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Accounts Payable Features and CDD Valerie Ahlers Gene Golenzer 2011 User Conference.

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1 Accounts Payable Features and CDD Valerie Ahlers Gene Golenzer 2011 User Conference

2 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Class Objectives New Features in AP Maintenance Daily Operations Hints Q & A CDD 2011 User Conference

3 Newest AP features Changes to Vendor Master Edit to show Y/N for 1099 Reportable –Misc. Edits- V7 Archiving Reconciled and Voided Checks Voiding a Check IRS Name in Vendor Master-V7 Location on Purchases Journal-V7 AP Edits in Alpha Order-V7 Coming Soon Drafts to Separate General Ledger Numbers-V7 Wire transfers in AP-V7 2011 User Conference

4 AP-Vendor Master Cell Phone Number Added IRS Name Used on 1099s if field is filled otherwise uses vendor name Soon-Multiple Draft Bank Codes 2011 User Conference

5 AP-Vendor Master 2011 User Conference

6 AP- CONSTANTS FILE Edits print in Alpha order if Y to print checks in Alpha order 2011 User Conference

7 AP-Constants File 2011 User Conference

8 AP-Misc. Checks 1099 Reportable showing on Misc. check entry screen and on the Edit 2011 User Conference

9 AP- Misc. Checks 2011 User Conference

10 AP-Purchases Journal(2.3.3) Can select date range and vendor range Shows location of each detail line 2011 User Conference

11 AP- Purchase Journal Shows Location of Invoice Detail 2011 User Conference

12 AP-Maintenance 2011 User Conference

13 AP-Vendor Master File Inactive Vendor 1099 Information Draft Vendor Bank Code Remit to 2011 User Conference

14 AP-Vendor Master 2011 User Conference

15 AP-Inactive Vendor 2011 User Conference

16 AP-Vendor Master-Remit to: Used to accommodate Canadian addresses Gives ability to retain vendor name and history but sent payments to lock box or different address 2011 User Conference

17 PAGEDOWN- Remit to 2011 User Conference

18 AP-Bank Code File Maintenance 2011 User Conference

19 AP-Bank Code 2011 User Conference

20 AP-Check Print Set-up 2011 User Conference

21 AP-Check Print Set-up 2011 User Conference

22 AP-Check Print Set-up 2011 User Conference

23 AP-Auto Assign Vendor Number 2011 User Conference

24 AP- Assign Vendor Number 2011 User Conference

25 AP-Daily Operations- Invoice Entry 2011 User Conference

26 AP-Invoice Entry Watch your Dates Invoice Date Inventory Date Due Date Merge Date 2011 User Conference

27 AP-Invoice Entry-Receivers You can pull a receiver in to correct vendor even though the receiver was entered under the incorrect vendor 2011 User Conference

28 AP- Invoice Entry-Pulling in Receiver 2011 User Conference

29 AP-Invoice Entry-Create Item 2011 User Conference

30 AP- Invoice Entry Freight Charges Can be by based on $ Value or Quantity Pro-rates on Inventoried Items If GL expenses only, adds to last line 2011 User Conference

31 AP- Invoice Entry-Charges 2011 User Conference

32 AP-Invoice Entry-Charges- GL 2011 User Conference

33 AP-Invoice Entry-Edit DATE 5/20/09 10:59:07 EDIT - A/P TRANSACTIONS AgVantage Software BATCH:747 U2TRR0 PAGE 1 INVOICE # INV DATE DUE DATE LOC QUANTITY CONV QTY UNIT PRICE AMOUNT G/L NUMBER ITEM DESCRIPTION REC # REC QUANTITY REC AMT 1099 VENDOR INFO 2001 AHLERS ENTERPRISES DRAFT 051309 5/13/2009 5/20/2009 1 2000.0000 2000.0000.2375 475.00 503300000 11212 AF SOYBEAN MEAL-HI PRO N Lot- 051309 1 125.00 603210000 TIRES Y 1 600.00- 200070000 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TOTAL 600.00 DISCOUNT NET $600.00 ** TOTAL RECEIVED VENDOR INFO 2001 AHLERS ENTERPRISES DRAFT 052009 5/20/ 09 1 2000.0000 2000.0000.2057 411.39 503300000 1212 FP SOYBEAN MEAL N 1 2000.0000 2000.0000.1028 205.69 503300000 1313 FP DISTILLERS GRAIN N 1 2000.0000 2000.0000.0720 143.99 503300000 1515 FP MIXING MOLASSES N 1 2000.0000 2000.0000.5228 1045.54 503300000 1919 FP MINERAL N Lot- 052009 1 9.99 605210000 SERVICE- REPORTABLE Y 1 1816.60- 200070000 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TOTAL 1816.60 DISCOUNT NET $1816.60 ** TOTAL RECEIVED VENDOR INFO 2001 AHLERS ENTERPRISES DRAFT 052009A 5/20/09 1 50.00 605510000 TELEPHONE - FA Y 1 70.00 603210000 REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE - FF Y 1 120.00- 200070000 ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TOTAL 120.00 DISCOUNT NET $120.00 ** TOTAL RECEIVED TOTAL 2536.60 DISCOUNT NET $2536.60 *** TOTAL RECEIVED 2011 User Conference

34 AP-Merging of AP Batches 2011 User Conference

35 AP-Merging Batch(es) BE SURE TO READ EDIT!!! Batch selection Check dates and invoices If merge stops and says unbalanced Check for the totals line Check discounts/freight 2011 User Conference

36 AP-Vendors to Pay BE SURE TO READ CAREFULLY!! Run just before printing checks Need to rerun if any changes are made Location sensitive-printer Coming to V7-selection options 2011 User Conference

37 AP-Display Vendor Balances 2011 User Conference

38 AP-Display Vendor Balances 2011 User Conference

39 AP-Miscellaneous Checks Hand Checks Computer-generated Checks Vendor Customer Payee Name Be sure to use Invoice # Watch timing on merging batchs Dup check message-take a G-Follow Up 2011 User Conference

40 AP-EOM/EOY Menu 2011 User Conference

41 AP-EOY-Electronic 1099s 2011 User Conference

42 AP-Electronic File Maintenance

43 AP-Electronic Transfer File 2011 User Conference

44 AP-Check Reconciliation 2011 User Conference

45 AP-Check Reconciliation- Archiving No longer purge checks each month If have never purged, Archive through previous months bank statement date New month- Run list of checks written Reconcile checks List of Reconciled Checks-match to bank statement 2011 User Conference

46 AP-Check Archiving Archived checks go to bottom of list Still able to pull list for auditor at YE Goes by Archive Date-which should match to bank statement date 2011 User Conference


48 AP-VOID A CHECK-Validate 2011 User Conference

49 VOIDING A CHECK-Edit 2011 User Conference

50 VOIDING A CHECK- Merge 2011 User Conference

51 VOIDING A CHECK-Check Register 2011 User Conference

52 AP-Wachovia Wachovia Check Reconciliation Checks Written List (Positive Pay) 2011 User Conference

53 AP-Wachovia-Check Reconciliation Matches Date, Check # and $ amount between AgVantage Checks written and Wachovia Checks cleared Marks with an R for reconciled Does not do drafts Will give a report of Records not Updated-bank code 2011 User Conference

54 AP-Wachovia Check Recon Need to get Icon from Wachovia to pull from secured site Using Client Access, transfer to iSeries Set up Bank Code File for Wachovia Acct. 2011 User Conference

55 AP-Wachovia-Checks Listed- Positive Pay Safety measure to prevent check washing Creates a list to be submitted to Wachovia of checks written for the day Transfers through a mapped drive from iSeries to PC Select bank code to create file from Upload to Wachovia secured site 2011 User Conference

56 AP- Hints/Troubleshooting Things to check 2011 User Conference

57 AP- Check Maintenance Be sure to check this after generating checks-especially if you get a dup record message 2011 User Conference

58 AP General Hints If a batch is still showing after you think it is merged Check your Open Payables vs. GL Check your Invoice History Check your Inventory Then call AgVantage Support before merging it again-we can delete the batch but we need to know if it went part way or completed 2011 User Conference

59 AP- General Hints Run an Open Payable, Open Payable for a Given Month and compare these 2 to each other and then to the GL to be sure they balance Do the same for the Open Receiver Report if you use receivers 2011 User Conference

60 Any Questions??? Please complete your evaluation forms!! Thanks!! 2011 User Conference

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