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Zainab, from Karbala to Kufa

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1 Zainab, from Karbala to Kufa
Dr. A.S. Hashim Reference: Zainab Daughter Ali, by Ramazan Sabir Life of Abu Abdillah by Imad Zadah حياة أبو عبدالله (عماد زاده)

2 About this slide show The battle in Karbala was over
The immediate aftermath Zainab and the camp of Imam Husain The enemy celebrates As captives, taken to Kufa Confrontation with Ibn Ziyad Waiting for sometime in detention Being sent to Damascus Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

3 Al-Husain’s Camp on Ashuraa
Al-Husain’s Family Zainab’s Family Al-Hurr and others Twenty Ali’s Companions Al-Hasan’s Family Aqeel’s Family Eight Sahaaba Ja’far’s Family 3 Servants of Husain Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

4 Zainab: Womanhood Zainab reflected the best attributes of those who raised her: In serenity she was likened to her grandmother Khadijah; In chastity and modesty to her mother Fatima; In eloquence to her father Ali; In forbearance and patience to her brother Imam al‑Hasan; and In valor and ease at heart to Imam al‑Husain. Her face reflected her father's wonder and her grandfather's reverence. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

5 Zainab was in Charge after the massacre
Zainab endured the most arduous task of leadership The shattering experience of killing so many of her family, she is in charge of immediately collecting and caring for the rest of the family And expectantly confronting Ibn Ziyad Then enduring the travel to Damascus as expected And the confronting the horrendous Yazid To be followed by the return to Medina, Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

6 Martyrs of Benu Hashim Item # Martyred 17 13 3
Of those Registered in al-Ziyarah al-Nahia 17 Of those not Registered in al-Ziyarah al-Nahia 13 Children of the Registered 3 Total martyred of Benu Hashim Registered Total of the registered plus the unregistered 30

7 Family of Al-Husain martyred
Al-Husain ibn Ali Qasim ibn Hasan ibn Ali Ali al-Akbar ibn Husain Abdullah ibn Hasan ibn Ali Ali al-Asghar ibn Husain Qasim ibn Abbas ibn Ali Al-Abbas ibn Ali, Fadhl ibn Abbas ibn Ali Omar ibn Ali, brother of Abbas Aun ibn Abdullah, the son of Zainab Ja'far ibn Ali Muhammad ibn Abdullah, son of Zainab Uthman ibn Ali, brother of Abbas Abdullah ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel Abu Bakr ibn Ali, brother of Abbas Muhammad ibn Muslim ibn Aqeel Abu Bakr ibn Hasan ibn Ali

8 Martyrs of Imam Husain’s Camp
Item # Martyred 1. Of Imam Husain family 3 2. Of Imam Ali’s family 9 3. Of Imam Al-Hasan's family 4 4. Of Aqeel’s family 12 5. The supporters martyred whose names were registered 82 6. The servants of the martyrs who were also killed 14 Total martyred registered plus unregistered 138

9 Tidbits Item Number Day of Ashuraa heads were thrown to Al-Husain 3
Martyred children who had not reached age of maturity 5 Of the Servants of the Supporters Martyred 15 Taken as prisoners but soon died of wounds 2 Died after Imam Husain had been martyred 4 Had been martyred in front of their parents 7 One woman was martyred (Umm Wahab) 1 Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

10 After the massacre On an elevation, the 56 year old Zainab watched how wantonly the enemy slay the loved ones: Al-Husain, her 5 other brothers, her many nephews some of whom teenagers, and a few month old baby. along with the brave companions of her brother. They were slain in front of her very eyes Zainab was busily figuring out: how to lead, how to collect, and how to help the remaining of the Prophet’s family: women, children including Al-Baaqir, a 4 Yr old. It was the 10th of Muharram, 61H Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

11 Zainab after the Imam was Slain
The bodies of the Imam and his supporters lay bare The bodies were trampled upon by the horses. The heads were severed and put on tip of spears. The distraught Zainab rushed to Zainul Abideen informing him of the catastrophe. Zainab raised the curtain of the tent door for Zainul Abideen to see for himself. Zainul Abideen exclaims: “My father has been killed, and so has the wellspring of honor”. Zainul Abideen requests that the women to conduct themselves with patience and forbearance;… Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

12 The Surroundings After the Massacre
The tents were put ablaze and: The tents were loud with cries of the frightened children and women, the survivors. No adult male was left to look after them except Zainul Abideen, a man who was seriously ill. Zainab bint Ali, her own emotions aside, shouldered the most agonizing and difficult responsibility. She gave solace, offered condolences, directed, and helped the bereaved women as a lioness toward her babes. She collected them, gave them consolation and firm support, more so to the children. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

13 Zainab within a Few Days
Zainab Faces the Impossible Companions Killed Family Members Killed Imam al-Husain Killed Manage the ordeal of the family Confront Ibn Ziyad and Yazid Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

14 The survivors are taken as captives
As the evening progressed, Omar ibn Sa’d approached the terrified survivors (altogether 55, see Note 1), and took them as captives. Among the prisoners were: Zainab, her sister Umm Kulthoom, Imam Zainul Abideen and his wife Fatima bint Al-Hasan Imam Al-Hasan’s three young sons, Imam Al-Husain’s two daughters, and the martyrs’ widows and orphans. As the night descended, Imam Zainul Abideen lay on the ground surrounded by surviving widows and orphans. There was no fire, no light, all dark except a moon that cast its dull light.   Note 1. Imam Al-Husain’s caravan that arrived in Karbala included 128 persons of which 72 persons were martyred in Karbala leaving 55 survivors.   Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

15 Soon some relief Hur’s wife had some bread and water, and she came to offer it to Zainab and others. Zainab embraced Hur’s wife and offered her condolences (since she had just lost her husband fighting for Husain). Zainab looked at the water as offered and said it is the same water that was cut off to Imam Al-Husain, his companions, and the women and children for three days. She raised her hands and prayed to Allah asking for courage and endurance. As a courtesy, she took the bread and water and shared it with the widows and orphans. When she gave water to the frightened children, she suddenly noticed one child missing. It was Al-Husain’s daughter, Sakeena. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

16 Sakeena was missing Zainab noticed that Sakeena was missing. It was Al-Husain’s daughter, Sakeena. Zainab, very distraught by now, ran all around to search for her but did not find her. However, not too far in the battle field she heard gasps of sobbing. She ran to the area and found Sakeena clinging to the headless body of her father Imam Husain, and crying, “Oh father, my dear father, why do you not listen to me? Oh father why do you not speak to me? Oh get up and see that our tents are on fire!” Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

17 Zainab: Once Husain was Slain
As shocking as the events were, Zainab got busy gathering: the frightened children and young women who had dispersed in fright, scattered all around, among them was the 4 year old, Al-Baaqir.  Zainab became the protective, assuring and binding force for all. All this despite their tents being on fire, and notwithstanding the calamity and confusion. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

18 Zainab: One day after Husain
The next day members of the Prophet's family were made to leave for Kufa to be presented to the Governor Ibn Ziyad إبـن زيـاد . Among the prisoners were: Zainab, Umm Kulthoom, Imam Zainul-Abideen, three young sons of Imam Hasan, and other daughters of Imam Husain. On their way a heart-rending sight met their eyes: The bodies of the martyrs lay scantily clothed, on the burning sand, disfigured and bloodied. The enemy had not buried them, although they had buried their own dead.  Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

19 In Kufa The captives were marched to Kufa, a few miles away.
Wherever they stopped, Zainul Abideen and Zainab discovered that the people knew little about the events of the previous days in Karbala. So, they took the opportunity to inform the people that they were the very family of the Holy Prophet, and how the governor Ibn Ziyad had dealt them the most demeaning and inhumane treatment. As tough as it was, Zainab and Umm Kulthoom couldn’t help but compare the seat of power in the palace of Kufa, as it was theirs during the Khilaafah of Ali, their father, and now it is in the hand of the tyrannical Ibn Ziyad. They are now as captives, no less. How painful it was, and what a mere 20 years’ difference can make! Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

20 Zainab addresses the people of Kufa #1
"Praise be to Allah and blessings be on my grandfather Muhammad and his purified and chosen progeny," "So now, O people who deceive, forsake and contrive, it is you who weep. May Allah not stop your tears and may your chests burn incessantly with the fire of grief and sorrow. Your example is that of a woman who assiduously prepares a strong rope and then untwines it herself, wasting her own hard labor.” "You swear such false oaths which bear no truthfulness at all. Beware that you have nothing except vain talk, false pride, mischief, malice, evil, rancor, falsehood, and smooth talk. Beware that your position is that of slave-maids and purchased girls who are but the meanest beings.” Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

21 Zainab addresses the people of Kufa #2
"Your hearts are full of enmity and rancor. You are like the vegetation that grows on filthy soil and is yet green, or like the mortar applied unto graves.” "You should know that you have perpetrated a very morbid deed and that you have prepared evil provision for your next life, because of which Allah's anger is against you and His wrath would fall upon you.” "Now you are crying aloud and wailing over my brother! Yes, cry, because it behooves you to cry. Yes, weep profusely and laugh less, because you have earned the shame of killing the Imam of the age. The stain of his blood is now on you and you cannot remove it, nor can you secure acquittal from the charge of killing the Prince of the Youthful in Paradise, the son of the last Prophet of Allah. You have killed a person who was your support, the knowledgeable of the Sunnah and the ultimate arbitrator at the time of your mutual disputations. He was the basis of your talks and actions. He was your nexus of refuge in the event of hardship.” Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

22 Zainab addresses the people of Kufa #3
"Oh people! Know that you have been guilty of the worst crime in the world and have prepared the worst provision for the Day of Judgment. Curses be upon you and may destruction overtake you. Your efforts have gone wasted and you have been ruined. You have transacted a losing trade. You have become the victim of Allah's wrath and have fallen into disgrace and degradation.” "O people of Kufa, woe upon you. Do you realize which piece of Muhammad's heart you have severed, which pledge you have broken, whose blood you have shed, and whose honor you have desecrated? You have committed such a crime that because of it the sky may figuratively fall down on the earth, and the earth may crack and mountains crumble to pieces. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

23 Zainab addresses the people of Kufa #4
By killing your Imam you have committed the most heinous act of rebellion and heedlessness. In view of all these acts would you wonder if blood should rain down from the heavens? In any case you should mind that the chastisement of the Next World will be severe. At that juncture there will be no one to help you. Do not regard the time and opportunity given you by Allah as small and unimportant, and do not be satisfied with it because if Allah is not quick in acting it does not imply that He is unable. For Him there is no fear that the time of vengeance is passing away. Allah is certainly keeping watch over you.” Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

24 Arriving at the Palace It was nighttime when they arrived in Kufa,
The palace of Ibn Ziyad was shut, The captives were forced to camp outside the palace. When Ibn Ziyad was informed of their arrival the next day, he commanded to invite anyone of Kufa residents to attend without distinction of rank or importance. The head of Imam Al-Husain was placed on a tray near the court chair, and so were the heads of the other martyrs. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

25 Zainab at the Government Palace
Zainab along with her entourage entered the government palace with which she was quite familiar. In its audience hall, her father, (Imam Ali): had dispensed justice during his Khilaafah 20 years ago, and her sons had played there and her brothers had been accorded great respect by the people there. By now, although she was unkempt and shabbily dressed, and her head was uncovered, she entered with awe-inspiring dignity and took her place in silence. Ibn Ziyad, the governor, was taken aback at her appearance, and He enquired who she was. Zainab ignored him, and it was left to someone else to inform him of her identity. Enraged at her defiant attitude, Ibn Ziyad addressed her, "Allah be praised! Your brother and your kinsmen are dead and their false claims have come to naught." Zainab replied: Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

26 Zainab and the Confrontation with Ibn Ziyad
"It was Allah's wish that they should be martyred, and they met their deaths valiantly. If this was your heart's desire then you must indeed be quite pleased today. But note that you have killed those whom the Prophet (pbuh) Had held upon his knee when they were very young and whose play filled him with joy. Soon you, Ibn Ziyad, will stand with them before Allah and they will demand justice. Beware the Day of Reckoning."  Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

27 The Confrontation with Ibn Ziyad
Taken aback, the self-maniac and vindictive Ibn Ziyad turned to Zainul Abideen (who was still sick), and he asked him: "What is your name?" Zainul Abideen answered, "Ali, son of Al‑Husain."  Ibn Ziyad retorted, "Was not Ali Ibn Al‑Husain slain by Allah?"  Imam Zainul Abideen answered, "My brother's name was the same as mine, and he was slain by Ibn Ziyad's soldiers." Ibn Ziyad retorted to intimidate him, "But Ali was killed by Allah."  Zainul Abideen then quoted the Holy Quran“ الله يتوفى الانفس حين موتها والتي لم تمت في منامها فيمسك التي قضى عليها الموت ويرسل الاخرى الى اجل مسمى ان في ذلك لايات لقوم يتفكرون "Allah takes away the souls at death "  Surah 39, Ayah 42 meaning Allah does not kill.  Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

28 The Confrontation The answer defeated Ibn Ziyad and silenced him,
But he was so rabidly enraged by Zainul Abideen that he screamed at the executioner to put Zainul Abideen to death.  Zainab interceded immediately, screaming in his face in a similar manner, daring him: "Then kill me with him if you so wish." Imam Zainul Abideen retorted right away, and he said: "Do you threaten me with death, Ibn Ziyad?  Don't you know that for us (Ahlul Bayt) to be slain is our tradition, and that martyrdom is a high honor to us from Allah?"  The reply and the daring defiance silenced the shaking Ibn Ziyad, so he rescinded, retracting his hasty command.  Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

29 In Detention in Kufa The confrontation being over, the family of the Prophet (pbuh), was : kept as detainees in a house near the central mosque, under guard, and no one except the slave-maids were allowed to visit them. They were kept there for several weeks. The gruesome events of Karbala would occupy the mind of all of them with the deepest pain, and it encouraged them even more to carry on the fight for the message of Imam Husain in the days ahead. This was especially true of Zainab and Zainul Abideen . The day after the captives arrived in Kufa, Ibn Ziyad wrote to Yazid informing him about the killing of Al-Husain and his companions and the capture of his womenfolk who will be sent to him.  Of course the message would take several weeks to arrive, then several weeks for a reply to arrive, since the message has to be carried over more than 700 miles each way. Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

30 Machination of the task ahead: Zainab
2. The Confrontation 3. Being captive After Karbala 1. Immediate care Zainab To Consider 5. Educating the public about Karbala 4. The arduous Trip Superb Courage and Magnimenous Resolve

31 Zainab: in Leaving Kufa
Having stayed for a month and seven days in Kufa they were made to set off for Damascus. They were escorted by a large force of horsemen and footmen, so that none should intercept their journey. With the somber escort the caravan left Kufa on the eighteenth day of Safar. All suffered extreme hardship on their way to Damascus. Damascus was no less than 700 miles away: The scene was gruesome because the heads of their beloved were carried on tips of spears before their very eyes. It took about 28 days, on the 16th of Rabi' al-Awwal, for the caravan to reach Damascus.  Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

32 Tribes carrying heads on tip of spears:
Heads of the Martyrs Tribes carrying heads on tip of spears: # of heads 1. Qais Ibn Ash’ath of Kinda tribe 13 2. Shimr, of Hawazin tribe 12 3. Benu Tamim tribe 17 4. Benu Asad tribe 5. Different persons from various tribes Total heads carried on the spears 72 Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

33 Privileges of the woman
2. Sister of al-Hasan and al-Husain 3. The shining star of Karbala 1. Daughter of Fatima and Ali Zainab 5. Broadcasting Karbala 4. Exposing the evil of Yazid An Endowment to the Truth Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

34 In Conclusion Zainab’s leadership after Karbala massacre
The loss of the loved ones The care she delivered to the bereaved The courage to bravely stand all calamities The famous speech to Kufa residents The confrontation with Ibn Ziyad Saving the life of Zainul Abideen The detention in Kufa for several weeks As captives, the move to Damascus, 700 miles away Zainab from Karbala to Kufa

35 May Allah Bless you all A.S. Hashim, MD
With best wishes May Allah Bless you all A.S. Hashim, MD

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