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Implementation of Care and Support Reform Regional meetings – Care Act June/July 2014.

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1 Implementation of Care and Support Reform Regional meetings – Care Act June/July 2014

2 Content Context for implementation Key implementation milestones Our approach to implementation –Headlines from 1 st readiness stocktake Purpose of today Our plea

3 Councils are facing significant and increasing demand and financial pressure. Adult social care spending has fallen by c8.5% in real terms from 2011/12 to end of 2013/14 (2013/14 prices) Since 2011/12 central revenue support for councils has reduced by c10% each year (c39% by end of 2014/15). This is equivalent to a reduction in spending power of c4- 5%. Impact varies locally – some councils have seen spending power reduce by c7% each year. Many councils have still given relative protection to ASC compared to some other services. Overall councils have reduced spending on ASC by c8.5% in real terms over three years to end 2013/14, consistent with 3% national efficiency assumption. User numbers have also reduced significantly over the SR period, particularly for +65s: 19% fewer over-65s receiving community care 2% fewer over-65s receiving residential/nursing care Reported outcomes and satisfaction have remained stable, but data limited to people receiving care. Overall councils have done very well in delivering savings whilst maintaining outcomes and satisfaction levels. However, picture varies locally and councils have relied on significant support from the NHS. Context for change: financial pressures

4 Introduction 2015 - Key milestonesDateIntroduction 2016 - Key milestonesDateOther Milestones (Assurance/Context)Date BCF draft plansFeb-14 Care Bill Royal AssentMay-14Local implementation stocktakeApr-14 BCF final plansApr-14 Consult draft regulations, guidance and IAsJun-14 L&D capacity planning tools & resourcesJun-14 Consultation endsAug-14 Consult allocations formulae for 15/16Oct-14 Publish regulations, guidance and IAOct-14Local implementation stocktakeOct-14 LA IT systems in placeOct-14 Comms for people with care needs/carersOct-14 Parliamentary debates on regulationsNov-14Consult draft regulations, guidance and IANov-14 2015/16 Finance AllocationsDec-14 Local implementation stocktakeJan-15 Go LiveApr-15 General electionMay-15 Publish regulations, guidance and IAOct-15Consult allocations formulae for 16/17Oct-15 Public awareness campaignOct-15 2015/16 Finance AllocationsDec-15 Go LiveApr-16 Key implementation milestones

5 Our approach – Leadership & partnership Care and Support Reform Board oversees implementation and brings together those with specific implementation responsibility or system leadership role Supported by the unprecedented partnership between DH, ADASS and LGA Partnership ensures shared ownership and of a programme management approach to implementation Joint programme management office supports Board oversee planning for implementation and assurance

6 Our approach – Co-production National and local co-production and engagement across the care sector will remain central to delivery Engagement with sector groups such as Think TLAP, TEASC, and provider / user groups essential for ongoing delivery Build new relationships with ADASS Policy Leads and Regional Leads and others to complement the partnership

7 Our approach – Implementation Support Co-produce a package of support to enable local authorities to prepare, plan and deliver the Care Act Focusing resource on areas of highest risk / impact where clear national role and no other investment –Initial priorities identified as: Workforce; Communications; Informatics; Understanding implementation costs Stocktake survey of DASSs in every council which closed 21 May key evidence to inform our decisions Supporting regional activity which we see as a critical enabler to delivery of the reforms

8 Headlines from 1 st readiness stocktake Almost all councils have a plan/programme Around 9/10 said they were fairly or very confident that they will be able to deliver Roughly 3/4 have started to estimate the number of requests for carers’ assessments, and most of those yet to complete this expect to have done so by January 2015 Roughly 3/4 have started to estimate the likely cost of implementing the Care Act in 2015/16, and most of those yet to start work on this expect to have done so by January 2015

9 Our approach - Communication Focus on implementation communications to share information and engage those responsible for delivery –Regional activity is key to ensuring two-way engagement Delivery of a public awareness campaign to increase understanding of the reforms, how to access them and encourage behaviour change –Phase 1 for people receiving care or about to (late 2014 - Apr 2016) –“Locally driven with national support” – building on resources that can be adapted and used locally

10 Purpose of today Direct conversations between local authorities, voluntary and private sector and DH to seek to views on how to improve the draft regulations and guidance Discussion about some of the more difficult implementation issues, with national colleagues and each other

11 Our plea We want to hear what you are doing, the challenges you are facing, and how you are overcoming them We want to capture and share your learning and tools so others can benefit So that together we can… …support each other to implement these reforms …grasp this opportunity to shape care and support delivery for the next 30+ years!

12 Further information Care and support reform web pages: Enquiries, comments and to subscribe to bulletin: Please submit your comments on the draft regulations and guidance to: or online at

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