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December 17, 2014. Land Border near Sir Creek  Facts  Located in West-North-West of Kutch district of Gujarat.  96 kms in length from the mouth of.

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1 December 17, 2014

2 Land Border near Sir Creek  Facts  Located in West-North-West of Kutch district of Gujarat.  96 kms in length from the mouth of Sir Creek to Border Pillar No. 1175  180 Km away from Bhuj.  50 Km away from Narayan Sarovar / Koteshwar.  International border passes in the mid of Sir Creek dividing India & Pak.  Importance  Strategic defense location  To check the presence of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA)/ Pakistan Navy on hostile border.  To keep PMSA away from Indian Water.  To avoid infiltration/ undesirable movements.  To Stop direct surveillance /movement on Indian Forces.  To avoid terrorist base/camps in nearby area of border

3 Traditional Area Surveillance  Border Security Force Deployment on Land border  Patrolling in creek area by Water Wing Battalions of BSF.  Aerial survey by Helicopter / UAV/ Aircrafts.  Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force are doing need base surveillance / operations from nearest location  Recently patrolling by ATV vehicles.

4 Harami Nala – Some Facts  Harami Nala – Inward Extension of Sir Creek & Kori Creek  Formed by the estuary of Indus River as it meets the Arabian Sea – Spread over 500 Sq Km  Brackish Water Creek- Easily Accessible to Fishing boats from Pakistan  Presence of Fishes makes it attractive for Fishing boats from Pakistan  Almost inaccessible from Indian Side  Harsh Operating conditions- Marshy Land, Dusty, High Temperature, No tree cover, Muddy Water, Salty Environment  Difficult to Monitor due to absence of infrastructure  Nearest habitite presence at Lakhpat- Nearly 35 kms away  Regular unverifiable inputs from Indian citizens about intrusion of Pakistani Fishing Boats in the area

5 Harami Nala - Salient Features Harami Nala Lakhpat Dyapar Territory of Pakistan Territory of India

6  Absence of infrastructure makes it difficult for Security Forces to verify inputs about intrusion by Pakistani Fishing Boats  Security Forces make regular sorties with manned and unmanned aircraft but unable to verify the inputs  Difficult to operate manned and unmanned aircraft in inclement weather  Ground forces unable to reach the point of intrusion due to absence of accurate and pin-point information  Rapid Deployment a difficult proposition due to absence of infrastructure  The inflitrators when apprehended would inform that they were present in Indian territory for last 36 hrs before being captured.  In the intervening time between information being received and capture of fishing boats, many events against national interest could have happened Security Issues Point of Interest 500 Metres

7 Technological Intervention  In 2009 initiative was taken by Gujarat Police to use available satellite imaging technology to pinpoint the intrusions  ISRO and BISAG were contacted for help but ready mate solution was not available. Territory of Pakistan Territory of India Area of Interest

8 Technological Intervention Contd.. * Central Intelligence agencies helped to provide detailed Satellite imageries at frequent interval. * The area of interest was marked where unverified inputs about intrusion were being regularly received  The area of interest data was sent to relevant satellite imaging organization of Government of India  The Satellite Imaging organization was requested to provide the imaging details on a regular basis  During the next pass of Satellite the relevant area was imaged.  The images were processed, the intruding boats were identified with their direction of movement and sent to Gujarat Police.  These precise information helped a lot to resolve the infiltration of boats in Haraminala.

9 Satellite Images Boat 2 (24.0320N, 68.8027E) Boat 1 (24.0300N, 68.7950E)

10 Satellite Images Contd..  Some more images received Boat 3 (24.0193N, 68.7972E) Boat 4 (24.0610N, 68.7601E)

11  Electronic Intelligence received regularly was then collated on a daily basis  The Intelligence inputs were passed on to the relevant organizations  A pattern of intrusion was developed based on the electronic intelligence received  The Electronic intelligence gathering was also retuned as per the developed pattern  Security Forces starts deployment based on the accurate inputs received.  Regular inputs received from Gujarat Police makes the job of on-ground forces easier  Due to regular inputs received additional Security Forces were deployed  Additional equipment and boats deployed in the Indian side of Harami Nala  Permanent Post created near Harami Nala to keep a watchful eye on intrusions and activities against national interest  Intrusions have drastically come down as per information received  The long standing intrusion problem - since independence, finally resolved due to judicious technology intervention Mitigation and Resolution

12 Thank You Have a nice day

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