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Myla M. Arcinas Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences Department De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines.

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2 Myla M. Arcinas Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences Department De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines

3 In 'Virtually There', a book and DVD pack distributed freely to schools by the Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning Foundation (YHGfL), Professor Stephen Heppell writes in the foreword: "Learning is breaking out of the narrow boxes that it was trapped in during the 20th century; teachers' professionalism, reflection and ingenuity are leading learning to places that genuinely excite this new generation of connected young school students and their teachers too. VLEs are helping to make sure that their learning is not confined to a particular building, or restricted to any single location or moment."

4 Myla M. Arcinas Assistant Professor Behavioral Sciences Department De La Salle University-Manila, Philippines

5 Defining Hybrid Teaching, IVLE and its Features Hybrid Teaching with IVLE at DLSU Methodology Results Hybrid Teaching with IVLE - Common Practices of the Faculty Strengths of Hybrid Teaching with IVLE Limitations of Using Hybrid Teaching with IVLE Analysis and Major Lessons Learned Conclusions

6 Technological Advancement and Hybrid Teaching HYBRID TEACHING is a form of instruction which combines face-to-face and online teaching approaches (also known as the mixed or blended teaching) Its goal is to pair the best features of face-to-face teaching with the best options of online learning to promote quality, active and independent learning and reduce class seat time. The daily environment has become more computerized than ever before. The advancement in technology influences the growth of education and its approaches and methods of instruction -

7 as a way of making students experiencing activities outside the classroom with the help of the technology supporting students learning Hybrid teaching is an approach in which a significant portion (30% - <50%) of the teaching activities have been moved online and time traditionally spent in the classroom is reduced but not eliminated.

8 is an innovative courseware management system designed and developed by the Wizlearn Pte Ltd, to manage and support teaching, learning and courseware management over the Internet. It allows the teachers to use a mixed teaching style, that is face-to-face interaction (FTF or F2F) such as in-class discussions, active group work, and live lectures with a web-based educational technologies (IVLE) such as online course cartridges, assignments, discussion boards, online assessment and other web-assisted learning tools. Regardless of the design, hybrid courses may be expected to deliver instruction in both an asynchronous and synchronous manner. Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)

9 The IVLE has all the most basic applications needed for online course delivery. Below are the main features of IVLE Module Website (syllabus) and FAQ Lesson Plan Workbin (to post lecture notes, upload assignments, reading material, etc.) Discussion Forum and Chat Room Sections Online assessment Announcement Board and Distribution List Group Project, Multimedia and Survey Tool/Template Electronic communication has reduced the world into a global village. The speed of information exchange between distant locations is in real time. Most higher learning institutions worldwide operate in the online environment to educate students and professionals alike. In collaboration with the National University of Singapore, De La Salle Universitys ASIST (formerly CREM) provides faculty members the online learning system IVLE. Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE)

10 is a Catholic private university located in Taft Avenue in the district of Malate in Manila, run by the Brothers of the Christian Schools. IVLE was initially shared by DLSU with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) in 2000, but limited only for the graduate students. In 2005, the use of IVLE was expanded to the undegraduate level to support the nstitutionalization of hybrid courses (A91) in the University.

11 IVLE was initially shared by DLSU with the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) in 2000, but limited only for the graduate students. In 2005, the use of IVLE was expanded to the undegraduate level to support the institutionalization of hybrid courses (A91) in the University.

12 Guidelines on Hybrid Classes 1.The course/section has been designated as hybrid (eg. A91, C91) during enrollment; 2. The course will be conducted by a CREM-certified faculty member; 3. At least half of the total number of hours for the term will be used for classroom sessions; 4. The schedule of on-line class sessions is specified in the course syllabus and submitted to the Office of the University Registrar within the first week of the term; 5.No online sessions will be scheduled and/or conducted within the first two (2) weeks of the term;

13 Used a descriptive-qualitative research design Interview method; interview guide was developed for the purpose of the study (combination of structure items and open-ended questions); descriptive statistics (frequency and percentages) and content analysis were used to analyze the data 50 faculty members were selected via purposive sampling technique


15 To provide collaborative, teaching and learning tools and resources, the IVLE Needs to create and prepare the module before the term starts. The majority of the faculty expressed that hybrid teaching requires more time and effort, both for the preparation and management of the module, most of them recognized that once set, it is very convenient, practical, and a more systematic way of managing ones course/subject.

16 Features CollegeTotalRank CBECEDCCSCOECLACOS Workbin Assessment Discussion Forum Chat Room Lesson Plan Module FAQ Multimedia Survey GradeBook Project

17 To provide collaborative, teaching and learning tools and resources, the IVLE Serves as an archive/repository of lectures notes, readings, activities, submission, etc (workbin #1) Makes the design, administration and checking of exams easy, but limits them to give objective exams, following the IVLE format (assessment tool #2)

18 To provide collaborative, teaching and learning tools and resources, the IVLE Provides tools very useful to teaching and learning processes, which enriches and broadens the students' learning experience with the DF and Chat room (#3 and #4); most of them use it in an asynchronous format. Needs to come to class prepared, following the topic and activities posted in the calendar of activities, posted online

19 To provide collaborative, teaching and learning tools and resources, the IVLE Serves as a communication tool and correspondence tool with students, thus less reminders and instruction done in the classroom (lesson plan, module and announcement tool #5) Allows easy monitoring of students performance, less effort to check attendance and submissions are posted online (log-in system, gradebook, #9)

20 To provide collaborative, teaching and learning tools and resources, the faculty Needs to come to class prepared, following the topic and activities posted in the calendar of activities, posted online Sets a good blend/mix of FTF/F2F instruction and use of online/web teaching


22 STRENGTHS: Better organization of course materials on the web Faculty expressed full appreciation of its use as its efficiently organize the teaching of the course (93%). Also, faculty articulated that the IVLE proved to be successful in terms of serving its purpose of making their academic activities more systematized (96%), and also for the students (94%). Facilitates the organization of course materials on the web (syllabus, lesson plan, workbin with separate folder for lecture notes, assignments, reading materials etc, repositories of responses for discussion forums, online chat, auto marked quizzes)

23 With IVLE (in hybrid teaching), courses published online - with its discussion forums, chat rooms, quiz management, assignment repositories, subscription services, and distribution lists, the teachers experience a powerful teaching-learning environment for supplementing classroom teaching-learning thus reducing classtime (91%).

24 Moving away from the pure transmissive –lecture type of teaching where the teacher and the students have to be both physically present in the classroom Hybrid teaching with IVLE is a creative way of using the mixed or blended teaching. 96% of the faculty appreciated the approach. In this era where students are techno savvy, teachers have to learn to reach the world of its learners.

25 Impact on teaching performance (TPE for hybrid classes – 4.76) More flexible course format (67%) Opens new possibilities More activities could be performed and more learning centered (78%) more activities More interaction and discussion (89%) Greater engagement of the teachers- students

26 Posting of queries, ideas and comments on a topic discussed or to be discussed made easy (Discussion Forum Tool ) Given limited time in the classroom, with students, the Discussion Forum and the Chat Sections - allow opportunities for the students to post their views/opinions/position about an issue (92%). Students and teachers can actively post what they have in mind thus not limiting learning within the class time

27 IVLE permits quality use of time inside the classroom (89%) (processing of outputs and integration ideas are done in the classroom), as assignments, group work activities, discussion forum questions and insights are posted online and maybe accomplished outside the classroom

28 From the faculty members point of view, the big motivator (for using IVLE is easy access (94%) anywhere and anytime "Since the DLSU campus provides internet access ports in classrooms, labs, and common areas, the faculty and students can get to IVLE from anywhere and at any time. "This means they can work from home, tend to spend less time on campus. "Being able to get to IVLE from home, over the Internet, is great, because I get a lo t of work done at home. (Era) "With IVLE, faculty can access almost all manner of course material from literally anywhere in the world."

29 IVLE is a time-saver in many ways. By providing a quick and easy way to download lecture notes and reading materials, read lesson plan, announcements and exam schedules, and other materials. Majority of the faculty expressed that the IVLE is convenient and practical. Faculty saves time to explain instructions or to answer questions coming from the students (86%). Also, the faculty allows the students have more time to read the material before the class (84%)."

30 e.g. Designing ones module is easy. They also expressed appreciation of ease of uploading & downloading teachers lecture notes; reading materials as well as downloading assignments of the students "It's very simple to upload and download materials online. With the use of IVLE, Reyes reports "I didn't need to learn anything special, and in a minute I can easily upload the lecture notes, readings as well as structures learning activities. They found its use to be very easy and simple (87%). Trainings and a tutorial session on its use are available online.


32 Click the Workbin link of the course.

33 Click the download icon or the name of the file that you want to download.

34 Choose Open the file from its current location and click OK. Ponder: If the File Download window re-appear, just follow the instructions above.

35 When the file opens completely, click on File then select Save As…

36 Choosing Save As will allow you to save the file in the computers hard disk.

37 the communication benefits of IVLE are plentiful. (88% ) Posting reminders, guidelines for assignments, feedback for an assignment or a probject submitted, easy correspondence The Announcement Board, Class Management & Distribution List, and Active Messaging - allow opportunities for the teacher to communicate with the students even outside the classroom (be it individual, target group, or the entire class)

38 78% of the teachers expressed that they use the nnouncement board It's available for any and all students to see, so I don't need to go to talk to each and every students or verbally announce to the class. 81% found the discussion forum is a vehicle for encouraging some forms of creative expression. The DF tool contribute to better for academic exchange and discourse, posting in the discussion forum is good.

39 Hybrid teaching facilitates a process that allows an effective combination of different modes of delivery, models of teaching and styles of learning, and founded on transparent communication amongst all parties involved with a course. (Heinze and Procter, 2006)

40 Compared to traditional (paper and pen) exams/tests, the e-assessment or online exam simplifies the process of designing, administering and checking an exam (90%). faculty expressed that - … result is immediately posted online (95%) (with score and ranking). The IVLE also serves as repository of exam results (& assignments, projects, activity outputs), thus allows easy tracking of students academic performance (92%)

41 Faculty members in DLSU-Manila, are not just teaching faculty but research faculty by definition. This means that teaching via hybrid approach allows one to have time to do other things aside from teaching in the classroom (as seen in the traditional approach). Effective planning of the module (scheduling activities ) is imperative in the process.

42 In terms of interaction, most (97%) of the faculty seemed to find lessons in the IVLE more appealing and seen to give them fun experience as a teachers. IVLE appeals to the faculty and gives them a fun experience, because it is interactive in nature. Era but the interviews also showed that this does not necessarily mean that they were more interested in those lessons when they are taught through IVLE rather than the traditional face-to-face interaction.


44 Majority (88%) felt that the effective use of IVLE in the hybrid teaching approach still depends on the teacher The teacher remains to be the main actor that controls what features of IVLE will be used and how it will make the lessons and discussions interesting. Manlagnit The teachers role in designing the hybrid course, defining the content to be covered and activities, as well in putting into action the hybrid teaching remains crucial to its success.

45 Teachers must continue to receive trainings to learn to manage their hybrid classes and teach online Facilitating online learning community Anticipating issues and problems Overcoming apprehensions

46 Faculty member familiarity on the use, functions and features of IVLE is a must for hybrid teaching to be effective Non-familiarity hinders optimum use of IVLE Most (87%) felt the need to make them have a more active role in the learning process of the students, in this internet era

47 Student problems Inadequate time management skills Difficulty accepting responsibility for learning Difficulty with more sophisticated technologies Break down and phase in longer assignments Time management tips Prepare technology help sheets

48 One of the goals of hybrid instruction is to lessen time for classroom meeting, thus less direct physical person-to- person interaction Majority (73%) expressed that direct physical person-to- person interaction (teacher-student) is still important in effective learning process.

49 64% expressed that access to "Integrated Virtual Learning Environment" (IVLE), at times, is difficult outside the campus hardware, software and technology requirements bandwidth/browser limitations may restrict instructional methodologies limited bandwidth means slower performance for sound, video, and intense graphics

50 Course-Module Design As course-module designers, the teachers creativity define the ways to use the features of IVLE and to make it more appealing to its primary users, the students. The teachers role to design a hybrid course to be effective and interesting is a big challenge. Combining or converging the best of 2 worlds, traditional-classroom and web-internet settings, requires monetary support from the DLSU administration to continuously train/motivate the faculty. Time and motivation/commitment on the part of the faculty to design a quality module that will improve students learning are critical in the process.

51 Delivery and Teaching Performance The use of IVLE is seen to be highly functional, practical, time saver, and user friendly. Quality of classroom meetings improved; Teaching performance also improved Teacher-Students engagement and interaction improved; Hybrid teaching allows teaching as a fun/happy experience.

52 Teaching Performance In the effective and efficient delivery of a hybrid course, the facultys role is crucial. A faculty who may be effective in traditional classroom-based setting may not automatically be effective in handling a hybrid course without the appropriate training (Levenburg & Major, 2000). Under a hybrid mode of instruction, a faculty is not just to teach or impart knowledge thru lectures but should also act as a facilitator.

53 Technical Concerns Updating the IVLE courseware may also be done to make it more relevant to the changing times Examples : Bigger capacity to upload files beyond 15Mb (for projects, videos ) There are features of the IVLE that are nolonger functional given adjustments in the Registrars records and filing (from student number to fullname as username) Replacing the old computers in the E-classsrooms for faster & easy access

54 Teaching is performance, teaching is theater, teaching is a medium focused on students. Classrooms per se must be active learning places and technology can be fun, interactive and user-friendly. Mike Rapatan, Ph.D Education, Columbia University. Professor & Director, Center for Educational Multimedia (CREM) -DLSU


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