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Digging into Richland One’s MPG Data Presented by the Office of AARE and Office of EC.

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1 Digging into Richland One’s MPG Data Presented by the Office of AARE and Office of EC

2 MPG Skills Checklist Tests What – Tests assess the knowledge about a certain skill. Who – Tests can be given to any child in grades K or above. When – Tests can be given anytime as often as needed. How – Tests can be given in whole group, small group or individual test sessions by classroom teacher and/or interventionist. ***Staff person does need a MAP proctor role assigned.*** Test Form – Same questions are asked each time in random order. Number of Questions – 10 to 35 for math and 14 to 52 for reading.

3 MPG Skills Checklist Tests How to Administer: – The proctor or teacher should follow the same protocol when giving the Skills Checklist tests as they did for MAP testing. – The proctor or teacher should first log into the student testing computers using the MAP username/password. Username: rcsd1map Password: RCSD1m@p – The proctor or teacher should then set up their testing session under Manage Test Sessions. Select the appropriate students and click Assign Test.

4 MPG Skills Checklist Tests Select Test:

5 MAP District Summary Report (Aggregated by School)

6 MAP District Summary Report

7 2011 NWEA RIT Scale Norms Study MAP Standard Deviations Under 11: NWEA recommends whole group instruction. Over 18: NWEA recommends differentiated instruction. Between 11 and 18: NWEA recommends small group instruction.


9 Data to drive instruction! Growth Measures! Valuable Resources MPG… Our Golden Treasure!!

10 Let’s Get Digital! Let’s Get Digital! To view on your device: Click “Departments” Click “Early Childhood” Scroll down to “ECE” Resources Look for MAP/MPG presentation (formatting may be a little skewed) Switch back and forth to notepad to take important notes!

11 Why do we use MAP?

12 Why use MPG (Map for Primary Grades)? Reduces the time you spend performing one-on-one assessments Helps evaluate needs before teaching a unit or lesson Helps group students for instruction Assesses the need for intervention Provides information to inform parents Gather growth data and get learning statement to inform instruction Helps transition to MAP in 3-5 grade

13 It is reliable!

14 1. Information

15 MAP Hotlist of Information COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to MAP K-12 Test Question Development Parent Toolkit (English and Spanish)|StartTopic=Content%2FOverview%2FEducatorHome.htm|Skin Name=BlueSkin|StartTopic=Content%2FOverview%2FEducatorHome.htm|Skin Name=BlueSkin Educator Help Center Map reports reference guide Primary grade test selection Primary Grades Resources Understanding Des Cartes better


17 MAP REPORTS FINDER---SUPER RESOURCE!|StartT opic=Content%2FUsingTestResults%2FMAPReportsFinder.htm|SkinName=BlueSkin




21 History of Scores!

22 So how can we use these to help us?

23 Plan WORKING PLC’s! Materials Needed: Agenda Helpful Reports (does not have to be all of them) Highlighters Paper Anchor Charts Folders/notebooks/organizational boxes/etc. to build student assessment portfolios—bring them to each plc/data meeting Start Digging! Get to know your students’ individual needs and TRACK the progress!

24 Helpful RTI Monitoring Tool Idea: Assign a member of the leadership team to monitor 1 or 2 specific grades to ensure effective data and RtI team meetings. Use this form to document students, goals, strategies For example: Principal-K CRT-1 st Coach-2 nd Intervetionist-PreK

25 What will it look like?




29 Support Plans: Volunteers: (4) List kids’ names here

30 DO DO Connect to the Resources Provided: (Des Carte, Khan Academy) Read and Learn if you don’t understand Work together as a team to drill down to specific tasks you need to complete



33 Retain and Maintain What they are ready to learn now What they could learn


35 IDEA: Build a Math Word Wall! MAKE GREAT POSTER RESOURCES For YOUR MATH CENTERS for kids to fall back on!

36 Read how the questions were asked and mimic in your classrooms. Get the students used to seeing this kind of language!


38 To Download:

39 Khan provides interactive exercises with instant feedback

40 Not just shapes but Different areas of shapes!


42 Always connect to your data

43 Reinforcement Videos!


45 CHECK CHECK Meet again and again and again for short, productive, effective analysis meetings Provide evidence and documentation (anecdotal notes, mini assessments, pre and post tests, etc. Discuss with team Try other strategies, come back to see if they worked Track progress (or lack of) Test again---this is where you will see your hard work pay off!!

46 ACT! (With a little help from ECE!)

47 Helpful Data Tracking Tools!

48 4609-aa8f-041e8db4b598



51 Big Picture Assessment Tracker


53 Time to Practice!

54 General data analysis…. Look in your folder at the class reports of 2 teachers (random) that have been provided. Use the template to jot down a question, discovery, and follow up you may have regarding the data you see.

55 Electronic RTI Tracker Math Categories Reading Categories Percentiles TIERS Notes and/or goals Grade Level You can customize how you want!

56 Questions about DataDiscoveriesNo Surprise

57 TIER 3 TIER 2 TIER 1 We will use this report :

58 Look at categories and make simple mental notes 3. 1.2. Add up students in Lo/LoAvg. columns (Burgundy and Orange columns) Add up percentiles in these columns Look at top of excel sheet to look for the name of the goal area. Write down the total number of students Write down the total percentage of students Repeat in each column (Avg., HiAvg & Hi) Repeat for each teacher Repeat for Reading Mental Notes of blue box

59 MPG MAP for PRIMARY GRADES Our True Golden Treasures! Kim Spivey 2014 Department of Early Childhood Education

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