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Improving Communication Codes to Advance Customer Service.

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1 Improving Communication Codes to Advance Customer Service

2 Create Mutually Beneficial Relationships Moment of Truth – Any encounter a customer/patient/co-worker has with you, YOU can make or break the relationship. WE can make a difference!

3  Moving through Clinic  Informed of delays  Wait Time  Nurse/Assistant  Friendly and Courteous  Showed Concern  Communicates Name

4  Personal Issues  How well staff protects safety Hand washing, wearing gloves  Sensitivity to Needs  Concern for patient’s privacy  Cleanliness of practice

5  Overall Assessment  Staff worked together  Likelihood of recommending clinic  Degree to which patient was informed of survey

6  Access to Care  Get answer same day/as needed  See Provider within 15 minutes

7  Provider (maybe nurse could make a difference)  Explain things in a way the patient could understand  Listens carefully to patient  Discuss health questions/concerns  Knew important medical history  Show respect  Spend enough time with patient  Follow up with lab results

8  Communication is the process of transferring thoughts, ideas, and feelings from one person to another in commonly understandable ways.

9  Communication is unavoidable.  Communication is irreversible.  The only way you can be sure your message has been received is through feedback.  The most important message is the message that’s received.  First Impression is made in first 7 seconds!


11  MEHRABIAN REPORT  Professor Emeritus, UCLA  Albert Mehrabian – 1960’s  7, 38, 55 Rule  7% Verbal  38% Vocal  55% Nonverbal

12  Communicates an idea  Triangle of Meaning Communicator Sender/Receiver Symbol Referent

13  Simple Words – easy to follow  Do not be too vague; Give enough details  Avoid medical Jargon/Slang without explaining the terminology  Patient should be able to paraphrase  Avoid referring to a patient as a “condition”  Remember, patients can hear comments from inside the exam room  Avoid misunderstandings

14  Tell patient WHAT you are doing before acting  Eliminates the surprise/shock factor  Self Pay patients should be informed of procedure cost BEFORE administering. Gain their permission.  Avoid Filler Statements  ums/uhs/stuff/things/you know/like  Makes you appear unorganized, confused, uninformed, unintelligent

15  Poor Articulation/Pronunciation  Hard to understand - mumbling – lazy speakers  Too Fast  Monotone quality  Sounds apathetic/wrote memorization going through the motions  Variety + Sounds interested, happy, empathetic & sincere  pitch, rate, volume, range, rhythm  Fluent – sounds intelligent/knowledgeable



18  Face & Eyes  #1 Communicating Tool  Expressions – empathy  Smile or Concern  Incredibly Friendly  Sincere  Direct Eye Contact – RESPECT



21  Body & Appearance  Well groomed & clean  Professional uniform  Positive Posture  No distracting body art or piercings  Stay on task  Cell phone put away – only use during breaks/lunch  Patient ALWAYS first

22  What impacts personal bubbles???  Proxemics – personal distance  Professional distance 4 feet to 12 feet  When closer, depending on task, may need a witness in room  Tactilics – touching behaviors  Tell what you are doing – ask permission  Read their nonverbal cues

23  Chronemics-study of time usage  Perception that we Value time of otherstime  Communicate with PSS on time  More impressive if YOU inform patient in waiting room of status  Be observant of patients willingness to wait  Keep patient informed of wait; do not leave them for long periods of time in the waiting room without face to face contact


25  Good Morning/Afternoon  Welcome to TTP  My name is ______________  (tell them where you are going…)  Do not walk off and leave them behind  Engage conversation as walking

26  FYI in case someone asks….  “Our Patient Handbook is posted on our website and it gives you important information about our clinic and your Rights and Responsibilities. This card shows you how to access the handbook on our website. If you do not have access to the internet, you may pick up a handbook at the Information Desk located at the main entrance of the Health Sciences Center or the Medical Pavilion.”

27  “Mr/Ms _______you may be chosen at random to receive a survey in the mail regarding your overall experience during today’s visit and we would really appreciate it if you would complete the survey and return it. Our goal is to be one of the best facilities in the country so in order to do that we must receive the highest scores on everything! If you do not think we gave you the best service you could possibly receive, please let us know today what we can do to earn those top marks.”

28  “Mr/Ms _______our goal is to be one of the best facilities in the country so in order to do that we must receive the highest scores on everything! If you do not think we gave you the best service you could possibly receive, please let me know today what I can do to earn those top marks.”

29  “Our Patient Services Department is seeking feedback from patients like YOU on how we can better serve YOU.  If you have time today, drop by their office in the Medical Pavilion near the Information Desk or just give them a call.” Office 1010A 743 – 2669


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