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1 Enterprise Contact & Feedback Management (ECFM)Solutions creating Sustainable Business Relationships using Thoughtful and Structured Communication a.

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1 1 Enterprise Contact & Feedback Management (ECFM)Solutions creating Sustainable Business Relationships using Thoughtful and Structured Communication a presentation by Pravir Ganguly Gurgaon, July 2011

2 2 Markets are essentially conversations between people Markets consist of human beings not demographic sectors; Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice; Whether delivering information, opinions….or humorous asides, the human voice is typically open, natural, uncontrived; People recognize each other as such from the sound of this voice; The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media Internetworked markets & Intranetworked employees are carrying on bold and powerful conversations like never before Remember the Cluetrain Manifesto? Back in 1999, The Cluetrain Manifesto was first published exploring the nature of our new reality. The Manifesto that was nailed to the doors of the virtual cathedral of our conventional thinking (yes, that was reference to Martin Luther..) You dont deal with organizations, you deal with people – your customers, your suppliers, your peer group, your bosses & your subordinates

3 3 To experience the power of online conversations visit Apart from being non-intrusive, online/web conversations reduce carbon footprint Dynamic web pages can deliver interactive conversation opportunities between people across cultures & geographies; in their preferred language, space & time…

4 4 Our cloud solutions enable you to listen & analyse in real time With our ECFM solutions you can be perpetually & non-intrusively hardwired to your stakeholders They could be your: Existing & New Customers Prospects Channel/Business/Technology Partners Investors Employees Project Teams/Divisions Other discreet Communities

5 5 Business Communications can either be Campaigns or Conversations Our cloud solutions manage end-to- end logistics of engagements with discreet communities & stakeholders ECFM (Online & CATI) Market Surveys (B2B & B2C) Lead Gen & Lead Nurturing Online Education & Testing Online Publishing ePromotions & Customer Advocacy Activity Reporting/Monitoring All activities are supported with Analytics and Real-Time Reporting. Further we can deliver APIs to import all the data/export values to other in-house legacy systems inlcuding, SPSS, or any other BI tool.

6 6 Some key features for Surveys, Assessments, Lead Gen & e-Promotions Embed Various Media – Ability to add images, audio, video to the survey. WYSIWYG HTML Editors - HTML editors provide an editing interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in a web browser Email Support & Phone Support – Same Business Day Support, escalated support Spam Detector – A spam filter is a program that is used to detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox. Advanced Survey Protection - The ability to define and limit who can complete the survey Opt-Out Tracking – Automatic opt-out management that allows you to automatically opt-out people from future emails, should they chose to be opted out. Branch Logic - Enables sending a survey respondent down a certain path based on their previous answer Skip Logic - Skip logic, or conditional branching allows you to change the course based on answers Advanced Logic - Only the questions relevant to each contact will be shown. Pipe Logic- Pipe logic inserts a survey respondent's answer from a question into the text of another question. Multiple Responses per Contact - Multiple Responses per Contact allows respondents to submit a survey response more than once. Cross Survey Reports - report to compare 2 or more survey (or data) over time. Multi-User Rights - Multiple users can use the tool simultaneously. The system also allows customers to Control data visibility across departments and user groups by enabling administrative users to define custom user rights and permissions. A pre-launch Review & Commentary - Allows customer to receive comments from colleagues internally before the survey is launched. Kiosk Mode – Allows customer to collect survey data onsite, or via CATI, Call Centers. Multilingual Survey Format - Gives ability to create survey in languages other than English. Printable Surveys - Ability to print the survey in a paper. Ideal for online test & exams. Response-triggered Email Alerts - Allow instant alerts via email based on how someone responds during a survey. Used most often to provide a timely alert for dissatisfied customers or someone highly interested in a sales opportunity. Multiple Email Campaigns - Allows multiple emails to different contacts for a single survey Configurable Response Scoring - Allows numerical values to correspond with each answer choice. Use to help quantify qualitative answers. Used in assessments and testing. Customizable Export Values - Manipulate the way data is exported. Salesforce Integration - Ability to integrate Cvent with Salesforce (CRM) to transfer data between the two systems. API Access (integrate w/ other apps) - directly integrate customers database with Cvent for the data to transfer seamlessly. This works back and forth. HTTP post - Similar to API, but just allows for 1 way integration i.e. from Customer to ECFM platform.

7 7 Reports & Analysis on various activities are available in Real-Time Survey Reports & Cross Tabs; Multi-Format Flat Files & Export Values; Custom Reports & Presentations Respondent Status Reports Email Reports Audit Reports Advanced Filters can be used Parked reports can be exported in Excel, CSV, PDF, TIFF, MHTML, etc

8 8 Our Lead Management solutions will increase your marketing ROI The central nervous system of a quality lead scoring system requires sophisticated survey software technology that facilitates the process of generating, prioritizing, and processing leads through the sales funnel. You need to be able to articulate the need before you focus on the overall BANT scoring The heart of an effective lead management system requires a powerful dialog box; & a customized questions scoring system Other customized tools: Configurator Allocator RFQ Now (real-time quote developer) Real-time Alerts Conventional lead-gen options like Expos/Trade Shows, are expensive & risky; Personal/Telephonic Interviews can lack quality & data integrity. Our ECFM solutions use dynamic web pages to drive powerful online/CATI conversations 24x7 bring costs down by over 60% as compared to Events & 50% as compared to Personal Interviews offer much higher quality of leads as compared to Personal & Telephonic Interviews

9 9 Snapshot of some key apps across functions

10 10 Our ECFM based eMarketing solutions can be customized to your needs Our Solutions are White Labeled Personalized Communications Professionally designed emailers Embedded media Survey/Dialog/Microsite links Contact Management Contact info & activity in one unified database Subscription & profile Mgt. Reporting & Analysis Survey & Cross Survey Reports Activity/Project Reports Click tracking Reports Email Reports Respondent Status Reports

11 11 Our ECFM solutions are robust in terms of features, security, and scalability Run on secure integrated platforms that have been used across industry verticals, with different activity volumes, across different geographies IDS, 128-bit SSL, SAS 70 Certified Data Storage Centers Data Intergrity, SPAM Control, Privacy Policy Can work 24x 7 & non-intrusively to connect to your stakeholders Are features rich with – Multi-Lingual Deployment Mulit-Format Reporting Real-Time Analysis Embedded Media Capabilities Deployment options involving Microsites, eMail Blasts, Telephonic (CATI) Call Downs Require no HW/SW licenses: no dedicated resources Are white-labeled – can be customized to match with your brand, image & style Can be scaled up or scaled down Can talk to and integrate with other legacy apps using APIs Can Eliminate Redundant Tools & Shield Company Assets

12 12 Some of our clients in India & Asia Pacific… …& what are they saying about us! Access Medias ECFM solutions are robust & quick to deploy. We were able to deploy & complete11 surveys on an all-India basis in 8 languages in one months time including analysed reports. - Dipanker Sen, Associate VP, IMRB International Access Media solutions help us in managing the business leads process end-to-end for several of our IT and telecom clients. Real-time reporting and process management help minimize costs. - TK Pandey, founder CEO, MCR Pvt Ltd. Access Media has worked with TCIL on various demand estimation and feasibility projects starting from Internet Express to Backbone Bandwidth projects across the country. They have been able to deliver within our time and budget parameters every single time. - AK Chandra Shekhar, Director Finance, TCIL CII has made use of Access Media data and analysis in areas like Information Risk Management, and e-Commerce. Access Media is consistent in quality and has a good understanding of technology trends and practices. - Vikram Tiwathia, Chief Information Officer, CII

13 13 We partner with the best-of-breed to help you build sustainable relationships Our Coordinates Web: Mob: +91 98100 65402 Email: SnailMail: Gurgaon: J–701, Freedom Park, BPTP, Sector 57, Gurgaon, Haryana – 122 003. New Delhi: 306 IInd Floor East of Kailash, New Delhi 110 065 Access Media aims to be your trusted partner & not just a vendor of services. What we bring to the table Process Domain Knowledge Communications Design Secured Technology Support

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