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Photos for Quiz and Practical Study

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1 Photos for Quiz and Practical Study
1st two photos of Arteries and Veins Remaining to help with study for practical Photos on Practical RMC Design

2 Arteries splenic a. phrenic a. to diaphragm r. external carotid a.
l internal carotid a. r. vertebral a. l. common carotid a. l. subclavian a. brachiocephalic trunk l. axillary a. r. common carotid a. r. subclavian a. r. brachial a. celiac trunk hepatic a. splenic a. gastric a. r. renal a. superior mesenteric a. abdominal aorta r. gonadal a. l. ulnar a. r. radial a. inferior mesenteric a. r. common iliac a. r. internal iliac a. l. external iliac a. r. supreficial palmar arch a. r. Digitals a. l. femoral a. r. popliteal a. r. anterior tibial a. l. posterior tibial a. l. dorsalis pedis r. arcuate a. RMC Design 2

3 Veins l. internal jugular v. r. vertebral v. l. subclavian v.
l. brachiocephalic v. l. axillary v. superior vena cava l. cephalic v. r. brachial v. l. basilic v. hepatic veins. inferior vena cava r. renal v. l. median cubital v. r/l. gonadal v. r. radial v. l. ulnar v. r. common iliac v. r. internal iliac v. l. external iliac v. l. femoral v. r. great saphenous v. l. popliteal v. l/r posterior tibial v. l/r. anterior tibial v. r. dorsal venous arch l. dorsal venous arch RMC Design 3

4 inferior mesenteric vein superior mesenteric vein
Hepatic Portal System gastric vein splenic vein hepatic portal vein inferior mesenteric vein superior mesenteric vein RMC Design 4

5 Circle of Willis labeling anterior communicating a
r. middle cerebral a. l. anterior cerebral a. r. internal carotid artery l. posterior communicating a. l. posterior cerebral a. basilar artery a. r. vertebral artery a. RMC Design 5

6 Coronary Circulation Vessels
Coronary Veins great cardiac vein coronary sinsus middle cardiac vein small cardiac vein left coronary artery right coronary a. circumflex a. anterior interventricular a.(LAD) posterior interventricular a. Coronary Arteries marginal a. RMC Design 6

7 tunica interna (intima)/endothelium endothelium (simple squamous)
Blood Vessel Types Artery lumen tunica media (smooth muscle) tunica externa (adventitia)/fibrous CT tunica interna (intima)/endothelium endothelium (simple squamous) Capillary Vein RMC Design 7

8 Pulse Points RMC Design

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