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The Community Health Review Lindsey Austin RN BSN.

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1 The Community Health Review Lindsey Austin RN BSN

2 Question 1 A RN is reviewing assessment data on a clinic client. Which assessment data would be most important for the client to modify to lessen the risk for coronary artery disease? A)Elevated HDL levels B)Elevated LDL levels C)Elevated triglyceride levels D)Elevated serum lipase levels

3 Rationale LDL is most directly related to CAD. What would be some good advice to give your patient to lower their LDL levels?

4 Question 2 A community health RN is working with school food services. A goal is to reduce nutritional deficiencies. In implementing interventions by levels of prevention, which would be a primary prevention intervention? A)Case finding in the school to identify school dietary practices B)Screening for nutritional deficiencies C)Providing educational programs promoting healthy eating D)Conducting community wide screening of dietary trends

5 Rationale Primary Prevention is anything that keeps an illness or injury from happening Secondary Prevention is anything that seeks to detect EXISTING health concerns

6 Question 3 An elderly man has been the victim of elder abuse. His family has been involved in counseling. Which of the following statements made by the abusive family member, would indicate better coping skills? A)I will be sure that all my dad’s needs are met B)I am sorry and embarrassed about the abuse C)I feel better about caring for my dad, because I know where to seek help if I need it D)Now that my dad is moving home I need to stop smoking

7 Question 4 A community health RN is caring for a group of homeless people. In planning for the potential needs of this group, what is the immediate concern? A)Peer support through structure groups B)Setting up 24 hour crisis center and hotline C)Meeting the basic needs to ensure that food, shelter,and clothing are available D)Finding affordable housing for the group

8 Question 5 Nancy RN is caring for a Cuban-American client who is terminally ill. Numerous family members are present most of the time, and many are very emotional. The most appropriate nursing action is to: A)Request permission to move the client to a private room to allow family members to visit B) Inform the family to avoid emotional outbursts C) Restrict number of family members D) Contact the MD concerning the families behavior

9 Question 6 A Hispanic woman brings her child to the clinic for an exam. Which of the following would be most important during the assessment of the child? A)Avoiding eye contact with mom and baby B)Touching the child during the exam C)Avoid speaking to the child D)Using body language only

10 Question 7 A home health care nurse is assessing a client’s functional abilities and ability to perform activities of daily living. The RN focuses the assessment on: A)Self-care needs, such as toileting, feeding, and ambulation B)The normal everyday routine in the home C)Ability to do light housework D)Ability to drive a car

11 Question 8 An RN is educating a young man about testicular self-exams. Which of the following statements by the client indicates that he needs further instruction? A)“I feel the spermatic cord in back and going up” B)“I know to report any small lumps” C)“I examine myself after I take a warm shower” D)“I examine myself every 2 months

12 Question 9 A 10 year old child has been diagnosed with Type 1 DM. The RN prepares to educate the family. The child is active socially and often away from her parents. The RN prepares to teach: A)The child’s teacher to monitor blood sugar and administer insulin B)The child to monitor blood sugar and administer insulin C)The parents to be constantly available D)All friends and family be educated about DM 1

13 Question 10 A 3 year old has just ingested mouse poison. What should be the parents FIRST reaction?

14 Question 11 An RN is asked to go to a local high school to talk with students about STD’s. The RN would plan to tell the students about? A)Birth control pills prevent STD’s B)A diaphragm provides a barrier to STD’s C)The use of condoms does not provide protection D)The use of condoms and avoiding multiple sex partners can prevent STD’s

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