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SISTONE, INC. 15530 Lanark St. Van Nuys, CA 91406 Phone number: (818) 988-9918 Fax number: (818) 988-8197 Website:

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1 SISTONE, INC. 15530 Lanark St. Van Nuys, CA 91406 Phone number: (818) 988-9918 Fax number: (818) 988-8197 Website:

2 INTRODUCTION About us Our Products Our Services Selecting Material About the Materials COUNTER TOPS ORDERING PROCEDURE CUSTOMER GUIDELINES FORMS USED Shop Drawing1 Standard Edge Detail Drawings2 Pricing Worksheet3 Pre-measure Checklist4 Template Checklist5 Pre-demolition Guidelines6 Demolition Checklist7 Certificate of Completion8 Service Request9 USE OF FORMS RECOMMENDED SLAB YARDS TABLE OF CONTENTS

3 About us: Sistone Inc. has over fifteen years experience in the granite and marble business. Our knowledge contributes to the customer's overall ability to make the best decisions when in comes to beautifying their home or commercial project with either natural or engineered stone. Our client list consists of major developers, top architects, designers, kitchen shops and homeowners. The fabrication of all our stones are done with state-of-the-art machines allowing us to provide customers with the highest quality of finished product in a very timely manner. Location: Our facility and showroom is located at 15530 Lanark St. Van Nuys, CA 91406 Phone number: (818) 988-9918 Fax number: (818) 988-8197 Website: INTRODUCTION

4 OUR PRODUCTS Sistone Inc. offers various products for both interior and exterior applications. Kitchen Countertops Vanity Tops Bath Tub Surrounds Fireplace Surrounds Table Tops Marble Pedestals and Columns Tiles and Mosaics in Granite, Marble, Travertine, Slate and Limestone Outdoor Products Outdoor Kitchens Granite Steps Granite Benches Stone Pavers

5 OUR SERVICES Free estimates Installation of all natural or engineered stone Removal of existing countertops Installation of plywood sub-top

6 SELECTING MATERIAL Things to Consider  Personal Preference- Stone selection is up to you. We specialize in custom fabrication of your stone selection.  Color- There are over 500 different colors of natural stone and engineered stone to choose from.  Movement- Within certain stones there are veins that flow horizontally, vertically, and sometimes both and some that create swirl patterns. This is known as movement.  Consistency- Within many natural stones you will see the same pattern throughout the material.  Lighting- In some natural stones there are quartz crystals that illuminate/reflect beautiful colors when the right lighting is used.  Availability- Do we have your stone selection? If not, does one of our supply warehouses have it?  Size- How much material will you need is based on total square footage? We work closely with several wholesale & retail tile suppliers. Our representatives will help you in any tile selections or you may secure the needed material on your own

7 ABOUT THE MATERIALS Caesarstone Engineered stone Made of 93% natural quartz Resistant to chipping, cracking and discoloration Non-porous – never needs sealing. Does not retain food residue or bacteria and cleans with just a moist soapy cloth Several colors are available both in honed and polished finish Has 10 year warranty on material Granite Granite, one of the hardest natural materials, is primarily made up of quartz and feldspar. Granite's unique beauty and longevity make it an elegant choice. Extremely heat- and scratch-resistant, granite allows hot pans to be placed directly on the surface. Stains can be removed by a variety of methods depending on the type of stain. Scratches need to be repaired by a professional. A porous material, granite requires proper periodic resealing with a penetrating sealer at least once every couple of years to prevent staining. Cutting on the surface is not recommended. Sizes are limited, and slabs must be pieced together for larger areas. Available in many varieties, in various edge treatments, and in polished, honed, and matte finishes.

8 Marble Marble is rarely used on kitchen countertops due to its soft and porous nature. Stains and scratches easily. A porous material, marble requires proper periodic resealing with a penetrating sealer to prevent staining. Heat- and water-resistant. Works well in very small areas for specific tasks, such as rolling out pastry dough. Available in honed, matte, and polished finishes. Limestone Limestone consists mainly of calcite, a neutral-toned mineral. Varies in hardness: some varieties are softer like marble and some are harder and more scratch-resistant like granite. A porous material, limestone requires proper periodic resealing with a penetrating sealer to help prevent staining. Available in black, gray, brown, white, and yellow, limestone has a smooth, muted complexion. ABOUT THE MATERIALS

9 COUNTERTOPS ORDERING PROCEDURE 1.) Customer should fax drawing to Sistone for quotation. Drawing should include measurements, edge detail, material name, sink type (undermount / topmount) or any other cutouts. 2.) Sistone will fax “Proposal” and “Terms & Conditions” to Customer for approval. 3.) Customer should fax back approval to Sistone. A deposit for Labor and Material is Required to start the job. 4.) Customer should inform Sistone if cabinets are ready to be measured (cabinets should be installed & leveled, and existing top should be removed, and undermount sinks should be at the jobsite). Sistone will schedule template day and install day upon receipt of deposit and approved proposal, and inform Customer of schedule. 5.) As soon as templates are made, it usually takes 7 to 10 working days to fabricate & install countertops. Customer needs to sign completion sheet on install day. 6.) Balance is due upon completion and should be handed to the lead installer on install day.

10 CUSTOMER GUIDELINES I. PROPOSAL / PRICING Proposals are based on cabinet drawings or a rough sketch provided by the customer (see sample drawing) Alterations/changes on the original plan can happen once construction has begun. Wooden templates will confirm final pricing.

11 II. TEMPLATE A template for cutting (final measurement) is made once the job site is ready. Base Cabinets should be installed and secured to the wall. Upper cabinets need to be installed if full backsplash is needed. Doors, drawers, side panels in place. Anything that relates to the granite must be in place or on site: stove, microwave, garden windows, sills, upper and lower bars. Cabinets must be level with 5/8” plywood sub-top. Sistone Inc. is not responsible for unleveled cabinets. Topmount sinks and cook tops must be at the job site. Undermount sinks, cast iron and stainless steel are to be countersunk flush or 1/16” below top surface of plywood sub-top. (sink can be plumbed for use but must be removed (1) one day prior to stone installation) Save paper or cardboard templates that come with the sink for installers to use. Some situations may require that we take the sink to the shop. CUSTOMER GUIDELINES

12 Regular Undermount Sink requires a rectangular cutout and exposed edges to be polished. Faucets may be installed directly into the sink or into the countertop. Irregular Undermount Sinks are when the sink opening in the stone is irregular in shape and the faucets are mounted on top of the stone. If client prefers this option, he must select a true undercounter sink with holes approximately 3” in diameter so plumber can fasten fixtures to the bottom of the stone. Also, separate sink bowls with no holes fall into this category. Backsplash – If backsplash is to be another material, we need to know thickness of material and method of installation, i.e. mastic or modest. Client and / or Project Manager must be present for templating. Any questions, changes or interpretations of the contract can then be discussed. Template technician does not discuss prices or course of action. Client should call salesperson for any changes. Seam location is determined by the shop based on size of slabs, location of sink and/or cook top, safety and prevention of breakage during transporting and installing. Changes made after template will require additional charges for retemplating, redrawing, and/or refabrication. Better to delay the template until everything is ready than to cause extra expense and waste time. Appliance garages and cabinets that sit on top of the stone must be installed after stone has been installed. CUSTOMER GUIDELINES

13 III. FABRICATION The fabrication time for custom counters is usually 7 to 10 working days from the time the template was taken, color was selected, final proposal signed, material at shop and deposit received. IV. INSTALLATION Installation is approximately 1 to 2 full days. Before the installers arrive, please check the following: Cooktops, ranges, downdrafts, hoods, topset sinks or anything else that requires cutting of the stone must be at the job site. Sink plumbing and garbage disposals must be disconnected / removed (the installers will need to move the new sink into position). Faucets must also be removed if they have been installed. Sistone installers do not do plumbing of any kind. Stone counters are very large and heavy. There needs to be a clear and easy path free from clutter. The installer will need access to electricity and water. We will be doing some detailing at your job site. Yes, there will be some dust. Please do not have any other trades working in the area. Cooktops need to be disconnected. Ranges and refrigerators may have to slide out if the space is too tight. Concerning mirrors, Sistone recommends that you remove wall-mounted mirrors and glass shelves. Should you elect to leave these items on the walls during the demolition and installation process, Sistone will not assume any liability for damage and replacement costs. CUSTOMER GUIDELINES

14 V. CAN I COOK NOW? Almost, the sink caulking and grout also need to cure. You will compromise the seal of the caulking, if it is not allowed to cure for 24 hours. Schedule your plumber and other activities after the drying time. CUSTOMER GUIDELINES

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