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RC:1137386. A Strategic blend of Public Relations And Multimedia Services, Powered by Technology.

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1 RC:1137386

2 A Strategic blend of Public Relations And Multimedia Services, Powered by Technology

3 OUR SERVICES Audio/Video Production Branding/Publishing/General Printing Internet Promotion Solutions/WEB2.0 Mobile Promotion Solutions Events Public Relations Solutions Research Community Development Solutions

4 Effective communication between a brand and its publics is undoubtedly the most fundamental factor in determining the success and in fact, overall survival of that brand. Over the years, brands have employed various promotional elements to effectively attract, inform, engage and retain their target market/audience and advertising, sales Promotion, direct marketing, personal sales, and Public relations have been the main protagonists of this endeavor. Times have however changed, the world is now in the digital era and indispensible as these traditional marketing elements remain, advancements in technology have drastically transformed peoples’ lifestyle and the way they communicate thus creating gaps in the absolute effectiveness of these traditional promotional elements causing them to require vital digital/cyber upgrades in line with the times. Positive Thinking Multimedia Limited is strategically created to fill these gaps.: Background

5 Positive Thinking Multimedia Limited provides communication solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of clients, using a combination of the traditional promotional elements and the very best of the latest technologies available anywhere in the world. We make a point of duty to constantly update ourselves with the latest ways of executing communication services going lengths in ensuring that we possess the mastery of the newest, most effective, relevant technologies in the process. The result is super fast, extra effective pin point solutions that put our clients way ahead of their peers at comparatively cheaper costs. Our ideal clients range from big multinational commercial/non-commercial organizations, to small/medium sized entities, Government bodies or office holder(s), aspiring political candidate(s), NGOs, educational institutions and even private individuals. Introduction

6 Our ideal style is to deploy Public Relations models and techniques to analyze and make recommendations for client’s requirements, after which we apply multimedia technology in the execution of the recommended operations as required. Finally, we analyze the outcome of our operations and executions in order to measure their effectiveness in solving the clients’ requirements and inform further necessary line(s) of action. Although we integrate all promotional elements to derive results, we are Public Relations biased, having found that the public relations methods offer pin point solutions with proper feedback machinery and improvement implementations. Our style

7 We also provide world-class stand alone multimedia solutions like:  General printing and publishing  Video production for advertising, Music videos, documentaries etc  Audio Solutions (Albums, Jingles, Soundtracks etc)  Internet Solutions (Website, internet marketing, Online education etc )  Mobile solutions (app creation, bulk messaging etc)  online / offline research,  Outdoor branding and Signs  Training for staff and executives  Modeling / Stock images for promotion STAND ALONE MULTIMEDIA SERVICES

8 Positive thinking multimedia limited has been providing complete multimedia solutions and innovations for organizations and corporate entities for over 7 years. Our solutions afford organizations the ability to get better, more effective results with far less effort and at relatively lower costs. For the major parts our early years, we have worked in the shadows of third party agencies to help deliver world standard productions, publications, PR and other related services for their clients’ successful marketing campaigns. Some of the biggest advertising agencies and brands in Nigeria have benefited from our services. Media link outdoor advertising, Jungle Film works, Prima garnet etc; on jobs for: Fanta, FCMB, MTN, etc, are a few of such past clients. OUR ZEAL Having worked in the shadow of big agencies in the past, we are at the moment, more interested in establishing a name that is synonymous to excellence than anything else, therefore our zeal is to give our clients the best bargain possible with no compromise to the world class quality we want to be known for. Our story

9 Our Vision To become the ultimate communications agent in the world through technologically enhanced, specially tailored operations; deployed by internationally trained, well rounded communications experts.

10 To attain and maintain pole position in the mastery and deployment of the newest relevant communications technologies in order to give clients effective communication in this digital era. To become an extension of the clients’ marketing department, researching, planning, strategizing, recommending, implementing and maintaining policies and operations crucial to the upward motion of our clients and their corporate image. To perform detailed research informed operations with seamless multiple communication channels that help our clients to provide services specific to the needs of their publics. To create fresh ideas and innovations that will give our clients unique communication services specially tailored to meet their specific requirements. Our Mission

11 Our team comprises of young, energetic and creative individuals who are fully equipped with international training and world class certifications updated regularly with seamless mastery of the newest industry standard technologies to deliver world class jobs at local rates. Key Players Joyce “Boomshakata” Famodimu Public Relations / Media MD M.A. Int. Public Rel. / Worked with NTA (Nigeria) Sky TV network UK., Compass Group UK etc. Jeremme Akinboye “Saint” Omoyajowo Public Relations & I.T professional CEO Software Engineering / P.R. 7 Years Experience in the media/ IT industries in various leading capacities including: Principal partner at Emargin Models, consultant at Media Link advertising etc. Toyosi “Toy” Lana Film, Media & Journalism (BA) ADVERTISING Hosted: “The good, the bad and The Toy” on UK radio., worked at Prime sight Advertising UK Kunle “Nodash” Adejuigbe VIDEO PRODUCTION PARTNER Award winning cinematographer/ director. Ex- head of TV production; Nigezee, Team leader: Something Unusual Studios

12 In a world where technological advancements have seen communication methods transformed with phenomenal speed and accuracy, offering better, easier, more effective and wider communication opportunities; Positive thinking multimedia (being composed of internationally trained masters of Information Technology and Public Relations) is poised to take the advantage to provide clients with a dazzling combination of pin point public relations operations and advanced multimedia communication services that are faster, more efficient, precise, robust, transparent and best of all cheaper. Strategy

13 At Positive Thinking, we are experts in Information Technology and Public Relations. Our assets in this regard are fresh, young minds with international trainings and certifications and experience. Expertise

14 FCMB ONDO STATE NESTE OIL DIAMOND WELL INTERGRATED LTD GRAMIC DAVE LTD JUST ENERGY LTD Clients Below is a list of a few brands that have had the pleasure of our services


16 21, Esther Oshiyemi Street, Ilupeju Lagos Nigeria. Tel: +234 (0) 805-6220-992, 0808-0144-511 Email General Enquiries: Business/Consulting: Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Our Contacts

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