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 Safety in Bendemeer Sec 14 Jan 2014 / 20 Jan 2014.

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1  Safety in Bendemeer Sec 14 Jan 2014 / 20 Jan 2014

2 Content  School Evacuation Emergency  Class Phone Relay  First Aid in School  Lightning Warning System  Permission to leave early



5 ä SUDDEN incidents (Explosion, fire, Flu Pandemic, Gas leak, armed intruder, bomb scare, collapse of building,etc) ä Actual or Potential LOSS of lives ä DAMAGE to property (bomb blast) ä Involves: Civil Def Force, Police Force,MOH


7 ä PROLONGED ringing of school bell (30sec) ä Announcement over the PA system by Principal WHEN TO RESPOND?

8 ä Remain CALM and QUIET. ä Follow the instructions by TEACHER and CHAIRPERSON. HOW TO RESPOND?

9 ä Switch OFF all lights, electrical and gas appliances. ä Move OUT of classroom and LINE UP quickly. ä Do NOT carry anything with you. ä Go to the Assembly Area (announced by Principal). ä Follow the traffic flow. ä Do NOT use the lift. In the event of Evacuation,





14 Plan A Pink Zone ä Execute Plan A when an emergency occurs in Pink Zone. Plan B Yellow Zone ä Execute Plan B when an emergency occur in Yellow Zone. PLAN A or PLAN B ?







21 ä Fast response. ä Be responsible and accountable. ä When everyone knows their roles (including the student helpers). ä Your Safety is Our concern.

22 Phone Relay System To note: 22

23 Inform the school of your contact numbers and email addresses.

24 First Aid in School

25 You should know.. Treatment to be done at General Office or Special Rooms. See doctor about your injuries. Every student is covered by school insurance. Pay first, get the receipt Find your Teacher in charge Fill in the form and signed by parents

26 School is.. NOT a pharmacy! NOT a clinic! NOT a charitable organisation!

27 Road Safety @ Bendemeer

28 For your own safety:  Cross at traffic junctions or pedestrian crossings  Refrain from using handphones or audio devices.  STOP, look right, left and right again  Wait for vehicles to come to complete STOP before crossing  Raise hand to attract attention while crossing  Cross briskly.

29 You must also :  Use footpaths and overhead bridges  Do not cross at dangerous corners and intersections.  At bus stops, do not cross immediately in front of buses after alighting  Obey and follow instructions of traffic wardens.  Wear light-coloured clothing at night.

30 Traffic Arrangements  All parents’ cars will stop outside school gate to let their children alight. We will continue to advise the drivers to make the turn at the sports complex.

31 Dry Weather

32 Wet Weather

33 Traffic Arrangements  Entrance to our school -  Gate 2 will be opened.  Use it.

34 Lightning Warning System (LWS)

35 To inform all schools of the risk of lightning strikes. To reduce casualties ä MOE LWS detects possible risk of lightning. ä Schools are informed via SMS. ä School will activate the school LWS SOP.

36 School LWS What is LWS SOP? ä LWS lights and sounds sirens, then an Announcement via PA system. “This is a Lightning Warning System update. There should be no outdoor activities from 0830hr to 1000hrs.” ä Stop all outdoor activities. Shift to indoors to continue.

37 School LWS – Where are they? 1. Discipline Master’s Room 2. Academic Block 3. Indoor Sports Hall

38 School LWS – Where are they? 4. Computer Lab 3 5. Behind Canteen

39 Permission to Leave Early

40 Procedure Report to a teacher Someone will bring you to GO GO will call your family member to bring you to doctor Wait for family member. Obtain an orange slip (Permission to leave early) from GO Show the security officers the orange slip. Return only when you are well. Inform your Form Teacher. 1 2 4 5 67 3 *Depending on situation or time, CCA/T, Subj/T, FT,

41 Knowledge. Preparedness. The only Tools that we need to survive an emergency.

42 Thank You

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