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Author’s Purpose Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

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1 Author’s Purpose Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

2 Your parents get a flyer in the mail asking them to vote for Phil Stamford for governor of your state. Which word best describes the purpose of that flyer? A.Persuadeb. Describe c. Entertaind. Express

3 Weekend freexe warnings were issued Friday. The warnings were for most of the state. Vegetable growers were advised to make plans to protect their crops. Community shelters were prepared for a rush of people looking for a warm place to stay. a.Informb. Express c. Entertaind. Persuade

4 Professional newspaper journalists should have which of the following purposes when writing a news story? a. Express an opinionb. Inform the reader c. Narrate a storyd. Persuade the reader

5 The purpose of a book of nursery rhymes is to: a.Entertainb. Persuade c. Performd. inform

6 What was J. K. Rowling’s purpose for writing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? a. To teach a science lesson b. To inform people about sorcery c. To entertain a reader with a fictional story d. To convince the reader that the story was true

7 An activity schedule posted on the bullentin board in your classroom is meant to a. Persuade you to hand in your work on time b. Inform you about the day’s activities c. Express an opinion about your work d. Entertain you with funny jokes

8 In 1947, Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first black player on a Major League Baseball team. He could hit, run, steal bases, and play second base. What is the author’s purpose for writing about him? a. To informb. To entertain c. To expressd. To persuade

9 My friend and I loke to walk on the beach, and we don’t like it when we see people walking their dogs. It is against the law for people to walk their dogs on the beach here. I just don’t see why some people can’t go by the rules. And just because you’ve lived here all you life, it doesn’t mean you can do what you want. This paragraph most likely came from: a. Fairy talkb. Biography c. Cartoon stripd. Letter to the editor

10 The annual membership lunch and fashion show will be held on Saturday, March 15. The lunch will be at the Community Center in Maryville. Lunch tickets are $20. They may be purchased at the center. The guest speaker will speak at noon. a.Persuadeb. Inform c. Entertaind. teach

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