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California Trust Framework Pilot Request for Funding Informational Webinar 24 June 2013.

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1 California Trust Framework Pilot Request for Funding Informational Webinar 24 June 2013

2 CAHIE, NATE, and D&TS  National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE) led a ONC-sponsored pilot of policies, practices, and technologies to enable exchange using Direct between providers across state lines. – Used CHeQ’s work on Directory and Trust Services (D&TS) to create the nation’s first trust community managed through trust bundles and a federated provider directory.  California Association of Health Information Exchanges (CAHIE), a statewide group of community and enterprise HIO leaders, was convened by CalOHII to create a trust framework in California. – Will use D&TS, extending NATE’s model to include query-based exchange using Exchange specifications.  CHeQ is seeking community and enterprise HIOs and HIE service providers to participate in a pilot to inform the CAHIE trust framework effort. 2

3 Pilot Program Overview  Vision – Support/ease exchange among HIOs and service providers via a multi-party agreement and a lightweight technical infrastructure.  Pilot Goal – Provide input into the policies, practices, and technologies (i.e., a “trust framework”) that would enable inter-organizational exchange in California. – Policies and practices will inform CAHIE governance process. – Practices and technologies will inform CHeQ technical development. – Activities include certificate management and provider directories. – Focus is on trust framework, not on exchange of PHI.  Participation is geared toward operational HIOs and service providers that: – have implemented Direct or Exchange, and – have sufficient policies and practices in place to establish trust. 3

4 Eligibility  Organizations: – Community or enterprise HIOs, or – HIE service providers  Required exchange capabilities: – Using Direct in accordance with Applicability Statement for Secure Health Transport version 1.1; …and/or… – Using Exchange specifications (Patient Discovery, Query for Documents, and Retrieve Documents) in compliance with specifications published by Healthēway.  Funding is not available to implement Direct or Exchange. 4

5 Timeline  Accepting applications immediately.  First Round: – Evaluating funding requests received by July 1. – Planning on awards by July 15. – First round of on-boarding by August 1.  Additional rounds as applications are received and funding is available.  Pilot ends November 30.  Transition eligible organizations to “production” trust framework at end of pilot. 5

6 Pilot Activities  Phase One 1.Help define details of eligibility for the California trust framework. 2.Help assess your organization against eligibility criteria.  Phase Two – On-boarding 1.Manage trust anchors for Direct exchange using the new Implementation Guide for Direct Project Trust Bundle Distribution; 2.Operate a provider directory of Direct addresses using Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) specifications (with HPD+ additions); 3.Manage of certificates for Exchange gateways (method TBD); 4.Use a California-specific Web Services Directory (UDDI) to discover Exchange service endpoints; and/or, 5.Use an HPD directory to discover Exchange service endpoints.  Must participate in Phase One and at least one Phase Two activity. 6

7 Available Funding  Funding is available to support: – Phase One – Providing evidence of current policies and practices, and/or implementing required practices defined during phase one of the Pilot. – Phase Two – Developing the ability to support trust bundles in Direct; and/or, – Implementing provider directories for Direct address or Exchange service endpoint discovery.  Organizations must be determined to be eligible in Phase One to participate in and be eligible for funding for Phase Two.  Organizations not requesting funding should still complete an application requesting $0. 7

8 How to Apply  Complete two forms: 1.CHeQ Request for Funding 2.CAHIE Pilot Application for on-boarding  Send completed forms by email to or by fax to “CHeQ California Trust Framework Pilot” at (916)  Send questions to Patty Clark at  Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. – Those submitted by July 1 will be included in the first round of review. – Awards will be made based on available funds. – Additional rounds will be considered if additional funding is available. 8

9 Application 9

10 CAHIE Application  Must also complete the CAHIE application. – Draft data collection instrument that will be used by CAHIE to collect information for on- boarding to CA trust framework. – Used in pilot program as input into eligibility. – CHeQ may use information collected from this form for progress reporting to the ONC. 10

11 Questions  For more information, see the web site at: ding.html ding.html  For questions after the webinar, send email to Patty Clark at:  Answers to further questions will be posted on the web site. 11

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