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REALISM Began in the mid-1800s

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1 REALISM Began in the mid-1800s
Real people-workers, peasants, family members Muted tones to represent real life Influenced by earlier artists Pieter Bruegel the Elder-scenes depicting peasant life Louis Le Nain--depicted peasant families Chardin-peaceful scenes of middle-class life

2 Gustave Courbet Author of the Realist Manifesto
Proclaimed: "Show me an angel, and I will paint one." Held a one-man art show called the Pavilion of Realism

3 Burial at Omans Funeral of common people set in Courbet's hometown
Real people are important and worthy of grand art

4 Stonebreakers Even lowly workers are worthy of being depicted in art
Muted colors help convey the seriousness of real life

5 Daumier Famous for political lithographs that satirized French society
Grouped with Realists because of his interest in common people

6 Rue Transnonain Tragic scene of a family executed by the police in their apartment

7 MARIE-ROSALIE (ROSA) BONHEUR, The Horse Fair, 1853–1855
Famous for her realistic paintings of animals Horse Fair-realistic depiction of horses, buyers and sellers

8 Edouard Manet Early paintings have realistic qualities but later paintings include Impressionistic qualities Challenged French conventions, inspired Impressionists

9 Luncheon on the Grass Revolutionary because it depicts a nude woman sitting with two  clothed men in a picnic setting   Traditional elements-Composition based on Giorgione's Pastoral Symphony; references to Raphael's Judgment of Paris Revolutionary elements-Central figure is naked and looking at the viewer Rejected by the Salon and displayed at the Salon des Refuses of 1863

10 Olympia Recumbent nude female
Olympia is in front of the picture plane; not a goddess   Critics lambaste Manet's technique and subject matter  

11 Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Group of English Realist painters from the mid-19th century Rejected the subject matter of the French Realists Subject matter based on literature, famous fictional stories Realistic paintings but scenes resemble a fantasy world

12 JOHN EVERETT MILLAIS, Ophelia, 1852

13 Photography Early photographs were called daguerreotypes
A new medium to rival painting Ingres and Degas used photography as an aid Most painters felt threatened

14 LOUIS-JACQUES-MANDÉ DAGUERRE, Still Life in Studio, 1837. Daguerreotype.

15 Nadar Famous French portrait photographer Pioneer in aerial photography

16 Eadweard Muybridge Horse Galloping, 1878
Pioneer in sequential motion photography Technique influenced later artists such as Duchamp

17 Winslow Homer American painter who popularized the use of watercolors
Famous for seascapes and Civil War scenes  

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