT IS A PER CURIAM OPINION?

52 This is the most likely way an interest group such as the ACLU or the NAACP would attempt to influence the Supreme Court. WHAT IS AN AMICUS CURIAE BRIEFING?

53 TEAM1TEAM2TEAM3 000 Jeopardy Double Jeopardy

54 The category is: The JUDICIARY What is your wager?

55 FINAL JEOPARDY Two common ways for a plaintiff to lower court costs of an appeal are by finding an interest group to support the case or by filing this. WHAT IS AN IN FORMA PAUPERIS?

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