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Florida WIC EBT Training

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1 Florida WIC EBT Training

2 Background 2012 Florida law required WIC EBT pilot in 15 months (7/1/2013) New MIS/EBT system Transferred existing WIC MIS/EBT system with modifications Pilot through rollout was 9 months

3 Rollout Map

4 Training Provided Staff MIS/EBT Training Vendor Training
Client Training

5 MIS/EBT Staff Training Tools Developed
Overview Video User Training Manual Help Sheets Modules and Practice Exercises Competency Checks Super User Training Weekly calls with Super Users and WIC Coordinators On-Going Written Communication

6 Overview Video 10 minute overview used to: Inform Partners
Inform Stake Holders Inform Staff

7 User Training Manual Produced
Developed User Training Manual Provided to all WIC staff Included: Maneuvering Guide Screen shots How to’s

8 Help Sheets Help Sheets Series Quick reference “Mini Manual”
Revised as needed

9 Modules and Practice Exercises
13 Interactive Modules Self-paced Specific to job duties Practice Exercises

10 Modules Produced Module 1 Overview and Introduction Module 2 Precertification, Scheduling Module 3 Intake/Eligibility Module 4 Cert Action Module 5 Lab/Anthro Module 6 Medical/Nutrition/Nutrition Risks Module 7 Nutrition Education Documentation Module 8 Breastfeeding Module 9 Food Prescriptions Module 10 Issuance Module 10A Food Package Changes Module 11 Miscellaneous Module 12 Data Conversion

11 Competencies Checked Before System Access Granted Staff:
Completed competency-based test(s) Test(s) specific to staff duties

12 Super Users System Experts (Intensive training) 2 “Super Users”/Agency
62 “Super Users” Pilot Responsible for: Training LA staff Checking Staff competency Ensuring Module & test completion Pilot Agency super users Replace absent staff in pilot sites As support staff during full implementation

13 Super User Training Two months prior to the agency’s rollout
Pilot Agency - 4 months prior to rollout Training included: Workstation Configuration Access and Roles Agency and Clinic set up Reports Equipment Administrative Functions Inventories Local Agency Implementation Plan (what to do months/weeks/days ahead of rollout date)

14 Super User Training Training Strategies: Weekly calls
System training Process training Pre Requirements - completion of: Modules Practice exercises Face to Face Training 4 days (first day module refresher) Train-the-trainer approach Competency checked at the end of the training

15 Weekly WebEx Calls Weekly WebEx calls conducted Provided Forum for:
Before, During & After Implementation Included Super Users WIC coordinators Site supervisors Purpose Additional training Clarification Q&A Provided Forum for: State and Pilot Agency staff to Troubleshoot Determine system enhancements WebEx calls taped and posted For Super Users to train staff

16 On-Going Written Communications
Training Tips developed & disseminated throughout rollout

17 On-Going Written Communications
Newsletter included: Policies Clarification & Procedures System Enhancements Bug Fixes FQA & Answers

18 Vendor EBT Training How Trained When Trained
Integrated Systems: Trained by the corporate office or at the individual store Non Integrated Systems: Trained by our contracted EBT services company (FIS) State did not provide training When Trained Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to rollout State WIC provided some ancillary support.

19 Vendor Training Lessons Learned: Integrated system training successful
Users had “ownership stake” in outcome Quality training materials some chains Varying success with implementation Non Integrated systems Not ideal Many vendors changing over to integrated system Most vendors found WIC EBT like credit card processing Opportunities for Improvement More contract staff on the ground during first week of implementation Daily LA and/or State Contact with Store Managers Vendor Hot line for EBT issues Vendor Video Training Material for independent vendors

20 Client Training Poster announcing EBT was developed

21 Client Training Used Chickasaw Nation Video
Client Handout - three languages Flip Chart - three languages

22 EBT vs Caseload

23 Client Training Identified OFI’s Hire extra staff for implementation
Create Video Language specific Visuals SMART phone application Client Help Line (pin, card lockout, etc.) Live operators After hours and weekend support LA & State Staff dedicated to deal with client issues Shopping Shopping list Eligible foods (UPC codes) Over and under issuance Store issues UPC codes for seasonal foods

24 Local Agency Staff Training
Training Strategies Used Examples: In Pilot Agency - 5 day all hands training Review modules in small groups Individual staff completed modules independently All agencies did “just in time” training with staff two to three days prior to their rollout All Agencies ensured staff completed: Modules Practice exercises

25 Contact Information Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County Victoria Martinez Phone: Ext Eriko Grover Phone: Ext Florida Department of Health Bureau of WIC Kathy Reeves Phone:

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