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Why do We Send Wrappers to TerraCycle? terracycle site.

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1 Why do We Send Wrappers to TerraCycle? terracycle site

2 We collect wrappers at lunch time and snack time Special thanks to the Environmental Commission of Little Silver for purchasing new collection bins for 12 of our classrooms!Environmental Commission of Little Silver

3 So they won’t go in the garbage… Garbage that is thrown out goes to a landfill or incinerator, where it will release carbon emissions that have a negative impact on the environment.landfillcarbon emissions Garbage that is recycled goes to a processing plant and is converted into new raw materials to make new products. This not only eliminates the negative effects of landfilling/incinerating it, but processing garbage into new raw material releases fewer emissions that producing new ("virgin") materials.

4 …and create more carbon emissions Carbon emissions refers to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, which can be generated from a variety of processes. An excess of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere causes global warming because it traps the radiation from the sun in our atmosphere and won't let it escape, which warms the earth.

5 Excess gases trapped in our atmosphere makes our earth warmer The point is, if the greenhouse effect is too strong, Earth gets warmer and warmer. This is what is happening now. Too much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the air are making the greenhouse effect stronger. Click for More information on greenhouse gasMore information on greenhouse gas

6 TerraCycle “Upcycles” Our Wrappers We spent the money earned by our TerraCycle collections to purchase clipboards made from circuit boards that are used in the Courtyard Classroom by the student body Click here to view products made with TerraCycle materials

7 Some trash doesn’t get landfilled or recycled Here’s a video about what can happen to the ocean when you don’t oprah-shines-light-on-gre_n_190552.html oprah-shines-light-on-gre_n_190552.html

8 Next Green Team Meeting A representative from Clean Ocean Action will be here for a special presentation including an enviro-scape interactive display!Clean Ocean Action February 8 th – don’t miss it!!

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