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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Glen Daniels Progress Software.

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1 Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? Glen Daniels Progress Software

2 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation2 DataXtend Data Integration EasyAsk Natural Language Search and Query DataDirect Data Connectivity ObjectStore OpenEdge Apama Actional Shadow Sonic Object Data Management Business Application Platform Event Processing Enterprise Service Bus SOA & Web Services Management Mainframe Integration Application Platforms Data Infrastructure Services Infrastructure First model-driven semantic data integration First unified mainframe integration platform Market leading ESB Market leading event processing platform First and leading natural language query Market leader in data connectivity Integrated platform optimized for business Leading enterprise-class SOA management Market leading object database Progress Software

3 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation3 A Little About Sonic  We’re all about Integration Message-centric (async) Highly distributed Legacy / Mainframe Data adaptation Orchestration  “Connect everything… achieve anything”

4 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation4 Different Strokes  We live in a multi-protocol world JMS, FTP, UDP, Jabber, etc.  Not always necessary to switch… Services rarely move from one to another  …but necessary to adapt! You never know who you might be talking to Data formats, protocols, semantics

5 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation5 External or Internal?  Sometimes integrating units within the same company can be “external” Regulatory compliance requires IT diffs Organizational opacity  Bringing in a new acquisition can make formerly disparate systems “internal”. Newly shared security domains, registries, etc  Shared models can really help here WSDL, Bindings

6 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation6 The Promise  Web Services as common “glue” for talking to a variety of platforms  Wire-level interoperability to avoid the “many adapters” issue  A composible set of specs which smoothly take you from simple to richly-featured  Distributed extensibility and evolution  Interop… also WRT Skills and Tools

7 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation7 The Reality  Lack of community architectural consistency No standard for how to write/use extensions No real framework for bindings with various capabilities  Interoperability problems Whither Soapbuilders/WS-I?  Perception as bloated, vendor-controlled  …and some great successes too

8 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation8 URIs  URI == Endpoint? Metadata about resources is critical –Content-type is NOT enough …but you shouldn’t require EPRs to get it  Single URI -> single resource Need stronger curb on use of RefPs Policy, Sem Web assertions, etc.  Benefits of URIs are well-understood, let’s not throw them out

9 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation9 Bindings  We love bindings! Design a service in the abstract (types, operations) Bind to particular formats, policies, addresses  Great for managing change Evolution Apply policies

10 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation10 A Common View : Benefits  You get a lot from a common service model Manageability / governance Registries Interoperability Tooling (codegen, orchestration) Composibility (intermediaries/mediation)  Is WSDL it?

11 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation11 We’re Not Highlanders  “There can be only one” – NOT!  There is a place for WS next to the Web  Can we get to a place where enterprise “ility-enabled” apps, over a variety of underlying protocols, gain from what we’ve learned from the Web? URIs, Proxies, Uniform IF

12 © 2006 Progress Software Corporation12 So Where Do We Go From Here?  Collect “enterprisey” use cases Build taxonomy and best practices Demonstrate the same story with WS and REST? Picking the right tool for the right job  Push harder for architectural coherence EPRs/URIs – please let’s get the word out Is “composibility” a myth? Versioning  Interop work?

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