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Bankmecu - VCOSS Finance Network Seminar Strategic Planning – Why, Where To, Who and How 10:00am 3 rd September Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Joseph Connellan.

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1 bankmecu - VCOSS Finance Network Seminar Strategic Planning – Why, Where To, Who and How 10:00am 3 rd September Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Joseph Connellan MC Two Pty Ltd Joseph Connellan

2 MC Two Pty Ltd – Joseph Connellan Joseph Connellan has: 25 years experience in housing and disability in NFP Business degree and Masters in social policy Worked in policy and program development within Govt Been Executive Officer in six agencies Was chair of CHFV, Doutta Galla Community Health Completed MC Two Pty Ltd projects include in last 7 Years: Growth strategy for a housing provider Regulatory guidance for a Government Partner selection for a disability agency Strategy briefing paper for a peak body 2 Joseph Connellan

3 Session Structure Introduction Purpose Practical strategic planning workshop for community sector organisations Overview of current community sector context to inform strategic planning Participants will identify and assess the financial and governance priorities Leave with tools and information to inform strategic planning Multi Part Approach: Where to (possible strategic directions)? Why develop a Strategic Plan? Who has leadership responsibility? How to develop Strategic Plans ( Tools & Techniques)? Table Exercise 3 Joseph Connellan

4 Why do we need a new strategic plan? Victorian Trends Key Trends Across Housing, Disability, Mental health, Residential Aged Care Integration of Divisions into Department of Human Services “Services Connect’ – single case manager across all of Human Services for each client Decentralisation to a small number of DHS regions Services delivery transfer from Government to non Government Rationalisation through “Recommissioning” and Shergold Constrained Government future expenditure Introduction of consumer choice And then there is the NDIS 4 Joseph Connellan

5 What is the NDIS? Assessing the NDIS Biggest social reform in 40 years 460,000 people nationally $22bn + pa implemented by 2019 Whole of Life Cost & Consumer Choice NDIA administrator not State Governments National Market inc private providers Key Differences from Existing From charitable to commercial response From Govt managed regional catchment to national market From Govt mandated service standards to consumer choice Migration of Govt staff and corporate knowledge New functions and costs of marketing and individualisation 5 Joseph Connellan

6 NDIS Development Stages 6 - Focus moves to efficiency and profitability - Unsuccessful players depart Consolidation - Innovative Services become widespread - Service offering becomes very diverse Innovation - The new reality - Emerging winners Scale Up - Administrator (NDIA) internally focussed - Process sequential System Development - Euphoria from advocates - Scepticism from others Concept Development & Commitment We are here Client Enrolment Joseph Connellan

7 Successful and leading agencies Provide A suite of scalable and sustainable services That can be offered individually or in combination Engage Current and potential clients and stakeholders Through a comprehensive communication and marketing strategy Assess Client potential service needs quickly and comprehensively Associated funding Develop New service models continuously Combining resources from a variety of origins Joseph Connellan

8 Purposes of Non Government Organisations Mission of NGOs Maximise outcomes in line with mission 2 biggest challenges for NGOs Staying on mission (mission drift) Capitalising on Resources Staff Political capital/Moral weight Assets Not for profits Vs Community organisations Win and Die test Joseph Connellan

9 Where to? Possible Strategic Directions 9 Joseph Connellan

10 Who? Governance and Management Focus Continuum Different roles focus on different timeframes. Timeframe of Focus WeekMonthYear3 - 5 Yrs Staff Manager Executive Board 10 Joseph Connellan

11 Role of Board “Eyes Everywhere: Fingers Nowhere” 11 Recruit & Start New CEO Management Governance Time Board Workload Projec t Event Crisis CEO Moving on Joseph Connellan

12 How? Get the Right People in the Right Place Board and Management Get the house in order Sort out Problems Do Governance Health Check Get informed Directly & from multiple resources Develop a Plan Have an All Options Board Strategic Discussion Craft a single informed but flexible Board view Develop a defensible process (not “correct answer”) Secure resources Assemble a war chest – Money, people and friends Identify robust tools that can assist Joseph Connellan

13 Example of Useful Tools Epoch/MC Two Not For Profit Governance Health Check Focussed and informed important governance (board and management) conversations Driven by surveys and key document analysis Presented in an accessible form Supported by consultant presentation to Boards Considers 5 key areas Affordable, comprehensive and quick 13 Joseph Connellan

14 Issues and Actions Exercise How? Identify key Actions? Short Term (1 year) and Medium Term (2-3 years) term NDIS - MC Two Pty Ltd 14 DirectionIssue Actions Short TermMedium Term Get the Right People in the Right Place Get the house in order Get informed Develop a Plan Secure Resources

15 Report Back Questions Wrap Up Follow up contact or enquiry Joseph Connellan: Mobile: Joseph Connellan

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