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Promotion of Events …a sidekick is that this also could generate more members to your club! Note that this not is exclusive aiming at EFRA events… …it’s.

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1 Promotion of Events …a sidekick is that this also could generate more members to your club! Note that this not is exclusive aiming at EFRA events… …it’s general ideas how to create a good relation between the press and your club and by that prepare for an excellent covering when you organize any race of importance value…

2 Your club is heading forward The club wants to be seen. Different sporting event fights about space in newspapers, to get sponsors and spectators. If you want to have success and be seen in media is it necessary that you have a higher standard concerning your press work than other sports and clubs. Learn from your concurrent, find out how they work with media. What advances do they have in comparison with your club Make a list of all sport clubs within your neighborhood area that compete with you regarding space in the media. WE DO LIVE IN COMPETITION SOCIETY

3 PLAN FOR THE SEASON It’s wise to have annual plan containing all races and other activities during the coming year. Put together this plan to a kind of press book that you could give to the newspapers, TV and radio who could be interested of your activities. Activities History Statics Portrait of individuals Photos of cars (in action) Photos of club drivers and officials Earlier results Race dates for club events Dates for races were club members will participate Contact person in the club.

4 THE JOURNALIST This is a Journalist. His task is to cover what happens in the community and mediate it to the general public via newspapers, radio or TV. The question is what is interesting for the readers? Well, news big or small, and all occurrence in the neighborhood that could be interesting The task for the journalist is not to make advertisement for your club Never demand that a journalists should write something specially, deliver your information to the point and correct Always be honest in your cooperation with media. Everyone should have the current information at the same time. Never try to favor anyone. If a journalist discovers a news before you had in mind to release it must you respect that. It is a part of a journalists work to try to be alone with the news. If anything incorrect is published should you contradict this as objective and correct as possible

5 PRESS CONFERENCES Choose the right time – Avoid weekends and preferably also Mondays. Lunchtime or just after lunch is usually a god time. At a suitable place – As easily access for the journalists as possible and/or at the event venue and in that case preferably in combination with some kind of activity Who should be present – Only those that have something to say, as qualified and well-known drivers as possible, the highest leaders of the event or similar The contents – Short and straight on the point. Short presentation of the participants. Make sure that everyone knows what they should say in advance. Be prepared for unexpected questions. Use aids, overhead, pictures etc. You must have illustrative material and written background material Something to eat or something to drink - Sure can you offer lunch, coffee, soft drinks or only fruit. Remember that journalists often are in a hurry and that the news is most important When and how do you invite – Send a written invitation at least a week in advance, always send it to the sport chief or assistant editor-in-chief and any eventually personal contact. Preferably follow this up with a phone call the day before the press conference. Make the invitation as interesting as possible without telling too much To they that couldn’t come – Make sure that these persons receive the press material at the same time as the press conference, Make a phone call and leave supplement information Evaluate – how was the press conference? Did you get “value” for the eventually costs? Could you have done it in a different way?

6 NEWS News is always of interest. Try to concentrate your press realizes on the newness. Ex. The unexpected If a dog bits a man is it not anything special but the opposite could be interesting Geographic nearness The closer a occurrence is to the readers neighborhood the bigger is the opening for media feels that the event is by interest to cover

7 1 If you send an e-mail always write the information direct in the mail, never attach anything. The attachments will usually be deleted by the spam filter 2 If you make a printout always use pare of A4 size and write only on one side of the paper. 3 Use a big line space and proper left margin 4 Always write the most important in the beginning in order be able to shorten the text in the end. Catch the readers interest in the introduction. 5 Write short sentences. 6 Avoid to write to long paragraph. Use under headings 7 Avoid paraphrases, expanded expression, standard phrases and unfamiliar words 8 Translate technical terms of they must be used 11 IMPORTANT RULES FOR PRESS REALIZES 9 Always inform of where, when and how. Don’t miss sender, name address and phone number. 10 Plan a current send list for every event. 11 Supply fresh photos to be used free by the media. The English version of the prayer “Our Father” contains 56 words. The Ten Commandments of God contain 297 words and the American Declaration of Independence 300words. The English version of EG’s directions for import of duck eggs contain 26 911 words….

8 LET THEM TRY… Hardly no journalist knows how it is to drive a RC Car, they most often also have faulty knowledge of rules etc. Given the opportunity the test some of the different classes you have within your club, let them try to drive a car on your track. Educate the journalist about rules, race format, lap counting etc. The more he/she knows about our sport the easier is it for them to write and look after your events and activities.

9 If you nominate a press officer could/should he/she also be responsible for the clubs other PR activities. The following could be his/hers responsibilities, with this said is it not the intention that they should do everything by themselves. Take care of the clubs media contacts Take care of the clubs internal information Take care of the contact with sponsors and cooperation partners Make plans for PR activities and PR arrangements. In connection with race events or similar does he/she in addition have the following tasks: THE PRESS OFFICER 1 Start to inform early, visit local media, as well the general editorial staff as the sport chief. 2 Send press realizes preferably with pictures. The bigger event the more press realizes. 3 Arrange press conferences, preferably in connection with some kind of activity. 4 Prepare a press centre at the race venue 5 Arrange a press conference immediate after the finish of the race. 6 After the race – prompt deliver all necessary information and result to media. A press officer should be well familiar with the clubs activities and be able to answer questions. He/she should also have easy to express himself/herself in as well speech as writing.

10 PRESS CENTRE A press centre must be easy to access possibilities for the journalist The press centre should: Always have a crew present Be furnished with phones and internet connected computers in order for the journalist to write their reports on location Give fast and correct result service Be equipped with coffee and other refreshments

11 SERVICE When a journalist is present to look after your event is he on duty. To give him/her service implies that you make his/hers work situation easier. Food and other refreshments, a place to work and a phone and computer is relevant. To offer transportation if necessary is also very appreciated by the press.

12 PHOTO PLACES If newspapers or Television intend to make a reportage from your club prepare places were photographer can act undisturbed and have chance to take good pictures. Do not forget the safety aspect.

13 RESULTS Always inform the press of race results from all events your members participate in. Both your own and other events The latest one hour after the official announcement of the results list should the media that you cooperate with have received the result. If you don’t have any journalist present write your own summary of the race and attach it to the race result. Give media information of all activities; don’t give the journalist the chance to say: - I didn’t know that. The sooner the media have the result the bigger is the chance that your clubs result will appear in the news. Even big newspapers have a limit of space.

14 PRICEGIVING The price giving is important. It’s there the winners will received the rewards for their results. Demand that all prize winner and others are present at the price giving and give the press good possibilities for photographing. Remember to have your club logo and eventually sponsors as a background when photos are taken.

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