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Nursing appraisal and revalidation Jackie Smith Chief Executive and Registrar 29 April 2014.

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1 Nursing appraisal and revalidation Jackie Smith Chief Executive and Registrar 29 April 2014

2 Context NMC is the largest professional healthcare regulator in the world circa 670,000 registered nurses and midwives currently three year renewal period – prep -450 hours of practice -35 hours continuing professional development

3 NMC revalidation timeline Council commitment re-stated Feb 2013 NMC response to the Francis report – Jul 2013 “We are currently developing proposals for a proportionate revalidation process for all the nurses and midwives on our register in all four UK countries.” development of and consultation on revalidation (and the Code) – 2014 launch of revalidation – end 2015

4 Revalidation principles benefits to reflect public protection aligned to current legislation and renewal process self-declaration with potential for third party confirmation can be a by-product of an existing employer process aligned to appraisals phased approach and proportionate model integrating political context on four country level audit and evaluation at each phase

5 Council decision (September 2013) self confirmation from the individual registrant -reflection on the revised code, CPD, hours of practice, GHGC, fitness to practise, PII -informed by third party input: -confirmation -feedback -compliance audit (random and risk-based) -risk intelligence triangulation

6 Ongoing engagement 60 engagement events between Sept 2013 and Dec 2013 alone input from employers, professional bodies and the public revalidation strategic advisory group task and finish group employer reference group communication reference group

7 Challenges potential impact on the system transition from Prep standards to revalidation (first three years) differing or no appraisal systems in place varied employment settings and scope of practice flexibility of third party confirmation

8 Consultation – six months Part one Jan 2014 – Mar 2014 online survey – 9,000 responses focus on: -revalidation model - code and guidance outcomes to inform implementing revalidation, draft versions of code and revalidation guidance Part two range of methods focus on: -draft code and draft guidance -revalidation model outcomes to inform implementing revalidation, code and revalidation guidance

9 The code revision professional accountability and using social media responsibly multidisciplinary teams, communication and language proficiency involving patients, families and carers in care and treatment decisions confidentiality and sharing information record keeping, prescribing, managing medicines and minimising risk

10 Revalidation : emerging themes third party confirmation and practice related feedback – sources and mechanism implementing revalidation in a variety of settings and scopes of practice auditing – process and outcome sharing of information between the regulators other standards, guidance and support related to revalidation

11 NMC fee consultation reminder of NMC 2012 fee decision sustainability of NMC’s financial model – 80 percent of the NMC’s budget is spent on FtP achieving efficiencies within our current legislation reforming our ‘outdated and inflexible legal framework’ – Law Commission NMC Council reviewed fee level – Mar 2014

12 Fee consultation timetable consultation period – May 2014 – Jul 2014 Council considers consultation report – Oct 2014 fee rules laid in parliament – Jan 2015 any fee rise effective – Feb 2015

13 Thank you @jackiesmith_nmc

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