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William ZhangWai Chun ChenKatsuya Watanabe Welcome to Canon Communications LLC.

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1 William ZhangWai Chun ChenKatsuya Watanabe Welcome to Canon Communications LLC

2 A new era... In 2004 Canon was purchased by Apprise Media LLC, ushering in an era of aggressive growth. Spearheaded by CEO, Charles G. McCurdy. BIO.BIO Canons portfolio currently stands at: 19 Publishing Brands 60+ Global Trade Events Hundreds of branded and custom digital media products A projected 1,000,000+ advanced design & manufacturing OEM contacts in the master database

3 Publishing Group North America and Europe Ron Wall Sr. VP, Publications Stephen Corrick VP Medical Device Brands Russ Pratt Group Publisher Design and Manufacturing Brands Patricia Spinner Group Publisher Packaging/Pharma Brands Patrick Lundy Group Publisher Plastics/Processi ng Brands James Wagner Publisher Specialty Brands

4 A Brief Global History Illustrated by the Growth of the Medical Device Brands 1979 Launch of MD&DI 1983 Launch of MD&M East 1990 Launch of Intl MD&DI which later became EMDT 1997 Launch of MEDTEC Europe 2005 Launch of MEDTEC China and CMDM

5 Publishing In a New Media World Building business-to- business communities based on user need and media consumption habits Print Digital Media Online

6 Publishing Brands Overview MEDICAL DEVICE BRANDS Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MD&DI) is a monthly magazine with a multi-media portfolio written exclusively for original equipment manufacturers of medical devices and in vitro diagnostic products. Published in 1979, MD&DI is the first publication to have ever served the medical device industry. MD&DIs editorial quality and reliability has won it an unparalleled degree of trust from the industry. Medical Product Manufacturing News is the lifeline connecting medical device manufacturers with the cutting-edge technologies and suppliers they need to design, develop, and fabricate next- generation medical products. Delivering comprehensive coverage of innovation through its multimedia brand, MPMN is dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and educating engineers and manufacturing personnel as the ultimate technology resource for the medtech marketplace. European Medical Device Technology (EMDT) is published 10 times a year in addition to the annual Source Book, the premier buyers guide for Europes med- tech professionals. The EMDT brand has been structured to serve as a single source of medical device design and manufacturing information for engineers and other personnel in Europes medical device and diagnostics industry. With, registered medical OEM R&D directors, design engineers, and product manufacturers can launch a search and find suppliers by country, state, region, product, service, application, or process, and know that the supplier selections are companies that understand the requirements of the medical manufacturing industry, are currently working with medical OEMs, and are regulatory compliant and/or ISO-certified from initial concept. IVD Technology is the only trade brand designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products and has been the industrys #1 source of the latest news and information for 15 years. Written by leading experts in their fields, IVD Technology offers a complete multi-media portfolio of print, digital and online products. The brands primary focus is on diagnostics technologies--including research, development, and manufacturing. The Medical Electronics Design portfolio offers an in-depth view of the design, development, and manufacturing of medical electronic devices, through its daily web content, monthly eNewsletter and bi-annual magazine. It is the source for electronics manufacturers that seek expert information about breakthrough and advanced technologies The OrthoTec portfolio offers an in-depth view of the design, development, and manufacturing of orthopaedic devices, through its daily web content, monthly eNewsletter and bi-annual magazine. It is the source for orthopaedic companies that seek expert information about breakthrough and advanced technologies. The MX digital-media and online portfolio provides C-level medical technology professionals with a dedicated resource focused on market analyses for medical technologies and essential strategies for business planning to meet the needs of the global marketplace. The China Medica l Device Manufacturer (CMDM) portfolio provides the China based medical technology industry with the resources it needs to design, develop, manufacture and bring to market next-generation medical devices. The Japan Medical Design & Manufacturing Technology (JMD&MT) portfolio focuses on design, manufacturing, marketing and regulatory issues affecting Japans medical technology community. Content is written by acknowledged experts in their field and supplemented with concise articles about emerging technologies, new products and services and industry news.

7 Publishing Brands Overview PHARMACEUTICAL/PACKAGING BRANDS Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News is the most respected publication in the healthcare and pharmaceutical packaging industry for its in-depth targeted editorial and solid coverage of new trends and industry news. The circulation reaches professionals who need focused, reliable, and timely information to make intelligent packaging Packaging Digest, a trusted and widely distributed information resource, communicates with the industry through a wide range of products including a monthly magazine, annual buyers guide, high-ranked Web site, market-specific and daily newsletters and other Web resources. The magazine and other sources offer readers/visitors critical packaging information, and advertisers unique marketing opportunities. The pharmaceutical industrys publication of record for more than 25 years, Med Ad News provides broad coverage and incisive analysis of the issues, events, trends, and strategies shaping pharmaceutical business, marketing, and sales. Med Ad News reaches more than 16,500 readers – comprising corporate executives, marketing, sales, and product managers. The R&D Directions portfolio provides exclusive content examining historical trends pertaining to and current events affecting the research of potential medicines that develop them. R&D Directions focuses on topics that include top pipelines and areas of research, notable compounds in development, R&D executives, and contract research organizations. is the premier online resource for extensive pharmaceutical industry content. provides coverage on pharmaceutical industry news, events, trends, marketing, sales, research and development and drugs in the pipeline. Our audience is comprised of pharmaceutical professionals who rely on our website for their daily industry news and exclusive industry insight from our editors.

8 Publishing Brands Overview PLASTICS/PROCESSING/SPECIALTY BRANDS Modern Plastics Worldwide (MPW) is the only media brand dedicated to covering global plastics industry to the largest worldwide audience in plastics. Print and e-media platforms deliver information on key technologies, industry news, and the latest manufacturing management trends for the global plastics industry. Injection Molding Magazine (IMM) is the only media partner devoted exclusively to the multi-billion –dollar injection molding marketplace in North America. Subscribers represent the complete stream of injection molding from art to part. While some competitors concentrate on production (missing designers and OEMS) and others concentrate on news (missing technology buyers), IMMs subscribers, newsletter recipients, and Web site visitors represent the full scope of the injection molding industry. Becoming the most informative Web site serving the plastics industry is the singular accomplishment of This online site combines interactive features such as blogs, technical forums, polls, and more with informative features such as supplier directories, whitepaper library, industry pricing, and webinars to create an active, vibrant community for plastics professionals. SINCE 1993, Powder/Bulk Solids has cemented its reputation as the voice of the dry particulate/bulk solids handling market. As the best-read, most- referred to publication and e-media provider, Powder/Bulk Solids provides more total information on new technology, products, equipment, systems, and services than any other source. Nutritional Outlook is the leading magazine for the fast-growing supplemental and natural products industries. Nutritional Outlook delivers a quality editorial product to our readers looking for the latest news and information about new ingredients, processing technologies, packages, quality control systems, regulations, and product trends.

9 Publishing Brands Overview DESIGN/MANUFACTURING BRANDS Electronic Design News (EDN) provides engineers and engineering managers with in-depth design features and deep technical information on microprocessors and other digital ICs, analog ICs, ASICs, computers and software, computer peripherals, test and measurement, components, power sources, interconnections and packaging, and much more. EDN also explores important application areas such as computers, communications, embedded, industrial, and consumer electronics. Design News is the leading technical resource for design engineers, who create everything from planes, trains and automobiles to cellular phones, medical devices and, well, just about every other product on the planet. To be successful in their jobs, our readers need information on new technologies and products. They need and want to know how new solutions compare with existing products and how and where their engineering peers are using them. In particular, they are interested in the specific trade- offs and issues that are inherent in the adoption of new technology in a design effort and how other engineers manage those trade-offs. Test & Measurement World--the leading publication for engineers involved in electronics test, measurement, and inspection. Published since 1981, T&MW is regarded as the industry leader and has been voted the most-preferred publication in the industry in more than 43 independent readership studies. T&MW provides practical content and industry updates for engineers and engineering managers worldwide.

10 Digital Media Branded. Custom. E-mail delivered media tailored to recipient research and purchasing needs.

11 Online BRANDSINDUSTRIES The latest in Drupal Software and Omniture/Double Click reporting systems

12 Events Division 60+ co-located events in the worlds centers for advanced design & manufacturing progress and innovation

13 Data Products Group Competitive intelligence database, branded as eKnowledgeBase – Serves the pharma, biotech, and medical device markets Contains extensive product and company data sets – includes financials, sales and market share statistics, patent information, pipeline and trial status, approval data, and product classification Site Licenses Market research reports, branded as PharmaLive Special Reports and Appliance Market Research Reports – Provide expert and statistical analysis for the worlds pharma, biotech, medical device, and appliance companies and products Include market share, unit shipments, script data, pipeline analysis, trend analysis, and forecasting Site Licenses provide access to locked-down Web-based content – Currently available for Med Ad News and R&D Directions magazines as well as Provide access to industry news and pay wall content through IP address recognition and RSS feeds

14 Master Database 1,000,000 + Professionals Cataloged. Infinite Demographic Opportunities.

15 Connecting Suppliers to Advanced Design & Manufacturing OEMs the World Over

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