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1 Wattsaver Systems, Inc. Energy Savings for the Hotel Industry.

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2 1 Wattsaver Systems, Inc. Energy Savings for the Hotel Industry

3 2 What is Wattsaver ? Is an electronic system that reduces considerably the consumption and waste of electricity in hotel guest’s rooms. How Does It Work ? It does this by automatically turning OFF the lights and air conditioner when the guests leave their rooms.

4 3 The Wattsaver is made up of three simple parts: A motion sensor(s). A control unit. A magnetic switch.

5 4 The motion sensor It registers the minimum movement of a person. It is placed strategically in such a way that it covers all areas of the room. Wattsaver If the room has two or more areas (such as suites) multiple sensors are used.

6 5 The magnetic switch Located at the entrance door of the room and detects when door opens or closes. It has two indicators: A GREEN one that is not. A RED led that indicates that the room is occupied

7 6 The Control Unit It commands the lights and A/C based on the information it receives from the motion sensor(s) and the magnetic switch.

8 7 Description of the System Once the guest enters the room, the motion sensors inform the control unit that the room is occupied. The control unit turns ON the A/C and lights immediately and it gives the guest total control. Since the system is latched ON, the guest does not have to move constantly. The A/C and lights will remain ON until the guest opens the door to exit.

9 8 Description of the System Once the guest exits the room, the motion sensors inform the control unit that the room is vacant, unless it detects other guests. 5 minutes after the room is verified to be vacant, the A/C is turned OFF. Then, 10 minutes later the lights of the room are turned OFF. And 15 minutes later the lights of the bathroom are turned OFF.

10 9 Description of the System The control unit can be programmed to keep the A/C intermittently ON & OFF. Therefore, the temperature and relative humidity are kept at comfortable levels. For example: For every hour the room is empty 15 minutes ON 45 minutes OFF 75% SAVINGS !

11 10 The Product Our system has been acquired and installed in many five star hotels with excellent results in energy savings. Energy Costs

12 11 Some of Our Customers: Hotel Melia Cancun Cancun, Mexico

13 12 Hotel Guayana Inter-Continental Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

14 13 Hotel Sheraton Buganvilias Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

15 14 Hotel Tamanaco Inter-Continental Caracas, Venezuela

16 15 Hotel Hyatt Regency Cancun, Mexico

17 16 And many more … Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Monterrey, Mexico Hotel Paradisus Cozumel, Mexico Hotel Camino Real Santa Cruz, Bolivia Westin Regina Puerto Vallarta, Mexico La Jolla de Mismaloya Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Paradise Village Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Hotel Palma Real San Jose, Costa Rica Holiday Inn Express Tec. Monterrey, Mexico Holiday Inn Express Cancun, Mexico Holiday Inn Cancun Centro Cancun, Mexico Hotel Gran Ventana Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas, Venezuela Hotel Velas Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Hotel Bahia Principe Tulum Tulum, Mexico

18 17 Just 60 to 90 minutes per room ! Installation It is very simple to install

19 18 What happens if the system is damaged, would it put the room out of service? Q & A Of course not ! The system was design to keep the A/C and lights ON even if it brakes down.

20 19 What happens if there is a mini-bar or clock in the room? Q & A As part of the installation, these items are bypassed by our system.

21 20 How much energy can the system save? Q & A The energy savings will depend on: Number of light bulbs in each room. Type of air conditioning system. Geographical location of the hotel. 20% Average Savings !

22 21 Other Benefits Reduces the number of light bulb replacements. Eliminates the possibility of a fire due to a guest leaving something ON. Reduces the maintenance of A/C, filter replacements, etc.. Increases the efficiency of the entire air conditioning system. Return of your investment in just a few months.

23 22 Our system is imperceptible by guests, who probably will never notice that there is an energy saving device installed in the room. And best of all …

24 23 E-mail: Phone: (954) 385-9454 Fax: (954) 385-9456 912 Tanglewood Circle Weston, FL 33327, USA Copyright 1998, Wattsaver Systems, Inc. Don’t wait any longer… Another Star for your Hotel. Contact us and let us add …

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