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So what’s this whole Knowledge Mobilization thing anyway? KMb 101 Michael Johnny, Manager Knowledge Mobilization Unit York University.

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1 So what’s this whole Knowledge Mobilization thing anyway? KMb 101 Michael Johnny, Manager Knowledge Mobilization Unit York University

2 2 Overview 1.Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) 101 - What is KMb? 2.KMb at York and the intersections with literacy 3.KMb Strategy – How a plan could help you

3 3

4 4 Working to Eradicate Bullying: Deb Pepler Bullying is a relationship problem that may carry through adolescence and into adulthood in the form of aggression, sexual harassment, dating aggression, and substance use. Working on the determinants interventions and treatments for bullies and victims of bullying, Deb Pepler works with researchers, governments and NGOs to enhance awareness, build research capacity, assess bullying problems and promote evidence-based programs and effective policies across Canada.

5 5 1. So what IS knowledge mobilization?

6 6 Context – institutional knowledge mobilization services Research Summaries Research Translation Help Desk Research Forums KM in AM Research Partnerships KMb Interns Social Media Exchange (KE) Knowledge Mobilization partnershipsCBR co-production Community Based Research Producer Push (KT) User Pull (KT)

7 7 Portugal Cove, NL

8 8 Partnerships - KMb throughout the Research Cycle Evaluate Plan Execute Disseminate Consultation Partnerships Research forum Populations Clinical practice Intervention studies Internships Researcher exchange Surveys, case studies, expert panelists Wikis, blogs Web site Town hall Theatre Posters Policy brief PSA Practice guideline Popular press Social Marketing public policy professional practice

9 9 KM Case Studies 1. LinDR and Literacy Council of York Simcoe (User Pull) 2. Ontario Literacy Coalition (KMb Interns, Co-Creation) 3. ResearchSnapshot (Producer Push)

10 10 ResearchSnapshot (Producer Push)

11 11 Reaching in to the University (User Pull) LinDR – Program Evaluation – Wraparound Durham (2007 request) – Contracted evaluation expertise LCYS – Impact Analysis (2007 request) – Connected to Experiential Education – “allows us to do research we could not normally do” – results fed into LSP, LCP processes

12 12 Graduate Student Internships (Co-creation) OLC seeking research to inform decision making: – Sponsorship, social enterprise (funding models) – Digital literacy strategy (expanding program/mandate for OLC)

13 13 KNOWLEDGE BROKERS National Vision for Knowledge Mobilization

14 14 Acknowledgements Adapted by research and development from: Dr. Melanie Barwick The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto and Dr. Donna Lockett KT Consultant Scientist Knowledge Translation Training, 2009

15 15 KMb Research Project Planning Template 1.Identify Partners 2.Partner Engagement 3.KMb Expertise 4.Main Messages (for research projects) 5.Audiences - * 6.Goals - * 7.Methods - * 8.Process 9.Impact - * 10.Partners Role 11.Resources Required 12.Related Budget Items 13.Estimated Costs

16 16 Step 1 – Research Partners  Researchers  Public / Consumers  Decision Makers (org, comm, govt)  Policy Makers (govt, comm)  Private Sector  Funding Body Brokers Bits York U Knowledge Brokers can help identify collaborators for a research project. Leveraging the national network, we can help find research expertise from across Canada.

17 17 Step 2 – Partner Engagement Option A -Initial – from conception to grave Option B -Early - After conception to grave Option C -End - Dissemination / Project End only Option D -Beyond the project (ongoing, extended) Brokers Bits What does the term ‘partner’ mean to you? Is your expectation clear and consistent with those you’re collaborating with? Be explicit from the beginning. Meaningful engagement requires honest, respectful dialogue.

18 18 Step 3 – KMb Expertise Needed? Lots of options to consider: Researcher with KMb expertise Consultant with KMb expertise Knowledge Broker / Specialist Organizational KMb support KMb support within the partner organization Project Manager with KMb responsibility Brokers Bits So why a dedicated knowledge broker? Sometimes, simply creating knowledge/products is not good enough. Brokers can help move knowledge into action using an array of tools and activities, tailored to the needs of your audiences.

19 19 Step 4 – Main Messages What messages do you anticipate sharing? Briefly, what your research/project seeks to: You can consider this for multiple audiences

20 20 Step 5 – KMb Audiences - * What audiences will you target? Researchers Practitioners / Service Providers Public Media Consumers Decision Makers Policy makers Private Sector / Industry Other Brokers Bits This is an important element to consider. Understanding your audience(s) will help shape the work you will do. Not all audiences want to receive information the same way.

21 21 Step 6 – KMb Goals - * Are you seeking to: Generate Awareness Interest Practice change Behaviour change Policy Action Impart Knowledge Tools Inform Research Policy Practice Brokers Bits Always consider the ethical and legal principles in your KMb efforts. Consider goals for each audience group you’re engaging.

22 22 Step 7 – KMb Methods - * What KMb methods/activities will you use? Broker / KMb Specialist Research Summaries Website / IT Multi stakeholder collaboration Mass Media Campaign Financial Intervention/Incentive End-user Intervention Performance Feedback Capacity Building / Training Peer Reviewed Publication Social Media Tools Others... Brokers Bits York has structured their activity into three streams: People – capacity building, internships, and educational efforts Spaces – creating space for people to meet and interact Projects – user generated collaborative project

23 23 Step 8 – KMb Process – when will KMb occur? Option 1 Integrated KMb – researchers and research users will shape the research process (setting questions, methodology, tools, analysis, dissemination...) Option 2 End of Grant KMb – KMb activities are employed once the project is completed

24 24 Step 9 KMb Impact, behaviour, practice, policy, research - * How will you evaluate impact? Reach Indicators Copies Distributed Copies Requested # downloads, hits, visits Media Exposure Usefulness Indicators Satisfied With Usefulness of Changed Views Gained Knowledge Use Indicators # intend to use # adapting the information # using to inform policy/practice Partnership Indicators (#’s)

25 25 Step 10 – Partners Roles How will partners assist in developing, implementing or evaluating the KMb plan?

26 26 Step 11 – Required Resources What resources do you require? Human Financial IT Web Leadership Management Workers Board Volunteer Others

27 27 Step 12/13 – Budget Items / Estimated Costs Identify budget items related to your plan Knowledge Broker Project Manager / KMb Specialist Clear Language Writer Web development / IT Travel Workshops / Venue Public Relations Web 2.0 (social media) Others

28 28 Any questions? Thank You!

29 Michael Johnny

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