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How Are We Doing? – Results of a Satisfaction Survey Sue Vest, CTR – Missouri Cancer Registry.

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1 How Are We Doing? – Results of a Satisfaction Survey Sue Vest, CTR – Missouri Cancer Registry

2 This project was supported in part by a cooperative agreement between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) (#U58/DP000820-01) and a Surveillance Contract between DHSS and the University of Missouri.

3 Background Short survey Irrelevant survey Comments from registrars Need to know

4 Survey Experience 17 questions + comments Expectations Response rate Free manual Reminders

5 Why do you call the 1-800 line? ( all that apply) Abstng & coding assistance63.0% Reportability questions63.0% Database inquiry29.6% Education/Training22.2% Abstract Plus assistance25.9% Not applicable11.1% Other11.1%

6 How often do you call the 1-800 line? Daily0.0% More than once per week11.1% Weekly3.7% More than once per month25.9% Monthly11.1% Less than once per month29.6% Never18.5%

7 How would you rate the responses you receive when calling the 1-800 line Excellent38.5% Very good34.6% Good15.4% (4/26) Fair0.0% Poor0.0% Not applicable11.5%

8 How can we improve the 1-800 line response? “..working well...questions quickly & correctly answered RESPONSE IS GREAT beats me! You are doing a good job. Keep up the good work.

9 Do you use the MCR Abstract Code Manual As An Abstracting Resource? Yes = 64% No = 36% Go on to another question depending on answer

10 If ‘Yes’ how often..? Once a day6.3% Several times per week6.3% Weekly0.0% Several times per month31.3% Monthly18.8% Less than once per month37.5%

11 If ‘No’ indicate the reason(s). Use sources from other standard setters 50.0% Manual not user friendly8.3% !!!!!! Manual does not include info needed 0.0% No need to use manuals16.7% Not applicable to my work33.3%

12 What educational programs have you/staff attended? ( all that apply) Basic Registry Training63.2% Computer-based training (CBT) 15.8% CTR Exam prep (MoSTRA/MCR) 36.8% Have not participated21.1%

13 How satisfied are you with the educational programs? Very satisfied41.7% Satisfied29.2% No opinion8.3% Dissatisfied0.0% Very dissatisfied0.0% Have not participated20.8%

14 How can we improve educational programs/services provided..? “programs…are great. Keep up the good work” “DO NOT TRY TO GET SO MUCH DATA IN SO LITTLE TIME OR AHEAD OF WHEN USING IT” “seminars on advanced abstracting skills” “regional workshops are excellent” “..nice to have workshops in various parts of state” “Thanks for sponsoring webinars” “have someone visit low-volume hospitals just to go over our practices..”

15 Do you use the MCR website? Yes = 84.0% No = 16.0% Go on to another question depending on answer

16 If ‘yes’ indicate areas used most ( all that apply) Abstracting Resources61.9% Education47.6% Links42.9% What’s New71.4% Hospital Reporting (manuals, forms, etc) 61.9% Web Plus Uploading47.6%

17 If ‘No’ indicate reason ( all that apply) Limited access to the internet0.0% Internet connection too slow at this facility 50.0% Information on website not useful 0.0% Not applicable50.0%

18 What additional features would you like to see…( all that apply) Webcasts = 76.5% More training resources = 64.7% Help for abstractors = 58.8% Comments More user friendly Webinars Webinars for low-volume TAKES TOO LONG TO FIND WHAT I WANT!

19 How satisfied are you with Newsletters & Mini-updates? Very satisfied44.0% Satisfied52.0% No opinion4.0% Dissatisfied0.0% Very dissatisfied0.0% Don’t receive0.0% Seldom/never read0.0%

20 How can we improve our Newsletters and Mini-updates? “Check facts…” “Enjoy getting the updates…helps me keep aware of changes…” …newsletters and mini-updates are great..” “most helpful” “maybe remind us when ‘something new’ “ “they are fine”

21 ..indicate the approx. number of cases your facility submits.. 75 or fewer16.0% 75-1498.0% 150-2994.0% 300-49916.0% 500-119936.0% 1200-14998.0% >150012.0%

22 Conclusions Need to work harder Manual Website Mini-updates/newsletters FEEDBACK Doing okay overall

23 Low-volume Facilities Description of facilities # of facilities Why do the survey?

24 What staff position does the casefinding…( all that apply) Clerk7.7% Coder53.8% HIM Director69.2%

25 Does the same individual do the casefinding…each time? Yes = 76.9% No = 23.1% If NO, explain: Limited staff/limited time 2 coders Casefinding is performed at time of coding

26 How are cancer cases…identified? ( all that apply) MRDI46.2% Coder(s)61.5% Path report review46.2% Surgery schedule15.4% Other (please specify)7.7%

27 If MRDI not used…explain why ( all that apply) I do not know what a MRDI is12.5% I do not know where to get a MRDI 12.5% I don’t think I need a MRDI50.0% IT dept cannot take time to create/run a MRDI 25.0% N/A25.0%

28 Do you use the MCR casefinding list? Yes = 76.9% No = 23.1% If no indicate reason Think it is confusing 33.3% Do not know where to find a copy 33.3% Do not have time 0.0% Do not think I need to use it. 33.3%

29 How often do you do casefinding at your hospital? At least weekly30.8% At least monthly0.0% At least quarterly30.8% I do not do casefinding on a regular basis 23.1% I do casefinding when I have time 15.4%

30 …how much time does it take? 1-4 hours25.0% 5-8 hours16.7% 9-16 hours8.3% 3-5 days0.0% > 5 days0.0% Do not keep track50.0%

31 Have you used the CBT module on casefinding? Yes = 7.7% No = 92.3% Explain No internet access 14.3% I do not have time 71.4% I do not think it will help me 14.3%

32 What is the biggest barrier to timeliness of reporting?..very few cases...thought we were getting them to you in a timely manner Finding time to copy the charts Only two employees in MR dept…file clerk and coder Many other duties and responsibilities… …dept of 6…finding time to work on cancer registry is difficult Short staffing and time spent away from coding and other duties

33 …any suggestions that would simplify/improve ability to report in timely fashion? Already compliant Not really If what is required would quit changing I need to work on it more often instead of putting it off until last minute

34 Conclusions Smaller hospitals do not have staff or time On-going training is needed Do not understand process or significance MOST WANT TO DO A GOOD JOB

35 Lessons Learned Surveys are hard to develop!!! Should be beta tested Define expectations

36 Thank You from all of us!!! Sue Vest, CTR Prioject Manager Missouri Cancer Registry

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