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Convenience for the customers! An advantage for the restaurant!

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1 Convenience for the customers! An advantage for the restaurant!

2 How does the application MyMenu work ? A two-dimensional QR code is being placed on each table of the chosen restaurant. When the customers scan this code through their tablet, or smartphone, the restaurant menu loads automatically on their device. The loaded menu is separated into different categories – “Lunch Menu”, drinks, salads, entrees, main meals, desserts etc. Customers will be able to look through the menu in detail, getting to know the ingredients, weight, and price of each item, as well as picking the desired item through their device, and save it as an order. As soon as the client saves the order, the MyMenu app connects directly with the managing software system of the restaurant, and alarms the waiters about the order, through a visual and audible signal on their computer screens. After a review and confirmation from the responsible waiter, the saved order is already being considered a “proper one”, and then fulfilled. In MyMenu there’s an available “Call Waiter” button, that the customers can use every time they are in need of service. They can also ask for the check/bill with one single screen touch, as well as to call the restaurant manager if they have any complains, or recommendations to the restaurant.

3 Benefits and advantages for the restaurant MyMenu improves and facilitates the organization of the working process in the restaurant. MyMenu saves time of the waiters, and also improves the quality of the service and quickens it up. When editing the menu, there’s no need for a re- design, or printing new menus, because in MyMenu the changes modify instantly. When there are daily, themed, and other type of promotions and special offers, they load automatically in MyMenu and can be used right away. MyMenu also has an English version, which is a huge convenience for all the foreign customers, who don’t speak Bulgarian. That will help them choose the desired meals, and also make them feel special in this particular restaurant, therefore, they will be coming back again for sure. MyMenu gives the restaurant a modern, contemporary feel. MyMenu provides a new, interesting, and unfamiliar service for the territory of Bulgaria.

4 Benefits and advantages for the restaurant MyMenu gives the customers the opportunity to rate the meals as well as the service. Thus, the restaurant manager will be able to improve their quality at all times. Thanks to MyMenu, the waiters will be saving much more time – time they otherwise waste by going to the table, writing down the order, and putting the order in their computer. The saved time could be used for optimizing the waiter staff – more customers to be served with less waiters. MyMenu increases the number of orders. MyMenu is a competitive advantage.

5 Benefits for the customers MyMenu provides the customers with comfort and freedom, as it saves them both - time and nerves, and also gives them the opportunity to control the entire serving process. The latter will definitely make them feel special. The digital menu is easier to work with, and far more convenient than the regular paper one, which often contains dozens of pages. There’s an option of direct connection with the waiter. The customers have the option to rate the meals, hence, to contribute in improving the quality of the food. The costumers have the option to rate the service as well, or to leave remarks that go directly to the restaurant manager. Thus, they can take part in improving the quality of the service. The customers have the option to look through their past orders, as well as to add meals to ‘favorites’. The customers are able to inform themselves in real-time, whether the desired meal is available, or not. The customers are able to inform themselves about how much time is needed for the preparation of every meal from the menu. The customers can see comments for the meals, left by other costumers. The customers can leave comments while making their order, for instance: “Shopska salad without onion”.

6 How does MyMenu work for the customers ? The application is available at Google Play Store and AppStore for free. The customers can also download it directly by scanning the two-dimensional QR code, they can find on the table of the restaurant.Google Play Store The customers can use devices /tablets/ owned by the restaurant, if the latter provides any. The costumers have the advantage to look through the menu, without being disturbed by the waiter, and to order whenever they are ready, without calling the waiter for that. With MyMenu, the customers have the chance to edit the order as many times as needed, before confirming it.

7 MyMenu’s interface Each and every one of the meals and drinks, featured on the menu of the restaurant is presented with a photo, short description, weight (in grams), quantity, and price, in order to facilitate the choice of the customers as well as to quickly orientate them, regarding what the restaurant is offering. When choosing a particular meal or drink, the costumers have the option to leave a remark, so the item can be prepared according to their taste.

8 Unwanted situations, which MyMenu manages to weed out Situations when the customers wait for too long to be served by the waiters, or when they’re being asked to order too soon after their arrival, before they get comfortable with the environment of the restaurant. The consistent looking around, trying to find and call up the waiter for adding items to the existing order, or asking for the bill annoys most customers. This issue gets even worse, if the area is big, or too noisy. More often than not the waiters misunderstand the desired order, or write it down incorrectly. Sometimes they also forget it completely, or miss some bits of it. The customers already decide by themselves when, and what to order, without being ‘pushed’ by the often impatient waiters, or to feel ‘forsaken’ when the latter delay their orders. Through MyMenu the customers have to option to call the waiter anytime, or to ask for the bill/check with a single screen touch, without looking around and gesticulating. Through MyMenu, the customers will be able to order exactly what they want, with the desired order going directly to the waiter’s computer, waiting to be confirmed and fulfilled.

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