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AP Statistics Chapter 2.

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AP Statistics Chapter 2. The Five Ws *Who -are the cases *What -are the variables ( gives information about each of the cases) *Why -helps us to decide.

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1 AP Statistics Chapter 2

2 The Five W’s Where- *Who-are the cases
*What-are the variables ( gives information about each of the cases) *Why-helps us to decide which way to treat the variable When- Where- *hoW- can make the difference between insight and nonsense

3 Classification of Variables
Categorical variables- indentify a category for each case. ( usually think about counts of cases that fall into each category) or a variable that names categories can by with numerals or words Quantitative variables- record measurements or amounts of something. Must have units or a variable in which the numbers act as numerical values

4 Vocabulary Context-The context ideally tells Who was measured, What was measured , How the data were collected, and the when and the why the study was performed. Data-Systematically recorded information, whether number or labels, together with its context.

5 Vocabulary Continued Data Table- An arrangement of data in which each row represents a case and each column represents a variable. Case- is an individual about whom or which we have data. Population- all cases we wish we knew about Sample-the cases we actually examine in seeking to understand the much larger population

6 Vocabulary Continued Variable- hold the information about the same characteristic for many cases. Units- a quantity or amount adopted as a standard measurement, such as dollars, hours or grams

7 Our data collection What are some of the things you learned about the class by inspecting our data?

8 Our data Student Gender Length height # letters states siblings
political penny stat 1 F 3 1.25 7 10 M A 4 2 0.25 11 17 0.5 12 L K 8 14 5 15 21 9 16 C 13 0.75 0.125 25 18 0.65 19 6

9 Example 2 Consider the numbers 17, 21, 44, 76. Are those data?

10 Example 2 con’t 17, 21, 44, 76 Context is critical- they could be test score, ages in a golf foursome, or uniform numbers of the starting backfield on the football team. Our reaction changes

11 Example 3 What are the five W’s of the following data
A consumer repots article on energy bars gave the name brand, flavor, price, number of calories, and grams of protein and fat. Who: What: When: Where: How : Why:

12 Example 3 con’t Categorical Variables: Quantitative Variables:

13 Example 4 A report on the Boston Marathon listed the runner’s gender, country, age, and time. Who: What: When: Where: How : Why:

14 Example 5 Con’t Categorical Variables: Quantitative Variables:

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