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Tue, 13.00-14.50 (Lect) Tue, 13.00 – 16.00 (Lab) Prof. Dr. –Ing. Kalamullah Ram li 1 Database System.

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1 Tue, 13.00-14.50 -@A.104 (Lect) Tue, 13.00 – 16.00 -@Puskom (Lab) Prof. Dr. –Ing. Kalamullah Ram li 1 Database System

2  Understand principles of and best practice on designing and analysing database system  Capable of designing, initializing and implementing database system 2 Objectives

3 3 Syllabus of Course WTopicsDateLectTask 1Introduction to Database System31-AgustKLMreading 2Requirement Engineering07-SepKLMreading 3Database Design14-SepKLMreading 4Normalization of Database Table28-SepKLMreading 5OO Database Design Principles05-OktKLMreading 6Reserved/UML Review12-OktKLMreading Mid-Test19-23-Okt 7 Lab Exercises: setting, initializing, implementing Web- enabled Database System 26-OktIGDexercise 802-NopIGDexercise 909-NopIGDexercise 1016-NopIGDexercise 11Project Explanation23-NopKLMDeveloping 12Project Explanation30-NopKLMDeveloping Final-Test07-21-Des Kalamullah RamliKLM I Gde Dharma NugrahaIGD

4  A. Kemper, A. Eickler “Datenbanksysteme – Eine Einführung“, Oldenbourg Verlag, 2004  Teorey, T., Lightstone, S., Nadeau, T., “Database Modeling & Design: Logical Design”, 4th Ed., Morgan Kaufmann, 2006. ISBN 13: 978- 0-12-685352-0, ISBN 10: 0-12-685352-5  Clare Churcher, “Beginning Database Design: from Novice to Expert”, APress, 2007  Piattini M., Diaz, O. (ed), “Advanced Database Technology and Design”, Artech House, 2000 4 References

5 5 Lecture 1 Introduction to Database System

6 General Problems when no RDBMS:  Redundancy and Inconsistency  Limited Access  Problem of Multiuser operation  Data Lost  Data Disintegrity  Data Insecurity  Further Development expensive & complicated 6 Why RDBMS

7 7 Data Independence: Physical Independence Logical Indenpendence Physical Layer Logical Layer View 1View 2View 3... Abstraction Layer of a Database System

8 8 Relational Schema Network Schema Object Oriented Schema Conceptual Scheme (ER-Schema) Manual/Intellectual Modeling Semi-otomatic Transformation Real Problem (Mini World) XML Schema Data Modeling

9 9 Mahasiswa Kuliah Dosen Mini World: Universitas NIPNPM Nama MahasiswaDosen ambil ajar Kuliah NamaMK KodeMK Conceptual Model Simple Sample

10  Network Model  Hierarchical Data Model  Relational Data Model  XML Schema  Object Oriented Data Model  Object Relational Schema  Deductive Data Model 10 Logical Modeling

11 Mahasiswa NPMNAMA 26120 25403... Fichte Jonas... 11 Ambil NPMKodeMK 25403 26120... 5022 5001... Kuliah KodeMKNamaMK 5001 5022... Data Base Jaringan Komputer... Select Nama From Mahasiswa, Ambil, Kuliah Where Mahasiswa.NPM = Ambil.NPM and Ambil.KodeMK = Kuliah.KodeMK and Kuliah.NamaMK = `Data Base´; updateKuliah setNamaMK = `Basis Data´ whereKodeMK = 5001; Relational Data Model

12 12 Data LogIndexData BaseData Dictionary Database Management Multiuser Synchronization Error Handling Database ManagerSchema Management Query Processing DBMS DML-CompilerDDL-Compiler Aplikasi Interactive Query Administration Tools Pre-Compiler „Simple“ User Advanced User Application Programmer Database Administrator Sistem Penyimpanan DBMS Architecture

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