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The art of management becomes a precision science.

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2 The art of management becomes a precision science

3 A revolutionary new management tool which combines the function of gathering and sharing information with clients

4 Provides accurate, reliable information from the client direct to all levels of management and allows the company to inform clients online any time

5 Control Touch Gives: Up to date information Advertising Attractive information Flexible information A reward for participation Instant Control Touch Accurate Control Touch Direct Control Touch More Control Touch Flexible Control Touch YouThe Client

6 Control Touch consists of a network of computers in attractive stands equipped with touch screens and multi-media software which asks clients their level of satisfaction on various issues. Streaming this information immediately to all levels of management upgrades the entire organization and its response speed. Control Touch can run from designer kiosks or from handsome flat touch screens embedded in surfaces such as counters or walls

7 Upgrade the Organ- isation Management Lost Information Control Touch

8 Instant Control Touch All managers can see the immediate situation on their desks Every guest reply is funneled directly into the results which appear before management

9 Accurate Control Touch By using direct contact with your specific target market and artificial intelligence techniques, Control touch takes you to new heights of accuracy

10 Direct Control Touch Each manager views his specific information directly from the central database with no possibility of changing results or dilution of information

11 Dept 5 Dept 1 Today Yesterday Measure the company to the minute

12 Attractive Control Touch Control Touch uses touch screens, human voice, sound effects, animations and your new ability to reward participation with vouchers, benefits and prize draws to attract new input from the client

13 Super-Attractive Control Touch

14 More Control Touch Clients are far more willing to express their opinions to an interesting Control Touch stand than on paper With a generous reward scheme, you can reach 100% participation

15 Flexible Control Touch A computerized system allows you to change the questionnaire at any time as well as re- designing the graphics to suit changing needs and campaigns

16 Up to date client information Clients benefit from immediate information on special deals and in-depth information on your products and services Control Touch uses your client database for super-focused advertising

17 Advertising Sell advertising time to other companies and turn Control Touch and your client base into a new profit center

18 Endless advertising potential Speaks in a human voice in 4 languages Video advertising - yours or sold to someone else Banners

19 Reward for participation Add a printer to Control Touch and give discounts, vouchers and gifts You can also attach Control Touch to a virtual prize draw program with television grade graphics

20 Internet Connectivity Control Touch collects e-mail addresses and stores them for future marketing Control Touch manages client clubs and interacts with existing information Optional international Website with all the functions and graphics of your Control Touch stand

21 Push Technology Control Touch doesn’t wait for staff to come to information: Control Touch sends e-mails with results to management as needed Control Touch can send alerts when needed to cellular networks, digital pagers or to flash on any screen on the network in Real Time

22 Technical Specs Control Touch is built with Visual Basic 6.0 in addition to the following top-end technologies: Microsoft ADO 2.5 Macromedia Shockwave Flash Videosoft Vsflex 7.0 Thus Control Touch runs on all modern network systems and can interact with any database software of the client’s choice

23 Control Touch Protects your Data Control Touch can optionally encrypt your information, keeping it safe from criminal elements and competition Control Touch limits access of each manager to the information he needs

24 Hardware Profile For maximum performance: Pentium 4 256 Mg Ram Flat Touch screen with speakers Cd Rom Screen Card Sound card

25 Any Report you can imagine



28 The art of management becomes a precision science

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