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Tue, 13.00-14.50 (Lect) Tue, 13.00 – 16.00 (Lab) Prof. Dr. –Ing. Kalamullah Ram li 1 Database System.

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1 Tue, (Lect) Tue, – (Lab) Prof. Dr. –Ing. Kalamullah Ram li 1 Database System

2  Understand principles of and best practice on designing and analysing database system  Capable of designing, initializing and implementing database system 2 Objectives

3 3 Syllabus of Course WTopicsDateLectTask 1Introduction to Database System31-AgustKLMreading 2Requirement Engineering07-SepKLMreading 3Database Design14-SepKLMreading 4Normalization of Database Table28-SepKLMreading 5OO Database Design Principles05-OktKLMreading 6Reserved/UML Review12-OktKLMreading Mid-Test19-23-Okt 7 Lab Exercises: setting, initializing, implementing Web- enabled Database System 26-OktIGDexercise 802-NopIGDexercise 909-NopIGDexercise 1016-NopIGDexercise 11Project Explanation23-NopKLMDeveloping 12Project Explanation30-NopKLMDeveloping Final-Test07-21-Des Kalamullah RamliKLM I Gde Dharma NugrahaIGD

4  A. Kemper, A. Eickler “Datenbanksysteme – Eine Einführung“, Oldenbourg Verlag, 2004  Teorey, T., Lightstone, S., Nadeau, T., “Database Modeling & Design: Logical Design”, 4th Ed., Morgan Kaufmann, ISBN 13: , ISBN 10:  Clare Churcher, “Beginning Database Design: from Novice to Expert”, APress, 2007  Piattini M., Diaz, O. (ed), “Advanced Database Technology and Design”, Artech House, References

5 5 Lecture 1 Introduction to Database System

6 General Problems when no RDBMS:  Redundancy and Inconsistency  Limited Access  Problem of Multiuser operation  Data Lost  Data Disintegrity  Data Insecurity  Further Development expensive & complicated 6 Why RDBMS

7 7 Data Independence: Physical Independence Logical Indenpendence Physical Layer Logical Layer View 1View 2View 3... Abstraction Layer of a Database System

8 8 Relational Schema Network Schema Object Oriented Schema Conceptual Scheme (ER-Schema) Manual/Intellectual Modeling Semi-otomatic Transformation Real Problem (Mini World) XML Schema Data Modeling

9 9 Mahasiswa Kuliah Dosen Mini World: Universitas NIPNPM Nama MahasiswaDosen ambil ajar Kuliah NamaMK KodeMK Conceptual Model Simple Sample

10  Network Model  Hierarchical Data Model  Relational Data Model  XML Schema  Object Oriented Data Model  Object Relational Schema  Deductive Data Model 10 Logical Modeling

11 Mahasiswa NPMNAMA Fichte Jonas Ambil NPMKodeMK Kuliah KodeMKNamaMK Data Base Jaringan Komputer... Select Nama From Mahasiswa, Ambil, Kuliah Where Mahasiswa.NPM = Ambil.NPM and Ambil.KodeMK = Kuliah.KodeMK and Kuliah.NamaMK = `Data Base´; updateKuliah setNamaMK = `Basis Data´ whereKodeMK = 5001; Relational Data Model

12 12 Data LogIndexData BaseData Dictionary Database Management Multiuser Synchronization Error Handling Database ManagerSchema Management Query Processing DBMS DML-CompilerDDL-Compiler Aplikasi Interactive Query Administration Tools Pre-Compiler „Simple“ User Advanced User Application Programmer Database Administrator Sistem Penyimpanan DBMS Architecture

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