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New Employee Onboarding begins with U

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1 New Employee Onboarding begins with U
Presented by: Robin Epstein Ludewig & Kety Duron


3 The 2012 PwC Saratoga on Human Capital suggests that organizations will begin to see an increase in their voluntary turnover in the next three years as the economy recovers. The annual Voluntary Turnover for healthcare organizations reported by CHA has been flat around 9.0% in the last three years, compared to 16% prior to the economic recession. More than ever hiring managers need to partner with their Human Resources team to attract, onboard, engage, motivate, and develop their talent to ensure long-term success. The onboarding process needs to be personal, valuable and insightful in order to ease new employee socialization into the organization and create the desired "first impression".

4 UCLA Health Onboarding Goals:
Reduce time from Offer to Start Outcome – Reducing Registry Costs Candidate Stays Engaged & Excited Uniform process across all departments Better experience/customer service for new employees Outcome – Reduce Turnover in the First 6 Months Keep everyone informed on new hire’s progress Ease of Onboarding of New Employees. New Employees come into department on 1st day having already attended orientation, and set up with parking, badge, Employee ID, etc. Just tell us who you want. Allows Managers to focus on preparing to welcome new staff – follow the guide

5 Steps for Onboarding: Seek position approval
Create a Hiring Plan with your Recruiter Review applications, selecting the most qualified applicants - After your Open Job has been Posted We hope you will make a rapid hiring decision within 2 weeks of growing a sufficient applicant pool Any Candidate strongly being considered should complete a livescan and a Skills Survey (references) after interviewing – JUST TELL US Keep your recruiter informed of the candidates you have interviewed so that we can correctly inform them of their status We do the rest! Now you can get ready for Day 1 in your department.

6 Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 All job offers will only be made by your Recruiter. New Hires, Transfers and Promotions will all be covered under the new process Clinical ladder movement without a requisition still requires PAR Just call your recruiter and go over the offer checklist Your recruiter will make the verbal job offer with the applicant, review next steps and send out the formal offer letter with a copy to you.   Your recruiter will set the start date with new hire in collaboration with hiring manager Once the offer is accepted, feel free to or call the new employee to welcome them to UCLA (continue to refer questions to Recruitment)

7 Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 All new hires will begin their employment with UCLA Hospital System on a New Hire Orientation day Health System New Hire Orientations are now set three times per month Throughout the process Onboarding Coordinators will stay in contact with the new hire as they are being onboarded.  Two onboarding coordinators have been hired as part of the our recruitment team Brock Ferguson and Jessie Sweeny.   Brock and Jessie are also available should you have questions and your Recruiter is unavailable.

8 Onboarding Coordinators:
Brock Ferguson Assigned to Sheri Monsein, Bella Aivazian, Aaron Magpali and David Grometer Contact Info: Jessie Sweeney Assigned to Robin Clayton, Nancy Gonzalez, Lisa Graffin and Reggie Glynn

9 Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 Managers or designees no longer need to do the following for Hospital System staff: Schedule new hire for New Employee Orientation Process an EDB TRF or a PAR for New Hires Process Photo ID request Process new hire parking Coordinate Training with CareConnect team

10 Do Not Schedule New Hire for New Employee Orientation
Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 Do Not Schedule New Hire for New Employee Orientation The New Employee Orientation will be scheduled by the Onboarding Coordinator after the recruiter and final candidate agree on a start date with input from the manager. Do not process an EDB TRF or a PAR for New Hires The onboarding coordinator will communicate with workforce administration for all the information needed to do EDB entry. Do Not Process Photo ID & Parking request form During New Employee Orientation new hires will receive the following: Photo ID Permanent or temporary parking permit

11 Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 Our Workforce Administration Coordinators will send you a link to complete the following information: o Photo ID designation (red, blue or yellow) o HBS Group o Proximity access o UC Directory Information O Parking Lot & Type

12 Workforce Administration Coordinators:
Beginning Monday, June 17, 2013 CareConnect Classes A schedule of trainings will be given to each new hire during New Employee Orientation Nursing Orientation schedule & location (if applicable) CareConnect classes schedule & location (if applicable) Workforce Administration Coordinators: Pam May – Extension: (310) Anjali Fernando – Extension: (310)

13 Confidential Name Info
Managers’ Dashboard How do you know where your new hire is in the process? Log into the Onboarding Dashboard for Managers at Confidential Name Info

14 Making the First Day a Great One
Make sure you’re present to welcome the new employee on his or her first day (a welcome note at the new employee’s desk goes a long way). Introduce the new employee to the team and Associate Mentor. Arrange a welcome lunch, $8 added to BruinCard on 1st Day Tour the department with the new employee. Facilitate applicable orientations and trainings. Meet with the new employee to review job description and expectations, work schedule, time sheet protocol, and overtime policy. Provide keys or access codes to the office/unit.

15 Building a Solid Foundation: The First Week
Review Job Description & Performance Expectations. Review Department Specific Orientation. Introduce your new employee to unit CICARE worksheet. Review the unit’s phone etiquette and goals. Schedule ongoing meetings (daily or weekly for the first month; bi-weekly thereafter) and reviews (30-day, 60-day, 90-day and monthly thereafter for the first 12 months). Arrange an introduction to the Director or Associate Director. Make rounds to observe the new employee and address any performance issues early on. Provide regular praise and recognition.

16 Developing Happy Employees: The First Month
Developing Happy Employees: The First Month Continue to make rounds and observe your new employee. Conduct weekly one-on-one “touch base” meetings. Ensure that all mandatory online trainings are completed. Review and clarify performance objectives at the 30-day review. Involve the new employee in a project with another team member. For MSP members, meet with Senior Leadership to discuss the new employee’s onboarding status. Develop a list of important dates and milestones (birthdays, anniversary dates, etc.).

17 Keeping Happy Employees: The First Year
Continue monthly check-ins to address concerns. Involve the new employee in group projects. Identify and assign educational opportunities to your new employee. For new leaders, set objectives, build goals, and complete the Management Performance Template. Enroll new leaders in Leadership Academy and other related trainings.

18 Keeping Happy Employees: The First Year
Day 45: Ensure that the recruiter mails a follow-up letter with a UCLA gift. Day 60: Provide TalentPlus feedback card. Day 90: Review performance, clarify expectations if needed, and enroll the employee in additional trainings as needed. Month Six: Identify other development opportunities for the new employee. Month 12: Conduct annual performance review and set objectives for the coming year. Celebrate the one-year milestone with a hand-written note and an on-the-spot award.

19 Frequently Asked Questions
All new hires will begin their employment with UCLA Hospital System on a New Hire Orientation day Health System New Hire Orientations are now set three times per month Frequently Asked Questions Who is granting AD access? Care Connect Templates? Who notifies the other candidates that were not selected? How will my new employee get their uniform? We Love Feedback!! Please send any feedback to

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