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Landmarks and Symbols of the United States. Created by: Ms. Librizzis Class.

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1 Landmarks and Symbols of the United States

2 Created by: Ms. Librizzis Class

3 The Statue of Liberty Created by: Rasha and Ucal

4 Statue of Liberty Location: In New York Bay on Liberty Island It was built in July 1884 sent to New York, reassembled and completed in It is 151 feet tall It was a gift from France. Source:

5 The Statue of Liberty The height of the torch is: 21 feet Width of the tablet is:13 feet and 7 inches Width of the eye is: 2 feet and 6 inches Length of the nose is: 4 feet and 6 inches Width of the mouth is: 3 feet Length of the right arm is: 42 feet Length of the hand is:16 feet and 5 inches Size of the fingernail is:13 x 10 inches Source: Liberty by Lynn Curlee

6 Statue of Liberty Materials needed: Paper Pencil Colored pencil Clay

7 The Golden Gate Bridge Created by: Eduardo and Traivon

8 The Golden Gate Bridge The Golden Gate Bridge Is in San Francisco Bay, California It was built by Joseph B. Strauss It is 1.5 miles long. Longest span is 4,200 ft. The Golden Gate Bridge provided work for the people in the San Francisco area. The Golden Bridge was built to last through anything. The color when the sun hits it makes the bridge look golden. Source: and

9 The Golden Gate Bridge Materials needed: Cardboard Apron Paint brushes Orange and blue paint Glue Yarn (orange) Gloves Staples

10 The Washington Monument Created by: Izais & Paul

11 Washington Monument It is in Washington D.C. It was built to honor our first president. It is the tallest building in Washington D.C. It was completed on December 6,1884. It cost $1,187,710 to build. The number of blocks in the monument is 36,491. Source: &


13 Washington Monument Materials needed: Paintbrush Large Cardboard Boxes Tape Glue Newspaper Water Bowl White Paint Blue Paint

14 Mount Rushmore Created by: Lexie and Melissa

15 Mount Rushmore It is in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The elevation of Mt. Rushmore is 5,725 feet. Construction was from 1927 to It took 400 stone workers to build it. John Gutzon Borglum designed it. Source:

16 Mount Rushmore Materials needed: Modeling clay Picture books Color pencils Large white paper

17 The Grand Canyon Created by: Scott and Chris

18 The Grand Canyon Is located in Arizona. It became a national monument in1908 and a National Park on Feb. 26,1919. It was explored by John Wesley Powell. Average depth 4,000 ft. Average width 10 miles. The Colorado River is at the bottom of the canyon. The river is 227 miles long. The canyon is 6 million years old. It was the favorite park of former President Theodore Roosevelt Source:

19 Source:

20 The Grand Canyon Materials needed: Tape Newspaper Box Paint: yellow, orange, blue, brown, red

21 St. Louis Gateway Arch Created by: Tanaya and Jamie

22 St. Louis Gateway Arch It is in St. Louis Missouri Construction started on February 12,1963 and was finished on October 28,1965 It is 630 feet tall. It cost $30 million to build. It by the Mississippi River A 40 passenger tram runs inside the arch. and

23 St. Louis Gateway Arch Materials Needed: Shoe box Card board box Paper Pool noodle Tape Water Newspaper Scissors Toy horse Foil

24 The White House Created by: Victor and Victor

25 The White House It is in Washington D.C. It was built It was built by James Hobe. It has 132 rooms. The President lives in the White House. It is 18 acres. Source:

26 The White House Materials needed Cardboard boxes glue Paper towel tubes Flag Tape Newspaper water

27 U.S. Money Created by: Jamie and Tanaya

28 U.S. Money Penny – one cent - $0.01 The man on the penny is President Abraham Lincoln. Nickel- five cents -$0.05 The man on the nickel is President Thomas Jefferson. Source:

29 Dime- Ten cents -$0.10 The man on the dime is Franklin D. Roosevelt Quarter-twenty-five cents- $0.25 The man on the quarter is President George Washington. Source:

30 Half-dollar - $.50 – fifty cents The man on the half-dollar is President John F. Kennedy. Dollar - $ 1.00 Source:

31 Five Dollar Bill –Five Dollars- $5.00 Ten Dollar bill - Ten dollars-$10.00

32 Twenty Dollar Bill- Twenty Dollars- $ Fifty dollars - Fifty dollars- $50.00

33 The US Flag Created by: Victor P. and Victor Y.

34 U.S.A. Flag The 13 stripes stand for the first 13 colonies of the US. The fifty stars stand for the 50 states. The flag is also called Old Glory and The Stars and Stripes The Flag Act was passed on June 14, 1777

35 The Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

36 The Bald Eagle Created by: Izais and Paul

37 The Bald Eagle The bald eagle was made the national bird of the United States in The bald eagle is a large powerful brown bird with white head and tail. The founding fathers wanted to choose an animal that was unique to the United States When Europeans first came to the North American continent in the 1600s there were an about 25,000 to 50,000 bald eagles.

38 The Liberty Bell Created by: Traivon and Ucal

39 The Liberty Bell It was made in 1752 in London. The bell first cracked during a test ring. The bell cracked again on July 8,1835. It is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The bell was made by John Pass and John Stow. The bell weighs 2090 pounds. The strike of the bell is E-flat. The bell is 3 feet high. The crack in the bell is 241/2 inches long and ½ inch wide.

40 The Seal of the U.S.A. Created by: Victor P.

41 Great Seal of the U.S.A. It was adopted in On the front is a bald eagle with 13 arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other. The words mean: * Out of Many, One * Providence has favored our undertakings *A new order of the ages. Source:

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