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PSI re-use in France : position of the industry Denis Berthault, Vice-Président of GFII.

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1 PSI re-use in France : position of the industry Denis Berthault, Vice-Président of GFII

2 2 OVERVIEW OF THE GFII GFII : The association of private and public actors in the professional electronic information field, in all market segments Around 100 members including public institutions and private companies (50/50). 80% are concerned by re-using PSI Cooperation with other concerned organizations : setting up of a common working group : ACSEL – Association for on-line business and services (200 members) AFIGEO – French Association for Geographic Information (130 members) GESTE – Association of on-line service publishers (targeted at households) (110 members) FIGEC – National Federation for Companies Information and Credit Management (12 members) GFII – French Association of Information Industry (100 members) SPDG – Club of users of geographic information Participation of all key stakeholders Participation on the work on PSI re-use since the beginning, creation of a specific working group in 1997 a second on local PSI in 2007 This group has issued a common position on PSI re-use The Association does not run an award scheme that identifies PSI Re-user The Association have case studies available about PSI Re-use :tax, economics 650 company paying attention to PSI

3 3 WORKS OF GFII ON PSI Actions taken with respect to the re-use of PSI Meetings Articles Meetings held on re-use of PSI Every month, meeting of the National PSI working group Every month, meeting of the Regional PSI working group 3 Training sessions for PSI correspondents Meeting : Assemblée Nationale Paris (2004), Maison de l’Europe (2006), I-Expo Paris (2007) Conferences during events : meeting of the CNIG in 2006, INOP Nantes 2007 Lobbying politicians on PSI re-use: 1 or 2 deputies Lobbying government Ministries on PSI Re-use Letters to Prime Minister Propositions to Ministry of Industry CADA 2 meetings APIE 2 meetings Lobbying other institutions or companies: Letters to major public data holders about pricing and licensing policies From GFII standpoint, all this lobbying was mainly unsuccessful

4 4 PSI MARKET IN FRANCE Electronic information 2006 revenue on the BtoB market : 1,46 billion €, no estimation on BtoC Growth of 8,4% 55% of the revenue made with PSI by owner of the data or private sector 7 main agencies with a role focused on distribution of the information they publish: INPI, INSEE, Journal Officiel, IGN, METEO FRANCE, BRGM, SHOM Some administrations do not propose licenses on their contents (trading jurisdictions) French ministries and local players not aware of PSI issues The Accessed Administration Documents Commission (CADA) which was previously in charge of the access to PSI has now become the 1st level jurisdiction of all PSI matters; Immaterial Property State Agency (Agence du Patrimoine immatériel de l’Etat) created in June 2007 could become the « engine » of dissemination and re-use of PSI in France

5 5 2006 ELECTRONIC INFORMATION REVENUE (BtoB market only) Content type CA 2005 CA 2006 Évolution 2006/2005 Financial information 270 814 442 288 610 506 6,57% Press information 234 215 054 271 084 567 15,65% Legal information186 876 233 216 734 453 15,98% ISTM 123 995 092 139 307 792 12,35% Company information 125 917 740 128 012 719 1,66% Multisector Information 110 815 363 118 526 557 6,96% Images 100 270 738 89 426 321 -10,82% Marketing Information 43 643 000 42 797 167 -1,94% Economical Info 36 391 655 38 869 770 6,81% Industrial property 22 470 360 22 937 517 2,08% Search engine 18 235 194 25 416 559 39,38% Content management77 080 000 82 680 000 7,27% TOTAL1 350 724 872 1 464 403 927 8,42% Source : Serda/ GFII

6 6 PSI CURRENT SITUATION IN FRANCE After a good start in the 80’s when the 5 majors agencies started to license their content, 20 years passed without major evolution (only legal content and geographical); It is only because the French Government had to transpose the 2003 Directive, that new law & regulations came in force : Ordonnance 06/06/2005, Decree 30/12/2005 and note from Prime Ministry 29/05/06 Major enhancements were : a PSI correspondent must be in each ministry, administration or public agencies; A complete repository must be created by each PSI provider; Licenses need to be put in place before any payment happens Exclusive deal must be reconsidered every year Immaterial Property State Agency (APIE) created in June 2007 – its main purpose is to valorize the assets of the French State Key players now are: Ministry of Justice : in charge of the transposition of the directive CADA : Accessed Administration Documents Commission which was previously in charge of the access to PSI has now become the 1st level jurisdiction of all PSI matters Immaterial Property State Agency (APIE) Eric Besson, Secretary of State in charge of the development of the digital economy, attached to the Prime Minister (since march)

7 7 PSI FRENCH INDUSTRY CONCERNS: French administrations and local communities not aware of the Directive No web site or repository to inform potential re-users New 2006 Intellectual property (authors rights) and privacy policy regulations could affect development of PSI re-use Pricing 1 : complex and abusing prices on Company (INSEE, INPI) and geographical (IGN) info, Pricing 2 : no transparency, no explanations, no coordination or consistency on prices or pricing structures – Pricing 3 : fear of the industry about proportional fees on turnover or abusive rise of prices Ambiguous role of Immaterial Property State Agency (APIE) No e-Government agency Some administrations do not propose licenses : trading jurisdictions Major public data holders don’t have a better communication on their tariff policy (no communication about the real costs)

8 8 WHAT DOES INDUSTRY WANT? Government must encourage the growth of the new electronic information market around PSI reuse for multiple reasons: that will helps France to promote its ideas, its language and projects That is an alternative option to replace the old industrial world and to provide new jobs That will help the French Administration to develop its own content, sometimes thanks to private/public partnership (ex : Health & Safety Executive in UK) A catalog to inform potential re-users on available data Quality of data Not asking for free licenses ! One single point of contact for all legal, technical and pricing matter (idem HMSO in UK) A creative pricing policy to help new comers to come in In conclusion : there is a huge need that the Public Sector culture comes closer to market needs and expectations

9 9 ANNEXES Extracts of CADA decisions: - Ref. 20074046 du 25/10/2007 – Le Ministère de la Justice a d’abord été obligé de communiquer un document puis de reconnaître que son interdiction d’une réutilisation avec fourniture à des tiers était illégale. - Ref. 20060771 du 16/03/2006 La Diren Pays de la Loire est obligée de revenir sur son interdiction de fourniture à des tiers notée dans sa licence. - Ref 20062243 du 29/06/2006 Académie/France Examen qui oblige à la réutilisation. Dans cet avis qu’il est noté : « l’administration…ne peut intégrer dans la fixation de la redevance un paramètre permettant de tenir compte des recettes que dégagera la réutilisation des informations » Dans les conseils, tous les cas exposés par les organismes publics en 2007 obtiennent des réponses indiquant l’obligation de permettre la réutilisation des informations, sauf lorsque la CADA se déclare incompétente (concernant les tarifs pratiqués par l’IGN).

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