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ACTION PLAN Ms Naila Naveed Khan The City School Gulshan Junior F Urdu Language Level 4.

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2 ACTION PLAN Ms Naila Naveed Khan The City School Gulshan Junior F Urdu Language Level 4

3 Long Term Goal 21 st Century School must prepare students to work in todays workplaces, and teachers must stay current with the ways students and families use technology in their daily lives.

4 Short Term Goals: By the end of the term students will be able to: Utilize the various concepts of grammar. Understand comprehension passages and answer questions. Utilize vocabulary building words. Effectively work on assignments that require independent efforts and various resources. Compose different types of writings.

5 Targeted Goals: To mentor students persona, while imparting education. To nurture intellectual curiosity and encourage collaborative approach to problems. To recognize and realize 21 st century skills and methodologies. To equip the students and teachers with skills to face the 21 st century world head-on and with confidence.


7 Blooms Taxonomy provides a basis for creating questionnaires and assignments which develops critical thinking and learning in the students. The first level is the only level where teachers prefer to a lot their time. But the last two levels are the ones which introduce critical thinking in the students.

8 Time Line to cover the topics: Text TopicGrammar TopicComprehension and Composition Time Line 1-3 2January 4-6 2February 7-9 2March April

9 GRAMMAR AND LANGUAGE BUILDING TOPICS21 CENTURY SKILLS APPROACH TECHINIQUERESOURCESCHALLENGESSOLUTIONS Parts of speech Critical and analytical skills Communication skills Questioning skills Listening Speaking Analyze Evaluate Categorize Nirdaban urdu Curriculum Teachers guide Internet Web Flow charts Events Time management Effective collaborative groups. Preplanned and realistic tasks Incentives teamwork Singular plural Homophones Word opposites Genders. Observing and monitoring skills Giving direction skills Plan Compiled Flash cards Picture board Worksheets Time management incentives Similes Negative and positive sentence Critical and analytical skills Observing and monitoring skills Inspect Distinguish imagine judge Flash cards Flow charts Worksheets Pictures Pace of work and quality Planning and preparing incentives Word counting Obeying direction skills Picture story Picture prompts Flash cards Work sheets Internet Spelling errors Correction of words Clear instruction

10 TOPIC21 CENTURY SKILLS APPROAC H TECHNIQUERESOURCESCHALLENGESSOLUTIONS Translation Dialogue writing Picture story Letter writing Applicatio ns Compositi on Autobio graphy Book review and all text topics communicati on and collaboration Creativity and intellectual curiosity Problem identification Formulation and solution Listening and speaking Questioni ng skills Encourag ement Pair and share Competitio n Role-play Reading Vocabulary Extempore competition Word web Internet Storybook Worksheet Newspaper Biographie s pictures Pace of work Insufficient information development of critical and healthy competition between students Students with learning difficulties Support classes Incentives Collaboration with parents and head of institution Evaluatio n through test and class work CREATIVE WRITING,COMPOSITION AND COMPREHENTION

11 Urdu Language Text Topics 1.Azad Kashmir Ka Safar 2.Minare Pakistan ki kahani 3.Gahar Ka Pathar 4.Khamosh Khidmat 5.Pakistani Bacche 6.Surraya Ki Diyanatdari 7.Main Kya Bano Ga {Poem} 8.Bahadur Kissan {Poem} 9.Ik Pahar Aur Gulihri {Poem} 10.Karachi {Reference Book} 11.Bijli {Reference Book}

12 Urdu Language Grammar Topics 1.Noun, Common Nouns, Proper Nouns 2.Pronouns 3.Adjectives 4.Verbs, Subject, Object 5.Word Opposites 6.Genders 7.Singular/Plural 8.Homophones 9.Similes 10.Tenses {Present, Past, Future} 11.Counting Negative and Positive Sentences. 13.Prepositions.

13 Urdu Language Creative Writing and Comprehension 1.Translation 2.Dialogue Writing 3.Picture Story 4.Letter Writing 5.Application Writing 6.Compositions 7.Auto-Biographies 8.Book Review (Tabsara Nigari)

14 Why 21 st Century Skills: In these contemporary times, it is a case of survival of the fittest. The people who refuse to accept the change are considered to be bottlenecks and are shunned upon by the present community as backward and decrypt. The same people are then cut-off from the fast evolving world. The question Why 21 st century skills? is very easily answered, on these skills lies the very basis of our countrys future. Our upcoming generations need to be on an equal footing with the worlds finest and brightest. So that they can compete on an international standard, to bring not only remittances but also expertise for the future development of our country.

15 Applying Blooms Taxonomy: TOPIC: BOOK REVIEW RememberingUnderstandingEvaluatingApplyingAnalyzing Brain storming Discussion about the character WorksheetsPlay role Analyzing the moral of stories and their use in daily life Discussions Discussion about the moral of the story/book Assessments Dialogue delivery - Showing of title page Main feature of the books-Story writing-

16 Values: As values are the most important part of our education and one of the skills required to be developed. So the following values will be inculcated in our 21 st century classrooms throughout the term. The importance of hard work to earn a better living. Teamwork and sharing of ideas.. Honesty is the best policy to earn respect. Help the needy people without thinking about the consequences.

17 Resources: Teachers Books Certificates Worksheets and handouts


19 References: The City School Curriculum Google Website


21 CONCLUSION: The term is full of miscellaneous topics which deals with many genres of modern Urdu.which makes it easier for the child to understand the modern 21 st century's styles of wisdom,and construct new ideas.

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