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Do as many cards before the 1 min timer goes off

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1 Do as many cards before the 1 min timer goes off
AP Biology Taboo You are trying to describe the word at the top of the screen WITHOUT saying the taboo words listed below or any part of the word you are describing Do as many cards before the 1 min timer goes off +1 point for every card your team guesses correctly -1 point for every card you skip Created by V. Morris-O’Hearn 2013

2 Insulin Pancreas Glucose Homeostasis Liver Blood

3 Mitosis Cells Body Somatic PMAT Identical

4 Allopatric Speciation
Barrier Species Different Canyon Islands

5 Amino Acid Protein Ribosome Nitrogen tRNA mRNA

6 Peptide Bond Protein Carbon Nitrogen Electrons Dehydration synthesis

7 Hardy-Weinberg Math p2, q2, 2pq Alleles Population Evolution

8 Vestigial Organ Unused Evolution Pelvis Appendix Tailbone

9 Active Transport Low to high Concentration Membrane Protein channel

10 Golgi ER Packaging Secreting Proteins Vessicle

11 Prokaryote Bacteria No nucleus Simple Evolution Unicellular

12 Cell Cycle Checkpoints Mitosis G1, S, G2 Cancer DNA replication

13 Anaphase Chromosomes Poles Equator Chromatids Split

14 Chloroplast Plants Photosynthesis Green Stroma Matrix

15 Mitochondria ATP Cellular respiration Glycolysis Kreb’s Cycle ETC

16 Anticodon tRNA Ribosome Amino acid Protein Assemble

17 Helicase Unwind DNA Replication Bases Bond

18 Mutation DNA Mistake Polymerase Point Nonsense

19 Active Site Enzyme Protein Lock and Key Substrate Catalyst

20 NADP+ Electron Carrier Photosynthesis ETC ATP synthase

21 Cell Mediated Response
Immune System Antigen Infected cell Antibody T cell

22 Glucagon Pancreas Glucose Homeostasis Liver Blood

23 Neuron Nervous System Communication Neurotransmitter Brain Axon

24 Density Dependent Factors
Population Disease Predation Food Resources

25 Exponential Growth J shaped Graph Population Birth Death

26 Succession Fire Disturbance Volcano Soil Pioneer

27 K species Care Parent Offspring Less Lifespan

28 Net Primary Productivity (NPP)
GPP Respiration Consumer Energy Passed on

29 Nitrogen Cycle Bacteria Soil Nitrates N2 gas Legume

30 Carrying Capacity Population Resources Limit Environment Deaths

31 Innate Behavior DNA Learned Unchangable Instinct Infant

32 Homeostasis Balance High Low Brain Hormones

33 Water Potential High Low Movement Pressure Solute

34 Photosynthesis Plants Choloroplast Light Glucose Calvin

35 ATP Synthase Enzyme Membrane ETC Photosynthesis Cellular Respiration

36 Sex-Linked Genes X Y Males Color blindness Carrier

37 Independent Assortment
Meiosis Homologous Chromosomes Allignment Metaphase I

38 Transcription DNA RNA Polymerase Messenger Nucleus

39 Operon Bacteria Genes Grouped Lac Try

40 Methylation Cytosine Gene Off RNA polymerase Eukaryotes

41 Introns RNA snRP Processing Removing Junk

42 Homeogenes Same Species Conserved Similar DNA

43 Okazaki Fragments Lagging strand DNA Ligase Pieces DNA polymerase

44 DNA Replication Copying Semi-conservative DNA polymerase Identical
S phase

45 Meiosis Cells Gamtes PMAT Variation Crossing over

46 Hypertonic Solute Water Water Potential Diffusion Osmosis

47 Gene Flow Migration Population Alleles Evolution Hardy-Weinberg

48 Exocytosis Cell Membrane Pinching Exiting Waste Fusing

49 Transpiration Water Stomata Cohesion Xylem Water Potential

50 Cohesion Water Sticky Negative Positive Surface tension

51 Kreb’s Cycle Mitochondria CO2 FADH2 Electrons Acetyl CoA

52 Calvin Cycle CO2 Rubisco G3P Glucose Stroma

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