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Di susun oleh: 1.Fatimatur Rohmah(8) 2.Hidayatul Umah(11) 3.Supri Hariyanti(26)

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1 Di susun oleh: 1.Fatimatur Rohmah(8) 2.Hidayatul Umah(11) 3.Supri Hariyanti(26)

2 A.PENGERTIAN TEKS REPORT Report =>Teks yg mendeskripsikan sesuatu secara umum. (is a text to describe something in general)

3 B.TUJUAN TEKS REPORT 7-an : Untuk mendeskripsikan sesuatu secara umum (To describe something in general)

4 C.STRUKTUR TEKS REPORT A.Klasifikasi umum/General clasification =>Pernyataan umum mengenai sesuatu yg akan dibahas. B.Deskripsi / Description =>untuk menerangkan sesuatu atau fenomena yg dibahas meliputi bagian2,kualitas dan perilaku.

5 D.CIRI2 KEBAHASAAN TEKS REPORT A.Menggunakan “simple present tense” B.Pola kalimatnya V1 dan S C.Menggunakan action Verbs ; surround,make,begin,etc........

6 E.TAK DiSANGKA-SANGKA # Kesamaan descriptive dan report: Mendeskripsikan sesuatu #Perbedaan descriptive dan report: Membicarakan tentang apa,berikut ini perbedaannya :

7 Lanjutannnnn yhakk...... Different/similiarReportDescriptive PurposeTo describe something in general To describe something specific Thing (S) Discussed Identification TEACHERS Teachers are everyone that the job is teaching.He or she is the person that have the ability more than anyone else. MY FAVORITE TEACHER Miss Yuniar is my favorite teacher.She teach english in my school.She is not only beautiful but also kind.

8 KESIMPULAN Jadi kamu sudah tahu kan perbedaannya antara report dengan deskriptif ?????????? Coba ya tebak mana yg termasuk D / R 1.Mr.Jatmiko =.....? 2.The principals=.....? 3.My father’s new=......? 4.Parents in the world=.....?

9 EXAMPLE Smog is a mixture of fog and other ingredients and is a concidered a from of air polution. There are two types of smog.One includes high consentrations of smoke from burning substances.The other type is caused by a chemical reaction the occurs when certain substances in the air come in contact with sunlight.Both type of smog generally develope during a condition known as a temperature in version.This occurs when a layer of coal air near the ground is trapped by a layer of warm air above it,and winds are too light to move the layers of air.This condition prevents air from mixing vertically and keeps the smog concentrated near the ground.

10 Anything the polutes the air contributee to smog. This includes gases and other subtances produced by burning, coal, wood, gasolina, and other fuels, gases produced during manufacturing procesess, gases and ash emited by volcanoes, and events natural gases and substances that occur in nature.

11 1.What does the text tell us about ??? A.FogC.polution B.SmogD.Gas 2.What is name of the condition in which both types of smog develop??? A.A high consentration C.A temperature in version B.A chemical reactionsD.A natural condition 3.”this occurs when a layer of cool air near the ground.....”(paragraph 2,line two) What does the underlined word mean ???? a.Appearsc.Continues b.Happensd.keeps

12 4....the ground is trapped by a layer of warm air above it (second paragraph) The bold word refers to..... A.trapped B.warm air hot air D.layer of cool air 5.from the last paragraph,we can conclude... a.pollute the air can contribute to smog B.substances produced C.manufacturing processes D.natural gases and substances

13 EXERCISES The water lily is a plant of the aquatic family Nymphaeaceae,and of the genus Nymphae.These plants are found in fresh, still water throughout the warm temperate regions. People cultivate this plant.The plant can grow easily from the seed.It may be grown in eontainerss or ponds. The water lily is a beautiful plant.It has round leavles.The leaves my float or immerse.The flower has four sepals and many petals and stamens. The color of this flower may be white,pink,yellow,or blue.When blossoms,it sometimes smells good.Some species of this plant open by daya and closed at night others open at night and closed by day.The life span of the flower is usually three days.

14 1.What does the text tell us about? A.a plant named water lily B.a beautiful plant grown in water aquatic plant cultivated in warm regions D.water lily cultivated in ponds 2.How long is a water lily flower usually in blossom? A.a day or a night B.a day an a night. C.three days D.more than three days 3.From the text above,we can conclude that water lily can’t live in... a.Fresh still waterc.Wet areas b.Dry ground areasd.Water replace

15 4.These plants are found in fresh. The underlined word similiar meaning is... A.HotC.Dry B.WarmD.Cool 5.What the colour of the water lily... A.Pink, yellow or blueC.Purple and white B.Grey and blackD.Brown and green

16 Following text to answer question 6-10 ! Magazine are periodicals that appear weakly fortnightly or monthly. They ussually contain news articles and stories from various writers. Some magazine are intended for special groups of readers, like children, teenager, or woman. Some others specialize in certain fields of interest, like scince, music or computer. Newspaper are publications that are printed on large sheet of paper. They contain news and articles of general interest. They are issued everyday. Tabloid are very similiar to newspaper. They look a like tabloids are smaller insize. Tabloids are also similiar to magazine because they deal with specific fields or interest. They ussually appear weekly. Fornightly or monthly.

17 6.The text tell us about... A.ArticlesC.planted media B.MagazinesD.Tabloids 7.... They look a like. The underlined word has refer to... A.SimiliarC.Tabloid B.NewspaperD.Newspaper and similiar 8.The are issued everyday. The underlined word has similiar to... A.ProblemC.Gossip B.NewsD.Tabloid

18 9.What is the main idea of the last paragraph... A.Tabloid different with newspaper. B.Tabloid resemble with newspaper. C.Newspaper more fine with tabloids. D.Tabloid is a news. 10.From the text last paragraph, tabloid are also similiar to magazine because they deal...fields. A.SpecificC.Various B.BoredD.Famous

19 WISH ME LUCK..!!!!!!!!!!!!

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