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Business Ethics Inductee Training Session. 2 Contents CEO Message3 Inductee Training Session - Objectives4 Section 1: Business Code of Conduct5 Section.

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1 Business Ethics Inductee Training Session

2 2 Contents CEO Message3 Inductee Training Session - Objectives4 Section 1: Business Code of Conduct5 Section 2: Whistleblowing26 Section 3: Guide to Ethical Decisions29 Section 4: Conclusion31

3 3 CEO Message Welcome to the Mobily Inductee Training Program! We pride ourselves in conducting business to the highest standards of Honesty, Fairness, and Accountability. These concepts of ‘fair play’ reside in unison with our core values. We should never lose sight of the fact that success without integrity would be shallow and self-defeating. Ethics is integrated in everything that we do, and with everyone that we do business with. This training is provided to give each of you an overview of our expectations on how you conduct yourself, and supply guidance in matters relating to business ethics. Of course, you should seek input from your Manager or supervisor in a circumstance where you have an issue, or where you need to report misconduct. The objectives of the Code are:- To establish rules of conduct and standards of behavior for employees of Mobily To make employees accountable for exhibiting and/or reporting inappropriate behavior or violating the Mobily Business Code of Conduct To highlight that ethical and responsible behavior is a crucial factor in the long term success of Mobily

4 Inductee Training Session - Objectives 4 The three central themes from the training will be:-  Understanding and complying with the Business Code of Conduct & Ethics (the ‘Code’)  Knowing how to seek advise and assistance from your colleagues and Managers  Recognise that you have a reporting obligation on ethical matters which place Mobily, or you, at risk

5 5 Section 1: Business Code of Conduct

6 Business Code of Conduct & Ethics 6 Purpose of the Code To provide the ethical framework on which we base our decisions as individual members of Mobily. It defines our behavior in dealings with Mobily’s stakeholders and in the conduct of our day to day activities.

7 Business Code of Conduct 7 Maintaining our Reputation “Our reputation is based on the integrity of the company’s personnel, and our dedication to Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Accountability, Service, Fairness, and Respect” “Positive reputation takes years to establish, and seconds to destroy…” People seek to do business with those that they trust. Even the perception of behaving in an unethical manner will have an impact on how our business partners and customers see us. After our people, our reputation is perhaps the most precious commodity that we have in our possession For further information on reputation, refer to section 4 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct Do Speak positively about Mobily Treat everyone with honesty, fairness, and respect Take pride in yourself, your colleagues, and our company Smile! Do not ×Do anything that may bring Mobily into disrepute ×Disrespect a person even when they are disrespecting you

8 Business Code of Conduct 8 Company Property “All the company assets will be used for legitimate business purposes and it will be the responsibility of all employees to ensure the company assets are safeguarded” Legitimate business purpose extends to proper and efficient usage also. Includes company time; cash; checks; drafts; land; buildings; records; vehicles; equipment; any physical asset; scrap and obsolete items. Do Care for company property, and report any misuse or misappropriation Ensure that all property is properly stored and secured when not in use Do not ×Remove Mobily property for personal use ×Permit other personnel to misuse company property that has been assigned to you Theft is a serious offense. Mobily has a zero tolerance policy, and will take strong action. For further information on Company property, refer to section 10.1 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct

9 Company Property Scenario You witness a reception clerk, who works in the central customer service centre, loitering inside the IT inventory store. As you watch, he exits the IT store through the fire exit. You know he does not have permission to be in the store, and he should have permission from the IT inventory manager to enter. What would you do? A.Confront the reception clerk B.Report it to the IT inventory manager C.Inform his direct supervisor D.Report it to your direct supervisor E.Report it to the Mobily Ethics Hotline F.A, B, and D G.All of the above Response Test #1.1 9

10 Company Property Scenario – Deeper observations You witness a reception clerk, who works in the central customer service centre, surreptitiously removing three external USB hard drives from the IT store and placing them in a handbag. He exits the IT store through the fire exit. You know he does not have permission to be in the store, and that these items require a requisition and release form issued by IT inventory manager. With these extra observations, would your response be different? What would you do? A.Confront the reception clerk B.Report it to the IT inventory manager C.Inform his direct supervisor D.Report it to your direct supervisor E.Report it to the Mobily Ethics Hotline F.A, B, and D G.All of the above Response Test #1.2 10

11 Business Code of Conduct 11 Gifts and Favors “A gift or a business courtesy that is valued at more that SR 100 is not to be accepted under any circumstances. The offering and giving of gifts should be discouraged” Provisions apply to all employees at all times, even when on leave. Disclose any offered or received gifts to your supervisor and Compliance Office as soon as is possible. Do Get approval from Manager prior to accepting invitations to events or functions Return delivered gifts to donor Do not ×Accept money from a customer of supplier ×Solicit for yourself or any third party anything of value from anyone in return for service / information Gifts valued under SR 100 (such as logo inscribed pens, caps, shirts, and coffee mugs) are permissible For further information on Gifts & Favors, refer to section 7.5 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct

12 Gifts and Favors Scenario Response Test #2 12 Can you receive this gift? If yes, when? If yes, what must you do? If not, why not? If not, how would you say ‘no’? What do you do if you are unsure? Scenarios  A pen?  Dinner?  A car?  2 tickets to a major sport event?  A trip for you to Dubai?

13 Gifts and Favors Scenario You become aware of a colleague who accepted a Tissot watch as a gift from a supplier who is bidding for a supply contract with Mobily. A.Do nothing B.Confront your colleague C.Report it to the Mobily Ethics Hotline D.Report to your supervisor E.Both C and D Response Test #3 13

14 Business Code of Conduct 14 Conflicts of Interest “Avoidance of conflicts between personal interest and the interests of Mobily, or even the appearance of such conflicts” Perception is reality when it comes to conflict of interest. Never allow business dealings on behalf of Mobily to be influenced – or even appear to be influenced – by personal or family interests Do Disclose any direct or indirect interest that you or you family may have in an undertaking that either competes with, or supplies to Mobily Do not ×Enter into any form of competing business ×Offer any trading assistance to any person outside of Mobily, including family and friends ×Undertake a second job * Trading assistance through confidential information the employee has by virtue of his/her employment For further information on Conflicts of Interest, refer to section 7.4 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct

15 Conflicts of Interest You are at a party talking to someone you haven’t met before. When you mention where you work, he tells you that the brother of one of your managers is the director of a company which supplies a significant amount of services to Mobily, and that they are currently bidding for a large services contract. Q. What issues could this raise? Q. Would you do anything with this information? Response Test #4 15

16 Fraud Awareness 16 What is Fraud? Fraud is a theft where deceit or trickery is involved. Fraud is a criminal offense punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both. In the business world, it can also result in the loss of employment, benefits and reputation, with a significant reduction in opportunity for any onward employment. Fraud can either be committed by persons external to a company, by persons within, or a combination of both. Zero Tolerance Mobily has a “zero tolerance” attitude towards fraud and unethical behavior, and will prosecute or apply other appropriate sanctions against those who are found to have committed fraud.

17 Business Code of Conduct 17 Bribery “Bribery means giving or receiving an undue reward to influence the behavior of someone in government or business to obtain commercial advantage which violates the laws of Saudi Arabia” We will remain committed to transparency in all our dealings. Mobily does not permit any ‘facilitation’ (“Rashwa”) payments to government officials. Do Report any inappropriate approaches to your Manager / supervisor, or Ethics Hotline at the earliest opportunity Do not ×Offer or promise anything of value to improperly obtain or retain business ×Make improper payments through third parties ×Accept any form of inducement to do, or not do something that is contrary to your duties A breach of the law in these matters is a serious offense, and has far reaching impacts for you and the company For further information on Bribery, refer to section 9 and section 11.2 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct

18 Bribery 18 What is Bribery? Offering, giving, soliciting or accepting of an inducement or reward, which may influence the action of any person. That is, an individual receives a bribe as a reward or incentive for action or inaction contrary to the proper conduct of his or her duties, for the direct benefit of a third party Direct or indirect loss Not only cash/money, it is any item of benefit Bribery relates to the giving AND/OR receiving of bribes It is also the ‘offering or promising’ of a bribe, or the ‘requesting or agreeing to receive’ – not only actual payment / receipt Amounts are irrelevant, it does not matter how small the amount, it is the intention that counts.

19 Bribery and Corruption 19

20 Bribery Scenario Your senior contact at a government agency, that has been regularly bought products and services from Mobily, calls you to say that he has established a charity to provide medical care to infants, and asks you to make a respectable contribution to help the charity get off the ground. You know that this agency has recently announced a public tender for a major data warehouse and collocation project. Q.How do you respond? Response Test #5 20

21 Business Code of Conduct 21 Dealing with Confidential Information “During and after employment, every employee is responsible for ensuring that propriety information is protected from theft, unauthorized disclosure or inappropriate loss” Applies to both formal documents (letters, memo’s reports) and informal documents (emails, notes). Includes Mobily business, financial, marketing, and service plans; and Customer & employee data. Do Take care when using portable telecommunication devices Use non-disclosure agreements Consult / report to Legal Department Do not ×Discuss sensitive information in public places ×Leave your computer or device unlocked and unattended ×Take sensitive work documents home unless approved by a Manager Be conscious of what documents you leave on your desk, and secure materials overnight For further information on Confidential Information, refer to section 10.3 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct

22 Business Code of Conduct 22 For further information on Email and Internet Use, refer to section 7.7 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct Email and Internet Use “The company will not tolerate discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, pornographic and other similar types of messages or materials sent by email or accessed through the internet” Have no expectations of privacy with respect to any communications through Mobily’s communication systems Mobily reserves the right to monitor and inspect, at any time and without notice, all electronic communications and information on computers used in the company’s business. Do Use extreme caution when you send and receive confidential information in email. Beware of ‘Reply All’ emails Consider your language and tone in your emails Report any instance where improper emails are circulated Do not ×Use the internet for personal use whilst working If you accidentally send confidential information to the wrong people, you could cause great damage

23 Business Code of Conduct 23 Reporting obligations and ‘No Retaliation’ policy “If you have been involved in a possible violation of the Code, or if you witness or learn of a potential violation of the Code, you must report this matter immediately” To the extent possible, Mobily will keep report confidential. You can report anonymously Retaliation, retribution or harassment against an employee who make a reports in good faith is prohibited. Mobily will use it’s best efforts to investigate code compliance matter professionally to all concerned For further information on Reporting Obligations, refer to section 14 of the Mobily Business Code of Conduct Do Report in good faith ethical breaches Consider other reporting mechanisms (reporting through normal management structures) Provide as much information as possible Do not ×Make malicious allegations ×Retaliate or discriminate against persons reporting

24 Expense Scenario Your supervisor enters your office and asks you for to submit an expense claim for him for SAR 650.00 of expenses he tells you he incurred entertaining a client the previous evening. He submits receipts from a restaurant, and indicates that there were 2 people dining. At lunch your supervisor’s wife stops by to drop in a document, and you overhear her telling the receptionist what a great time she had at dinner with your supervisor the night before. What do you do? A.Do nothing B.Confront him C.Report it to the Mobily Ethics Hotline D.Tell your colleagues and hope they do something about it Response Test #6 24

25 Reporting and Confidentiality You have overheard one of your colleagues making a call to the Mobily Ethics Hotline in which he made an allegation about a supervisor that you both work for. You have no knowledge of the allegation. What would you do? A.Do nothing B.Have a quiet conversation with the colleague making the allegation C.Inform the supervisor that he is under suspicion D.Discuss with your closest colleagues to see if they know anything about the allegation Response Test #7 25

26 26 Section 3: Whistleblowing

27 27 Mobily Ethics Hotline - Whistleblowing Facility “Enables a person who is aware of an unethical practice to report their concerns without necessarily informing their supervisors and without revealing their identity, if they choose to do so.” Call: 0560311477 E- Form on Intranet Email: It is not acceptable to discriminate, disadvantage or adversely treat a person’s employment or career for the purposes of reprisal for a disclosure made pursuant to the Whistleblowing Policy. Do Report in good faith ethical breaches Consider other reporting mechanisms (reporting through normal management structures) Obtain as much information as possible Do not ×Use Ethics Hotline to report HR issues, grievances, or general concerns or suggestions ×Make malicious allegations ×Discuss disclosures with colleagues ×Retaliate or discriminate against whistleblowers For further information on Whistleblowing, refer to the Whistleblowing Policy The Mobily Ethics Hotline is not be used for malicious, slanderous or abusive calls.

28 Whistleblowing – Categories of Misconduct 28 Unethical Behavior The range for behaviors that can be considered unethical is very broad. It can be anything from wasting time which an employee is being paid, to committing a million dollar fraud. The type of misconduct that can be reported through the Mobily Ethics Hotline include:- Giving or accepting bribes, kickbacks, or inappropriate gifts Misuse of confidential information Stealing, theft, or fraud Misusing your position in Mobily and influencing others to your personal advantage. Abusive or intimidating behavior Misreporting actual time or hours worked E-mail and Internet abuse Discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, age, or similar A situation that places employee interests over company interests

29 29 Section 4: Guide to Ethical Decisions

30 30 Employees should always seek the advice of his/her manager or ethics officer where there is any question in their mind on whether their decision is appropriate.

31 31 Section 7: Conclusion

32 Business Ethics 32 Conclusion Ethical business behaviors are essential to the success of Mobily Mobily has implemented a Business Code of Conduct and Ethics All Mobily employees must be aware of the code and uphold it at all times Stick to the Guideline for Ethical Decision Making When in doubt as to a course of action, consult with your manager / supervisor

33 Business Ethics 33 Any Questions?

34 34 Thank you!

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