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+ Upstream Public Health Dr. Tia Henderson Research Coordinator Health Impact Assessment HB 2800: Farm to School and School Gardens 1 Funding Health Impact.

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1 + Upstream Public Health Dr. Tia Henderson Research Coordinator Health Impact Assessment HB 2800: Farm to School and School Gardens 1 Funding Health Impact Project, a collaboration between PEW Charitable Trusts and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation & Northwest Health Foundation *Opinions expressed here do not reflect those of the funders

2 + Overview HB 2800 HIA Participation Policy and HIA separation Communication HIA finding examples 2

3 + HB 2800 Components Reimbursement @ $19.58 million Schools buy Oregon foods with 15 cents for lunch and 7 cents for breakfast Part of National Lunch and Breakfast Programs Federal matching funds 2% ODE administration funds Food, Garden, Agriculture Education Grants @ $3 million Support food, garden and agriculture-based activities Support gardens in schools 3

4 + HB 2800 Components & HIA Scope: Health Determinant Pathways 4

5 + Participation 5 Screening Scoping Assessment Recommendations Reporting Monitoring & Evaluation

6 + Upstream Public Health – Health Advocacy Organization Co-Director & Campaign Manager Roles: Connect to coalition Explain HIA findings to legislators Explain policy recommendations to legislators Research Coordinator & Co- Director, Committee members Roles: Collect data & community information Convene community members and advisors Connect to coalition Inform Policy Advocacy Team Develop DRAFT policy recommendations 6 Policy Advocacy Team HIA Research Team Lesson Learned: Separate Research from Direct Policy Advocacy & Involve Experts

7 + Connect and Separate Upstream Public Health Human Impact Partners 7 HIA Policy

8 + HIA Practice and HIA Communication Inform Oregon legislature decision making process. Outline linkages & magnitude of interactions between the policy and health outcomes Inform agency work plans. Inform regional institutional procurement efforts. Create model F2SSG policy HIA. Share findings with legislators Share findings with relevant Oregon F2SSG stakeholders Share findings with relevant HIA stakeholders Increase desire for people to READ about the health and policy linkages 8 F2SSG HIA Goals Communication Goals

9 + Lesson Learned: Legislative Testimony is Part of Communications Strategy Why HIA? Basics of HB 2800 Relevance to their constituents Current employment conditions Current poverty and health conditions Impact of HB 2800 from HIA predictions… General Advocate Message: You can make people’s lives better with this bill HIA Message: Here are specific health outcomes you will affect Upstream Public Health Human Impact Partners 9

10 + Testimony Excerpt Employment - Findings Mental health, life span, chronic disease Jobs 10 ESTIMATED JOBS CREATED 2009 HB 2800 @ $19.6 first Biennium (Sodexo and PPS/Gervais #s) 2011 HB 2800 with Inspired Increases Over Time Direct101 (x3) 302 Indirect101302 Induced67201 Totals:269806 Employment Multiplier:2.67 HB 2800 IMPACT:   Life span   Mental/physical health issues

11 11

12 + Testimony Excerpt Diet and Nutrition Food Insecurity School Meal Programs Student Learning, Achievement and Educational Attainment HB 2800 IMPACT:  Promotion and use of Oregon products  Meal participation  Positive behavior, learning, cognitive development and educational attainment  food insecurity for families with children 12

13 + 13

14 + Testimony Excerpt Farm to School and School Garden K-12 Education Farm to School and School Garden Programs: 3 Core Elements Procurement – Buying Oregon food Promotion – Promoting Oregon food Education – Gardening, Food and Agriculture-based Activities Farm to School & School Garden Programs: 2010: ~ 50% of SD’s bought local (ODE) 2007: 75 school districts had active gardens (ODE) 14 HB 2800 IMPACT:   SD purchase of Oregon products  150 new gardens

15 + Testimony Excerpt Farm to School and School Garden K-12 Education Child Learning Outcomes, Physical Activity Child Self-Efficacy – Belief they can accomplish their goals Child Diet and Nutrition Overweight and Obesity (1 in 4 kids overweight, 2009 OHTS) 15 HB 2800 IMPACT:   Offerings of fruits and vegetables   Child preferences for fruits and veggies   Child consumption of fruits and veggies   Physical activity, positive class behaviors   Overweight and obesity   Knowledge, learning, academic achievement Image from Samuel Mann

16 16

17 Upstream Public Health Human Impact Partners 17

18 + Testimony Excerpt HIA Policy Recommendations To increase positive job growth and food security: #1 Modify the eligible items for reimbursement program to “produced” or “processed” To increase child nutrition, food security, and student learning: # 2 Education Grants – prioritize schools serving: a. Low income populations or b. Ethnically and culturally diverse student populations or c. Food insecure areas #3 Education Grants – prioritize schools developing multi-component programs Procurement Promotion Education Community Support ** All of #1, ½ of #2 and all of #3 were included in the amended version of HB 2800 18

19 + Policy Recommendations – Committee and Community Input Beginning: Policy – 3 Operations – 5 Committees: Refine and expand Community Forums: Refine/add and prioritize Final (Prioritized): Policy – 3 (expanded details) Operations – 10 Upstream Public Health 19

20 + Communication Workshop: Training Stakeholders Communication Exercise Example (From Metropolitan Group) Breakout into groups by target audience

21 + Example Message Results Value: If we want to live healthful lives, we need to be able to make healthy choices. Barrier: Too often health isn’t factored into all of the decisions policy-makers are making or it might not always seem relevant. Outcome: HIA provides policy- makers with objective data they need to consider health in decisions, and increase our access to healthy options Value: Healthy kids; strong communities. Barrier: In tough economic times, our state legislature has to make choices. Outcome: This HIA shows Farm to School programs and school gardens lead to: more jobs, kids eating more fruits and vegetables, and a stronger local economy. Upstream Public Health 21 HIA MessagesF2SSG Messages

22 + Summary Lessons Learned HIA Communications includes Community participants Existing advocacy efforts (e.g. coalitions) Legislative testimony Separating policy advocacy from HIA research maintains integrity Build relationships with advocates AND legislators Inform community members, advocates and legislators Upstream Public Health Human Impact Partners 22

23 + Sources and Abbreviations WHO = World Health Organization ODE = Oregon Department of Education OHTS = Oregon Healthy Teens Survey ACS = American Community Survey (Part of the Census Bureau) USDA ERS = United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service OLMIS = Oregon Labor Market Information System (From Oregon Employment Department) Grussing, J. and Edwards, M. 2006, Non-Metropolitan Hunger and Food Insecurity In the Northwest, Rural Studies Program Working Paper Series, RSP 06-02 Jin et al., 1995. The impact of unemployment on health: A review of the evidence. Canadian Medical Association Journal, 153(5), 529-540. 23

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