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Most Advanced Digital Coffee Roaster in the World CAFE ROSTO PRO1

2 Dear Customers Thank you very much for purchasing a CAFE ROSTO PRO1 which is our new model with advanced new technology. We are pleased to introduce you the CAFE ROSTO PRO1 which is the latest model produced by IMEX with 10 years experience of full automatic DIGITAL operating system. We believe this will be the roasting standard in the world in the near future. Full automatic machine is with many electronic parts for automatic operation and it may cause troubles comparing to the manual roasters. Please read the OWNER’S MANUAL carefully, and we believe you can roast the coffee better than any other experienced roasters in the world. Please check your power supply to ensure exact roasting and safe use of the roaster. PRO1 is available with 50 Hz or 60 Hz for AC200V,208V,220V,230V and AC240V. If the voltage is too high or too low, the beans may be roasted in light (high voltage) or dark (low voltage) color than you expected. High voltage also may make heater’s life span short. We may change the specification of hardware and program chip of this roaster without notice in order to increase efficiency and to improve the quality of the roasted coffee produced. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may wish to send us about PRO1. We will humbly listen to your suggestions. IMEX CORPORATION LTD.

3 PRO1 – Features and Functions
Freshness is the Best Taste. With confidence, we recommend IMEX DIGITAL COFFEE ROASTER which will be leading the new coffee roasting technology in the world. 1. Simple Operation and 10 auto roasting profiles can be saved. 2. Enabled Exciting and Sophisticated manual roasting (100~900gr). 9 manual roasting profiles can be saved. 3. Simple diagnostic program (enabled to solve troubles anywhere in the world) 4. Set the estimated 1st and 2nd crack temperature, and get the ideal own roasting result. 5. Smoke Eliminating System without chimney. 6. Roasted Beans’ inside is darker than surface, and realized smooth and mystique taste. 7. For the same roasting result regardless of continuous roasting and seasons, auto modification system is installed for auto preheating temperature setting and roasting profiles. 8. Power saving model with rapid roasting (4 batches an hour for medium color). 9. Regardless of seasons, consistent roasting result can be acquired by adjusting preheating temperature. 10. During preheating, the machine discharge remained beans in the drum and clean the drum with steam. 11. Detachable Cooling basket for easy transfer. 12. Antique design with advanced technology realized high durability and counter top size. 13. Easy installation and Simple use. 14. Attractive Design for in-store shop interior.

4 Contents Table of Contents Before Roasting
Important safeguards Contents of PRO Description of PRO Installation Important information Basic Information on Operation Description of Control panel Function of Control panel , 13 Roasting Operation Auto Mode I. Program Setting on New-setting mode , 16, 17, 18 II. Setting on Pre-setting mode III. Roasting Manual Mode , 21 After Roasting & Maintenance Maintenance , 23 Cleaning Check Points before Calling Supplier Notice Product Specification Memo Sheet for Auto-Setting Program Memo Sheet for Manual-Setting Program Limited Warranty Contents

5 This is the information for safe use and protection of your property from any possible damage.
Please read all instructions carefully before using the machine. Important Safeguards ✪ Read all instructions carefully before using the machine. 1. Do no touch ‘HOT’ marked area during roasting as it gets very hot. 2. To prevent electrical shock, use only direct outlet with earth line, and do not immerse the power cord, plug or roaster in water or other liquid. 3. When the machine is not used, turn off the power and unplug the cord. When you reuse the machine after long time not used, start roasting after 1 hour from turning on the machine to charge the battery. 4. Before you start roasting, check if chaff drawer is clean and water tank is filled. 5. When you install the machine, set up normal ventilation fan (about 30cm) around the machine to make room air keep clean. (to eliminate odor and steam) 6. Do not set a machine around window or connect long ventilation pipe to the machine. (Moisture in the pipe may be cohered on the smoke eliminator and cause the machine’s short circuit.) 7. Secure 0.5~1m space around the machine. 8. Do not use other machines close to the roaster to prevent water’s splash on the roaster or fire flames. 9. Clean chaff drawer and inside slot of the chaff drawer after every roasting. 10. In case of interruption of electric power during roasting, beans in the drum may be burned. In this case, press ‘fire extinguishing button’ or pour about 1 liter’s water into the drum through hopper. 11. Do not use the machine continuously more than 1 hour. After 3~4 batches, make a machine take a rest about an hour. 12. Keep the OWNER’S MANUAL around a machine.

6 Contents of PRO1 1. Keep the OWNER’S MANUAL around a machine.
Machine’s actual appearance may be slightly different from the drawing. Structure and design subject to change without notice to improve the function. Green Bean Hopper 1. Keep the OWNER’S MANUAL around a machine. 2. Keep the Pre-Setting Program Memo Sheet around a machine not to make a mistake in selection the numbers. 3. When you move the machine, do not hold the cooling slider to lift up. Hold and lift up the machine’s body. Owner’s Manual Chaff Drawer Program Memo Sheet Chaff Filter Cooling Basket Cleaning Brush

7 Description of PRO1 [FRONT] [BACK]
Actual machine’s appearance may be slightly different from the drawing. Structure and design subject to change without notice to improve the function. [FRONT] [BACK] Hopper Hopper Sliding Door Ventilator Smoke eliminating assembly Chaff drawer Water Tank Water quenching switch Chaff filter for Cooling Fire extinguishing switch Ventilator Ventilation fan Control unit panel Control plate Chaff drawer lock See through window Bean discharging plate Stirring Arm for Cooling Cooling basket Main Switch Cooling basket slider Connection Line for top and down unit Knob Power Cord

8 Installation  For safety, read all below instructions before installation. 1. Power connection : AC220V 1Ø 60Hz 3.0 Kw Distribution Switch Box : over 20AMP line Outlet : connect the outlet over 15AMP In case of using Extended Power Outlet, Use power line capacity with 2.0 mm2 and maximum 3.0 meter’s earth line without circuit breaker and lamp switch. 2. Ventilation Install a normal ventilation fan(about 30cm) in 1 meter above the machine or window. 3. Room Condition Refer to the left drawing. 4. Do not place roaster - Near a hot gas or electric burner or heated oven. - In direct sunlight. - Near water or liquid - In an unventilated area.

9 Important Information
As the water proportion and hardness of green beans changes, the color of green beans changes. Input of exact color information is the beginning of the accurate roasting. 1. Roasting can be started only after the drum temperature reaches to the preheat temperature which is set in the machine. For accurate roasting, drum’s preheating temperature should be reset by seasons and green beans storage temperature. 2. Basic components of new program are ① green beans weight ② green beans category(color) ③ roasted coffee color. By the selection of this information, computer calculates the basic values such as 1st and 2nd crack temperature and display on the screen. You can make your own specific programs just by modifying these values little by little. Just with adjustment each temperature setting 1~2℃, you can get distinctive roasting result. 3. Green beans weight is the basic information to set the 1st crack temperature. In auto-mode, you can roast 1kg and 1.2kg. If the weight is not exact, the roasting result may quite different. In manual mode, you can roast from 100gr at rates of 100gr. 4. Bean Type is divided in 7 levels according to its color. (‘dark green’, ‘green’, ‘light green’, ‘medium’, ‘light brown’, ‘brown’, and ‘dark brown’) As the category is selected by its color, computer in the machine automatically calculates each crack temperature and last temperature. 5. Roast color Select roasted bean color among ‘light’, ‘medium’, ‘dark’ and ‘pitch dark’, and computer calculates 1st and 2nd crack temperature and last temperature according to this color information. Coffee beans roasted by PRO1 are with darker inside color than surface compared to coffee beans roasted by other machines. So it is not needed to roast in Pitch Dark color for special purpose. 6. Exact Bean Type and Roast Color selection is the basis for accurate roasting programming.

10 Basic Information on Operation
For the safety, read below attention points before installation. 1. Taking out the cooling basket. Grab the knob on the front side of cooling slider and pull the cooling slider forward. 2. Opening & Closing the Chaff Drawer Grab both chaff drawer knobs with both hands, and turn to the counterclockwise at once to open them. (Clockwise for Closing) 3. Opening & Closing the Hopper Grab the knob under the hopper and pull forward to open door. Hopper door is tightly fixed to the machine to make smoke does not leak through the hopper door. If you want smooth door opening and closing, loosen 4 bolts around hopper using hexagon wrench. ========================================== If green beans are ready in the hopper during preheating, some beans get hot and this may cause inaccurate roasting. Do not load beans on the hopper until ‘POUR BEANS’ message is displayed. ===================================================== Remark

11 Description of Control panel
Actual machine’s appearance may be slightly different from the drawing. Structure and design subject to change without notice to improve the function. Sym bol Name Function Menu Select Options Enter Enter the Selection Back Back to the Previous Screen Pre- Heat Preheating Minus Decrease the Number Plus Increase the Number Type Display the screen including green bean type directly. Color Display the screen including coffee bean color. Sym bol Name Function Start Start Roasting Stop Stop the process Motor Confirmation of Motor Operating Door Opening & Closing the Door Cool Additional Cooling Clean Cleaning (Auto Mode) Drum Temp Display screen including Drum Temp. (even during roasting, drum temp can be revised) Bean Display screen including Bean Temp. (even during roasting, bean temp can be revised)

12 Function of Control panel
Actual machine’s appearance may be slightly different from the drawing. Structure and design subject to change without notice to improve the function. 1. Frequently Used Buttons Symbol Name Function Menu Move the location of * cursor and select the item for program setting or revising. Selection Increase or decrease the number or change the selection. Enter Confirm the selected number. Start Start roasting after preheating is completed and beans are poured in the drum. Stop Stop the process which is operating. Back Back to the previous screen. Pre-Heat Raise the drum temperature to 150℃ and wait for 30 minutes. If roasting is started in 30 minutes, preheating time is reduced.

13 Function of Control panel
Actual machine’s appearance may be slightly different from the drawing. Structure and design subject to change without notice to improve the function. Function of Control panel 2. Other Buttons Symbol Name Function TYPE During roasting, you can check Green bean type. During program setting, you can change the green bean type. COLOT During roasting, you can check coffee bean color. During program setting, you can change the coffee bean color. DRUM Temperature You can check and revise drum-temperature not only during roasting but also during program setting. BEAN You can check and revise bean-temperature not only during roasting but also during program setting. Motor Diagnose motor. Check rotation to right and left side. (Motor stops after 1 time of rotation to right side and left side.) Door Open and close Coffee bean out door. Remained beans in the drum can be discharged by pressing while coffee bean door is opened. Cool 1. For additional cooling after automatic cooling, press once to start cooling and press once again to stop the cooling. 2. During manual roasting, press if water quenching is required. Water quenching continues while the button is pressed. 3. This mode can be used for demonstration for customers in your shop. Press once and cooling continues for 1 hour. To stop the cooling, press the button again. Clean Drum temperature rises to 230 ℃ and sprays water for drum cleaning. After cleaning, it stops automatically. Do not press stop button during cleaning. If the cleaning process is stopped by force, it should be started from the beginning again.

14 Operation Remark 1. TURN ON
Before every roasting, confirm if water tank is filled and chaff drawer is cleaned. 1. TURN ON Turn on the main switch. Initial screen is displayed after configuring. 2. MAIN MENU On the initial screen, press any button to switch to the Main Menu Screen. 3. Select Menu The location of (*) can be moved by . Place (*) where you desire, and press to enter the selected mode. (*) is located on Auto-Setting Mode when Main Menu is displayed. ① Auto-Setting : for Auto-Mode Roasting ② Manual-Setting : for Manual-Mode Roasting ③ Management : for Machine Maintenance Remark In case the below ① and ② Messages are displayed in the initial screen, follow each instruction as below. ① This message is for cleaning alarm. The machine must be cleaned after 4 batches. (Details in page 23) Press . The machine does not work if the machine is not cleaned. ② Water tank is empty. Fill the water tank with 1 liter’s purified drinking water. This message is automatically disappeared after filling water.

15 Select Roast Color using .
Auto-mode is consisted of New-Setting and Pre-Setting. New-Setting is for new program setting, and Pre-Setting is for use of 10 saved programs. Auto Mode Roasting I. New-Setting Mode 1. To enter to the New-Setting Mode a) In the MAIN MENU, locate * on Auto-Setting by pressing and press to switch screen to AUTO MODE MENU. b) In the AUTO MODE MENU, locate * on New-Setting using and press . Select Bean Type using 2. New Setting Mode - BEAN TYPE a) In the NEW SETTING MODE, locate * on Bean Type by pressing b) Using button, choose the most similar green bean color with yours among 7 colors. DK GREEN : Dark Green GREEN : Green LT GREEN :Light Green MEDIUM :Medium LT BROWN :Light Green BROWN :Brown DK BROWN :Dark Green Remark Select MENIDUM for blended green beans for drip coffee and BROWN for blended green beans for espresso coffee.   Select Roast Color using

16 3. New Setting Mode - Roast Color
Using button, choose the desired coffee bean color among 4 colors. Remark All temperature settings(Drum, Bean crack and last temperature) are calculated by the computer and displayed on the screen based on the accurate green bean color and roast color selection. These temperature settings can be adjusted during each roasting step. LIGHT MEDIUM DARK PT DARK In case of Pitch Dark (PT DARK) roasting, a little smoke might be. Notice Remark There are 4 kinds of Roast Colors(roasted coffee color), and the color selection is pre-requisite for accurate roasting. Press after Roast Color selection, and (*) is moved to Weight option. 4. New Setting Mode - Weight In AUTO MODE, there are two weight options, 1.0kg and 1.2kg. Select weight using To return back to the previous screen, press . After all option selections under New-Setting Mode, press to enter Drum Temp Mode. 5. New Setting Mode – Drum Temperature Mode ① Pre : Drum’s Preheating Temperature Adjustment Raise or lower the temperature by 5℃ using buttons. (To get the accurate roasting result, adjust the preheating setting temperature by seasons) NOTE : make preheating temperature higher than usual when it’s cold, and make it low when it’s hot. ② Tar : 1st drum target temperature. Raise/drop temperature by 1℃ using ③ 1st Drop : This is the number to drop of drum temperature when the bean temperature reaches to the 1st crack temp. (ex. -8 is the number to drop of drum target temperature from 1st 232℃ to 2nd 229℃) ④ 2nd Drop : This is the number to drop of drum temperature when the bean temperature reaches to the 2nd crack temp. Raise or drop the temperature by 1℃ using buttons. ①         ②        ③        ④ Notice Lower the temperature a little when you want dark roasting and a lot when you want light roasting. Press to display Bean Temp MODE, and press to return to the previous screen.

17 Press after Roast Color selection to change screen to Save Mode.
6. New Setting Mode – Bean Temperature Mode ① 1st crack : 1st crack temperature(ex.178℃) is set taking in a consideration of the time from 1st crack(ex.175℃), and this tip can be your roasting secret. Press buttons and set 1st crack temperature. ② 2nd crack : 2nd crack is the bean temperature after making it lower after 1st crack. Proper 2nd crack temperature is 10~12℃ higher than 1st crack temperature. Set the 2nd crack temperature using buttons.   ①    ② Remark ⓐ The coffee roasting theory IMEX adapted is to measure the bean temperature when crack sounds and decide the roasting method upon the bean temperature change. ⓑ Even though the bean species is same, crack temperature is different depend on the moisture and hardness of beans, preheating temperature, roasting environment condition and storage temperature etc. ⓒ Just with the proper crack temperature and time setting, you can roast your own specific tasted beans. Generally high crack temperature setting makes coffee with good body taste(oily) and low crack temperature setting makes coffee with clean taste. ③ Roast : As Roast Color is selected, the basic temperature settings(1st crack temperature, 2nd crack temperature, last temperature) are calculated by the computer. These temperature settings also can be adjusted by user during setting and roasting. In case you set the new temperature, use buttons. Remark Last bean temperature largely affects whole coffee taste. In the low voltage area, set the temperature 2~3℃ higher than the computer setting. In the high voltage area, set the temperature lower if the roasting is delayed. Press after Roast Color selection to change screen to Save Mode.

18 II. Pre-Setting 7. New Setting Mode - Save Mode
Set No of Save Mode is previously saved data (including factory setting). Select desired Set No using button and then press, and New Setting Program you used is saved with buzzer sound. Whenever you want to roast with this setting, find this number from Pre-Setting Mode and just press to start roasting. (refer to below) NOTE : Previously saved data is deleted if is pressed. Save new data after keeping previous data if it is needed. Press and preheating is started. Press , and preheating is started. II. Pre-Setting 1. Pre-Setting Mode In MAIN MENU, select Auto-Setting by pressing and press to enter Auto Mode Menu. In Auto Mode Menu, select Pre-Setting and press to enter Pre-Setting Mode. In Pre-Setting Mode, press buttons and select Set No you want to roast which is previously set. If the selected Set No is correct to roast, press or to start Pre-Setting Mode roasting. Press , to start preheating.

19 III. Roasting 1. Preheating
During the roasting, all data related with temperature and time can be adjusted. 1. Preheating Start preheating by pressing or after all temperature settings confirmation. The machine diagnoses itself and starts preheating automatically if there are no errors in the machine. Remark ① If “Heater Check” is displayed on the screen during the diagnosis, press STOP button and check the heater details in the Trouble Shooting Mode.(MAIN -> Management -> Trouble Shooting -> Halogen Heater, Smoke 1 Heater, Smoke 2 Heater) ② When the drum temperature is 20 ℃ under from the set preheating temperature, bean door is opened to discharge beans from the drum if there are. ③ Do not pour beans during the preheating process.(pour beans after preheating is completed.) 2. Pour Beans and Start Roasting After completion of preheating, “Please Pour Beans’ message is displayed on the screen. After this message, pour beans and press button. ① Preheating is completed. ② 1st Roasting Process ③ 2nd Roasting Process ④ Aging Process During roasting, you can see beans through the bean window. You can adjust 1st, 2nd crack and last temperature checking over the bean color change through the window. Press to move (*) and adjust numbers with Remark After roasting is finished, there’s message asking if data saving is required or not. To save data, press START to switch SAVE MODE. To save data on the existing Set No., press on that number to write over. To save data on another number, check if that data is not needed and press because previous data can not be restored after saving. ⑤ Cooling Process ⑥ Roasting Finished

20 Press , and preheating is started.
Manual Mode Manual roasting is available from 100gr to 900gr by 100gr. 1. To enter to the Manual Mode In main menu, select Manual-Setting using and press to enter Manual Mode. 2. Setting Data Select each item using and adjust the number using ① Weight (weight of green bean) : input the weight(gr) of green beans to roast. ② Drum a) preheating temperature : set the drum’s preheating temperature.(ex.180℃) b) drum temperature : set the drum target temperature.(ex.230℃) c) drum temperature to drop : temperature to drop from the 1st crack.(-10℃) ③ Time : set the roasting time. a b c           * Tips for Drum setting (above number ②) a) preheating temperature setting : Recommended preheating temperature is 180℃ for Summer(26~33℃) and 150~160℃ for Winter(under 10℃). b) drum temp : 230~235℃ is recommended. c) drum temp to reduce : Set about -5~10℃ (abt -5℃ over 700gr, abt -10℃ for 200~300gr) * Tips for Time Setting (above number ③) Generally set 7minutes for 200gr, and increase 1 minute for 100gr incensement (in case of medium roasting). But when the bean color reaches to your desired color(see the bean color change through the bean window), you can stop the roasting by pressing If more time is required, use and move to the TIME and increase the time using Decide if you extend time or not with checking remained time. * The numbers above are the recommendation from IMEX. But the result might be different by the beans’ origin, conditions and setting temperature. Press    , and preheating is started.

21 Remark 3. Roasting after pouring beans
When the crack sounds during roasting, wait a few seconds as you like and press . And then the machine makes the temperature down according to the setting 2-②-c. ① checkup the machine ② roasting start message ③ preheating process ④ message for ‘pour beans’ ; Press after pouring beans. ⑤ 1st roasting process ; When the 1st crack sounds during roasting, press after a few seconds. ⑥ 2nd roasting process ; Make drum temp down according to the setting, and continue roasting for the remained time. ⑦ Aging process ; water quenching after roasting and drying. (press : remark) ⑧ Cooling Process ; automatically discharge beans from the drum and cool beans. ⑨ Roasting is completed. Remark In the Manual Mode, roasting finishes when the set time reaches or is pressed. If water quenching is required, press immediately after roasting is finished(in 30 seconds), and water quenching is executed while the button is pressed. After 30 seconds aging in the drum, beans are automatically discharged.

22 Management Management mode is for machine diagnostic, time setting, machine setting and machine’s operational record. To enter to the Management In the Main Menu, select Management using , and press to enter to the Management mode. ① Trouble Checkup ② Time Setting ③ Machine Operational Report ④ Machine’s Basic Setting ①  1. Management - Trouble Shooting Select Trouble Shooting using and press to enter to the Trouble Shooting mode. 1) Heater Checkup ① Halogen Heater ② Smoke Eliminator 1 ③ Smoke Eliminator 2 ④ Inspection Detail Voltage, ampere and watt information is displayed in the bottom line while you inspect each part. Choose check item by and press ‘0’ means disconnection, and very high or very low voltage imply short circuit.   ①    ②   ③ Press to turn the page after heater inspection is finished. 2) Motor Checkup ① Main Motor Clockwise ② Main Motor Counterclockwise ③ Bean Cooling Motor Operation ④ Fan Motor Select each part using and press And each operating sound can be heard. The part is out of order if there’s no operating sound, and the part might contact with foreign materials if the sound is too louder. ①  Press to turn the page after motor inspection is finished. ①  3) Others Checkup ① water pump operation checkup ② bean discharging door opening checkup ③ bean discharging door closing checkup Select each part using and press And each operating sound can be heard.

23 2. Management - Time Setting
Select Time Setting using and press And the screen is changed. Using , place * mark on the line you want to set. And revise the setting using After revision, press to set the time. 3. Management – Machine Report Select Machine Report using and press And the screen is changed. ①  ① times of roasting ② total roasting quantity ③ water checkup ④ cleaning time notice The machine display total roasting times and total roasting quantity. The machine inform if the water tank is empty or not and cleaning time. 4. Management – Machine Setting Select Machine Setting using and press And the screen is changed. This clause is set by the factory, and user can not change this clause. In case of trouble, contact supplier or manufacturer.

24 Cleaning Remark 1. Auto Cleaning : Clean oil etc. in the drum.
During roasting, bean chaff, dust and coffee oil is also generated, and these contaminate the machine. So the proper cleaning is required. Keeping machine in clean status is the basic to make coffee delicious and prolong the machine’s life span and work functions in good condition. Cleaning 1. Auto Cleaning : Clean oil etc. in the drum. The machine should be cleaned after every 4 batches. If the Cleaning message is displayed, press for automatic steam cleaning. Remark Auto steam cleaning is executed by heating the drum at very high temperature about 230℃ and spray steam two times and clean the drum. In case STOP button is pressed during the cleaning, the cleaning process should be repeated from the beginning again. So wait until the auto cleaning is finished. After cleaning is finished, throw away water which is pooled in the chaff drawer. If you want to roast continuously, we recommend you resume the machine after 30 minutes. 2. Cleaning After Every Roasting Location Cleaning Tips ① chaff drawer & behind(inside) of the chaff drawer Hold the both knobs and turn 180 degrees of angle to the right side, and take out chaff drawer. Throw away the bean chaff and clean the remained chaff and coffee oil.(if coffee oil is not cleaned, coffee oil changes to black and stick to the chaff drawer. It would be hard to clean later.) ② chaff filter for cooling Hold the small knob and turn to the counterclockwise a little, and the filter is taken out. Clean the chaff and turn to the clockwise to fit to the machine. ③ cooling basket Clean with wet duster. ④ under the cooling basket This area can be cleaned simply with vacuum cleaner. If vacuum cleaner is not available, unscrew 4 bolts on the bottom and clean inside. ⑤ beans discharging plate ⑥ machine’s appearance The surface of the machine is made of luster stainless steel, and it can be contaminated by fingerprints. Clean with wet duster or stainless steel cleanser (glass cleanser).

25 Checkpoints before Calling Supplier
If you experience a problem, use the following list of checkpoints before asking for assistance. 1. Basic Checkpoints If a problem occurs, check the error with Trouble Shooting Program. Check the voltage and current. (refer to the page 23-4) 2. Abnormal Roasting Checkpoints Symptom Checkpoints Coffee is roasted in too dark color. ① Water quenching is not operated. Confirm if the water quenching switch is ON. ② Roasting time is too long. Or Voltage is too low. ③ Lower last bean temperature in program setting. ④ 1st and 2nd crack temperature and last temperature settings are too high. Coffee is roasted in too light color. ① Voltage is too high. ② Last bean temperature in program is too low. ③ 1st and 2nd crack temperature settings are too low. ④ The difference between 1st and 2nd crack temp is too small. (more than 10℃ is recommended) Smoke is too much. ① Water quenching is not operated. ② Beans are roasted too dark.(program setting is not proper for green beans) ③ Voltage is too low. ④ Machine is located in front of the window, and the machine is too cold. ⑤ Smoke eliminator is out of order.( refer to the page 22-1) Power supply is shut off during roasting. ① Circuit breaker capacity is not proper or with defect. ② Check if many lines are on one extension cord. ③ Check if earth is defect. ④ The moisture is inside of the machine. In case long pipe is connected to the gateway of the smoke eliminator, moisture might be accumulated in the pipe and cause the smoke eliminator’s short circuit.

26 NOTICE 1. before request for A/S
If you still have a problem, please contact IMEX CORPORATION LTD. 1. before request for A/S In case control unit is replaced with new one, all data are deleted for initial setting. Data in PRE-SET MODE should be memorized by the user in advance. Deleted data can not be restored. 2. about Bean Fire during roasting Bean fire can be in other brand coffee roasting machine. But the bean fire can not be in sophisticated IMEX coffee roasting machine except that power supply is shut off in the last stage of roasting. In this case, the drum rotating is stopped and oil at very high temperature makes fire. At that time, press the fire emergency switch to extinguish the fire. Or pour about 1 liter’s water through hopper. After fire is extinguished, check the reason of the bean fire and reuse the machine. If moisture is too much around the machine, first dry the machine and check with insulation-meter. If there’s no problem, reuse the machine. 1. in case power is shut off in all area: there’s no problem in the machine. 2. in case only roaster is short circuit even though there’s no problem in other machines. ① check if circuit breaker is without problem. ② check if many other power lines are connected in one circuit breaker. ③ check if the machine caused a short circuit.(request engineer to check machine)

27 PRO1 Specifications item standard
Specifications subject to change without notice to improve the functions. item standard MODEL DIMENSIONS WEIGHT Roasting Capacity Related Voltage Power Consumption Batch Consumption Roasting time per batch CAFE ROSTO PRO1 320W X 700H X 810D 50Kgs(NET), 65Kgs(GROSS, After Standard Export Packing) AUTOMATIC : 1 KG, MANUAL : 100gr~900gr 208/200/220/230/240V, 50 or 60HZ 3KW, Single Phase 1 . 3Kwh/1 kg about 12~15minutes/medium color Product Inquiry and After Service If there you have trouble or query on the machine, please contact below distributor. IMEX CORPORATION LTD. TEL : ~3

28 Auto-Setting Program Memo
Keep the memo for data saved in the Pre-Setting Mode. No Coffee Name Pur - Pose Green Bean Color Coffee Bean Color Pre- Heating Drum Temperature Bean Temperature Remark 1st 2nd 3rd 10 Even with the same green beans, the roasting result can be different according to the keeping period, keeping conditions, room temperature and moisture etc. The program must be updated if the roasting result is too much different according to the seasons and warehousing time of green beans.

29 Manual-Setting Program Memo
Keep the data of satisfied result, and re-use that data next time. No Coffee Name Pur - Pose Green Bean Color Coffee Bean Color Pre- Heating Drum Temperature Bean Temperature Remark 1st 2nd 3rd 10 ① When you hear the 1st crack sound, press and the screen is changed for 2nd crack. And take a note remained time for Crack Sound under Time in the above table. ② Take a note for the coffee bean color you are satisfied.

30 Limited Warranty Free Service Product CAFE ROSTO Model PRO1
Date of Purchase Place of Purchase Customer Information Name: Contact: Serial No. ◆ We guarantee CAFE ROASTO PRO1 for one year from the date of purchase. ◆ Related parts are available for 5 years. Free Service You can get free After Service for the damage under the normal conditions in a year after purchase. Free After Service period is 1 year, and each part warranty period is applied for each consumptive part.


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