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Government Acts Consumer Information Act 1978 Next slide.

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1 Government Acts Consumer Information Act 1978 Next slide

2 To whom does the act apply? Producers of goods Manufacturers of goods Suppliers of goods Providers of services Providers of accommodation Next slide Previous Slide

3 Main Provisions of the Consumer Information Act 1978  False trade descriptions  False pricing  Misleading advertising  The necessity for the provision of weighing scales in retail outlets.  The formation of the Director of Consumer Affairs office. Caveat Emptor, which means 'Let the buyer be aware.' still applies. Previous Slide Next Slide

4 Main Provisions of the Consumer Information Act 1978 Consumer Information Act False Trade descriptions False Pricing Misleading Advertising Weighing Scales Director of Consumer Affairs

5 Let the buyer be aware. Caveat Emptor Tough luck, if you do not like the colour of this kettle. = Previous Slide Next Slide ? Click

6 False Trade Descriptions  A trade description according to the act means any description, statement or other indication direct or indirect regarding the goods or services in question.  Areas where false trade descriptions could occur are quality, weight, place of manufacture, materials used, fitness for purpose, time and by whom manufactured, produced, processed, reconditioned, repaired, packed or prepared for sale. Previous SlideNext Slide

7 False Pricing  Where goods or services are being offered at a reduced price the same type of goods or services must have been offered at the previous price for 28 consecutive days in the preceding 3 months.  A price contained in an advertisement will be taken to mean the price of all the similar goods or services available in that location unless the contrary is stated.  A recommended price will be taken to mean the price recommended by the manufacturer, producer or other supplier and that is the price to be charged by the retailer to the consumer. Previous SlideNext Slide

8 Misleading Advertising  An advertisement is not to mislead, cause damage or injury to members of the public.  The act also disallows the making of false statements recklessly.  An invitation to treat. Previous SlideNext Slide

9 An invitation to treat. You are charging me 10 Euro All items 1 Euro Shop window That was a mistake by my assistant, she meant to put 10 Euro on the window. Tough luck you cannot get it at that price. I was only offering you an invitation to make me an offer to buy the goods. The only thing you can do is report me to the Director of Consumer Affairs. Previous SlideNext Slide Click to see what is your situation?

10 Provision of weighing scales  Weighing scales must be available in all locations, where goods are sold by weight. However they are not necessary, where the goods on sale are pre packed by the manufacturer or other person who prepared it for resale. Previous SlideNext Slide

11 Director of Consumer Affairs The functions of the Director are as follows:  To oversee the implementation of consumer related legislation.  To investigate complaints in relation to consumer problems  To prosecute in cases of non-compliance with this act and other consumer related legislation.  To oversee the standards in advertising.  To inform the public on consumer-related matters.  To advise the government on consumer-related matters. Previous SlideNext slide

12 Consumer Information Act 1978 Previous Slide The end

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